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WESTHAM, 04-01-19 (A) PL

Time for a trip down to london after a disappointing result against the foxes, imo anyway. Now for another mid table team we should be beating if we habour ambitions of winning this title. We have to beat those teams outside of the top 6, we can't afford to be dropping many more points against these mid to bottom of the table clubs, 5 points is nice but it's not a big margin, couple of draws for us and wins for city and that's wiped out, on to the team.

Looks like Milner will come back in at RB seen that Arnold is ruled out and what a blow that gomez will be out for another possibly 2 months, hopefully he'll be back by late march to help us over the line. I'll have Milner, Matip, VVD and Robertson at the back. Maybe hendo will move back to midfield and i'll have Fabinho and Wijnaldum in there as well, the usual 3 upfront.


                                            Milner   Matip   VVD   Robertson

                                                Hendo    Fabinho   Wijaldum

                                                  Salah     Firmino   Mane

Something along these lines. Think i've said before about Keita, i have a feeling it's not going to happen for him for whatever reason or at least not this season, it's taking too long for him to get up and running, he's had his chances but not taken them. Shaqiri as well is a bit hot and cold, definitely does better coming on from the bench so hence why i left him out. Like i said, we have to be winning these games to keep that gap open and the pressure on city. I must admit, i'm starting to worry about our lads mentality, of course they feel the pressure but they must handle it and thrive on the fact that we're in a great chance of ending our title drought, let's hope and pray they are mentaly strong and go all the way. Best of luck RedMen.

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  • I looked at the highlights from the game last night (from West Ham’s Website) and yes Milner was offside which the officials failed to have acknowledged. However, their goal should have never stood either and it was a sneaky set piece. Around the time of the free kick Noble was pushing Keita and it was a plan he knew it was happening. After the pass Noble pulled Keita back and this allowed Antonio to gain a metre for his goal. I don’t blame the players for failing to defend the set piece because they were cheated from this.

    Klopp is in hot water over his comments and the FA wants a response. I am on the Gaffer’s side in this because they messed up with the offside goal and the cheated free kick. Not only that, there were too many fouls committed and none were given. Some part of the game Shaqiri was fouled very clearly and it was a good chance of play to build up for a goal but no whistle was blown. A 0-0 draw would have been the better outcome if the officials had done their jobs properly. We didn’t bottle from this game and it was just a bad night for us. Hopefully our Neighbours will stop City from winning tomorrow night.
    • I think it was the accumulation of refereeing decisions from the Leicester game and this game that caused Klopp to speak out, you can put up with the occasional wrong decision, we're all human, but they're happening a bit too often now.
  • A very poor performance tonight and the worst one this season. Disappointed and to be honest we were very lucky to leave London with a draw. Should City win against Everton on Wednesday? Maybe they will and take top but still we do have a game in hand.
    • That's a very good point, City can go ahead momentarily but we can go straight back ahead if we win the next match. That point won against West Ham may turn out to be quite important the way things are going. It must be said, though, we've had an unsettled first eleven for a while now, due to injuries, so the sooner that improves the better we'll be.
      • I looked at the February fixtures from both teams, Liverpool and City. I can see why Everton are hosting City tomorrow night because it’s an newly arranged game (I think) since City are playing the League Cup final on the 24th of this month so this is where are our game in hand comes into and unfortunately we play at Old Trafford against Manure earlier before this Cup Final.
      • We've been hit with injuries for sure but that should make the other players step up and fight, it should give them the determination to show we can manage without any player but that's not happening. Every team we play now know we're vunerable and under serious pressure and will feel they can beat us, we've long lost the fear factor we once had.
  • That's not the kind of performance you want to see at this stage of the season. So many unforced errors and misplaced balls. I can't understand why we seemed to lack so much confidence, we didn't look like league leaders.
    • I just feel that we look unbalanced when Henderson doesnt play, he is not flash but anchors the midfield in a way we dont seem to replicate when others try his position.
      • Henderson's one of those players that isn't appreciated by fans until he's not there. He's so important in gaining/retaining possession for us and he helps shield the back four. These were things that Keita in particular really struggled with against West Ham.
        • I think it was being without both Henderson and Wijnaldum that made our midfield poor against West Ham. We can manage without one of them but not both. I'm reading Henderson and Alexander-Arnold have a chance of being fit for Bournemouth but not Wijnaldum. I've not read anything about Lovren but it's important he's back for Bayern with VanDijk suspended.
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