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Watford, 24-11-18, PL (A)

Finaly, back to the Lge action and a possible tricky away game at watford, their flying high and their confidence will also be high so we need to be on our game here i feel. Having said that we've been winning ugly most of the season so i do expect us to win this one, onto the team.

As far as i can see we have no new injury concerns after the international break so again i think the back 5 and front 3 pick themselves but as usual the midfield is tricky to call. There's a lot of people calling for a midfield of Shaqiri, Fabinho and Keita and i agree. I know Keita is coming back of an injury but he's fully fit and showed some really good form before injury, we can either start him and give him the first half or bring him on from the bench for the 2nd half, we need to intergrate him in asap in my opinion.


                                      Arnold    Gomez   VVD    Robertson

                                        Shaqiri    Fabinho   Keita

                                               Salah       Mane


Arnold hasn't been playing well of late so maybe Klopp will give Clyne a start, i just hope he doesn't drop Arnold and push Gomez across and Start Lovren alongside VVD, i have zero confidence in Lovren, almost as little as Moreno so i'm hoping he leaves the Gomez/VVD partnership alone unless he's forced to change it, best of luck RedMen.

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  • Mane has passed his fitness test and will travel with the squad to Paris. Phew.
    • Yeah, good news for sure, i think we'd much rather have Mane up front than Sturridge or Solanke even though their not the worst options to have on the bench.
  • Just read Mane has been ill and could be a doubt against PSG. Considering the importance of this match it is the last thing we need.
    • I've had a look around and can't find anything on this, hopefully it's nothing serious and he'll be fit for Wednesday night but if not i'm not concerned as we have cover up front in Sturridge and Solanke so no worries, hopefully!
      • It was on the Liverpool Echo website. It says Mane will have a fitness test on Tuesday to see if he can make the squad. I suppose it all depends on the nature of the illness as to whether he'll recover in time.
  • I knew this would be a tricky game before it took place. Their goal was correctly ruled offside and I felt penalty should have been awarded to them. Moments of frustration through out the game and the scoreline should had been bigger. Foster had a great game and made crucial saves for Watford. All our three goals were nice especially the amazing free kick that TAA converted. Mané should had scored at first but luckily Firmino was there a right time to put it away after their keeper prevented going past him in the first place. What the hell was Henderson thinking before he got sent off? Correct the front three need to be hitting top form and increase our goal difference. I am happy with the three points.
    • I thought Robertson's challenge on Hughes was a penalty first time I saw it but when I saw the incident from the angle behind the players it looks like Robertson pulled out at the last moment. There may have been a slight contact but not enough for Hughes to go down as if poleaxed.
  • This one was one of those potential banana skin games and we won 3-0 in 2nd gear, i will feel sorry for whoever we meet when we hit top gear. Hopefully that goal for Firmino will kickstart his season as he's been clearly below par up till now. It looks like slowly but surely our front 3 are hitting top form, pretty much similar to the way last season went.
    How important are Trent's goals for england and us as regards his confidence, he was going backwards there for a while but those goals are very timely for him, brilliant.
    Hopefully we have seen the back of ugly 1-0 wins and maybe we might just claw back some of that goal difference on city, it might just be vital come the end of the season.
    • The good thing with Trent is that the other players are giving him opportunities to take freekicks at this level. I doubt many other top teams would give such a young player the amount of chances Trent has had.
  • That's the best I've seen the front three play together in the league this season, it looked like they were finally clicking. Firmino was more switched on than of late and it made a real difference. The fullbacks played well and Trents goal was impressive, he's so calm under pressure for a young player. Alisson made some good saves, although he didn't have much to do. Henderson getting sent off was just bemusing, only his second red in his career. Watching him the whole game I got the feeling he was getting frustrated because he couldn't run flat out due to the hamstring injury he's had (or the fear of re-injuring it), it certainly looked that way for the first yellow he got where he struggled to keep up with the player. Overall though, the first half was a bit stuffy but the second half was much better after we started spreading the passes.
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Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Napoli, 11-12-18, CL, (H)
"I have to say, Matip had a great game and against bournemouth, eating some humble pie i am but of course i'm very happy to. Hopefully he can keep up these performances for the rest of the season and proves me wrong.
I thought it was a cracking game,…"
4 hours ago
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Napoli, 11-12-18, CL, (H)
"Really happy with the first half, one foot in the next round, more of the same in the 2nd half please."
7 hours ago
Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Napoli, 11-12-18, CL, (H)
"I hope I'm wrong but I'm not too confident about this game. I just feel that our concentration this season has been on the PL and that we haven't really got going in the CL despite our early win over PSG. We have gone through before in similar situa…"
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Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Napoli, 11-12-18, CL, (H)
"Klopp has said he will be making 'tactical changes' against Napoli so I'd expect the team to be more compact than against Bournemouth. It's going to be a difficult balance to get right - he's knows we have to score but if we're too open and go behin…"
Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Napoli, 11-12-18, CL, (H)
"It's good to have a few options. I would go with Alexander-Arnold at right back for his greater speed over Milner. I'd also go for the double pivot which would mean two of Henderson, Fabinho and Wijnaldum. I would play Fabinho but I suspect the othe…"
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"Just about to watch the highlights and made even sweeter with chelsea beating city. I think it was always a case of when our front 3 clicked again and not if, it seems we're moving onto the next level now and how timely with a massive CL game agains…"
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Bournemouth, 08-12-18, PL (A)
"AFCON has been moved to the summer as far as i know, after the prem lge is over."
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Bournemouth, 08-12-18, PL (A)
"Good question. As of yet I haven't heard that they are but I'll keep an ear open."
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Bournemouth, 08-12-18, PL (A)
"Salah looked so confident today, like he was controlling the game rather than the game controlling him. When he's not on form he takes 'hopeful' shots but when he is on form he crafts his chances. The defence did surprisingly well with Matip and our…"
Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Bournemouth, 08-12-18, PL (A)
"Salah was back to his best certainly. His third goal reminded me of the one he scored at Porto last season in the way in which he took his time and worked the opening when most would have panicked in that situation. I thought it was our best perform…"
Choon Fong commented on Choon Fong's blog post LFC plan 85M Dembele bid?!
"I hear Ox is back training and so should be eligible for some games before/by X'mas?!"
Choon Fong commented on Warrior18's blog post Bournemouth, 08-12-18, PL (A)
"Are Mane and Salah headed for the African Cup of Nations in January?"