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United (H) PL 14/10/17

What a game to start the new site with! I'm not gonna go too much into things here as I'm trying to get this site live asap. Mane out for 6 weeks though :-(

On form it doesn't look good for Liverpool but we all know it's games like this we turn up, fingers crossed I'm right, Anfield will be bouncing that's for sure!

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  • 1. Work on our final touches at Melwood during training to score goals + polish up finishing

    2. Work on defense - zonal, man-marking, dead balls

    3. Klopp must take risks when the situation demands it. Should have taken off Can and added Solanke and push Coutinho forward.

    Otherwise we're doing great under Klopp!
  • I would be more concerned if we weren't creating chances. Says a lot that a team top of the league came to Anfield and parked the bus. United under Mourinho played like an expensive version of Wimbledon or Stoke under Pulis.Goals will come and someone is in for a Hiding. As Sam said we were tight at the back and controlled Midfield. Lallana when fit will give the midfield more creativity alongside Coutinho, to break down packed defences.I like Solanke he is very astute for his age and think he is now a better attacking option off the bench than Sturridge.He is big strong ,great touch and knows where the goal is.
    • It reminds me of that patch we went through during Kenny's second spell when we were doing everything right but we just couldn't find the net, even Suarez struggled. The fact we've been struggling defensively this season just compounds the issue. I thought Gomez was a real plus point against United though, he's starting to really settle into his role and he looks like a genuine first team player.
  • I've just managed to see a recording of the game and, for once, I don't think the result did us credit. Our defence and midfield were both pretty solid and we got players forward to add to attacks e.g. Wijnaldum, Can, Matip and Lovren all had chances. It was literally just the very last step, the actual scoring of goals, that let us down, yet again, otherwise we could have won the game by at least a couple of goals. I don't think the team as a whole could've done much more than they did, they gave United very few chances to score and they created chances themselves. Why they can't seem to get the ball in the net is starting to become a rather worrying mystery and it overshadows any of the good work done in games.
  • Only got to see the first half and judging by that we should have led going in at halftime, seems we just can't put that ball where you need to to win games. The usual strange substitutions from Klopp and our usual more possession of the ball but no end product. Problems persist but i'm not too disappointed with a draw as united were much the better form team coming into this game.
    • Salah missed a sitter, De Gea an amazing save, Can had a good chance and we were denied a clear penalty. A typical Mourinho performance from Utd. They had one chance with Lukaku and Matic went close with his. Basically summarizes the game. we were threatening but killing off chances proved, yet again, to be the reason our dropping points.
      • We can't score and we leak goals, although a clean sheet yesterday is a possitive. A clear penalty and lukaku should have been sent off for that hack on Gomez. All in all i'm happy enough with the draw as they were flying coming into this game while we've had our usual problems. We move onto the next game and hope the goals start to flow.
  • we missed our chances. disappointing 2 points dropped. If we want to achieve something then we have to start winning games
  • Its a no Cou futher up in the attacking role. A goal will surely be scored. Firminho and Salah on the right. No Ox. Henderson and Can midfield. Milner on the left. The good old days squad always delivered!
  • In a way we've been lucky we've lost Mane at the same time United have lost Pogba, Felliani and Ibrahimovic while other players are doubtful too. When we lost Mane last season, and pretty much collapsed, we didn't have Salah who gives the team many of the attributes that Mane does. Hopefully, we can avoid a similar downturn this time with our arguably stronger squad.

    I agree with the calls to have Henderson and Coutinho playing slightly ahead of Can in this game. With the way things have gone this season the justification for an out and out DM is clear - the centre backs need more protection and I think Henderson would benefit from a more straightforward provider role.

    The front line is a less clear issue. Firmino, Sturridge and Oxlade-Chamberlain have hardly been in the most convincing of form lately so there will be a gamble being taken somewhere along the line by Klopp. Firmino and Sturridge will probably be fighting it out for the central role but the question is who to start with? I'm not convinced with Sturridge as a substitute because he never seems to get enough time to get into the game. Salah pretty much picks himself in a wide role leaving AOC, Solanke and Woodburn as likely choices for the other wide role. The odds will be on AOC to start here but after seeing Woodburn in the internationals putting in some very handy balls he could make for an interesting substitution.

    My head is telling me both teams could end up cancelling each other out again, with neither side wanting to lose this fixture at this point in the season, but with the way we're playing at the moment I wouldn't be surprise if it was a complete romp for us or a complete disaster.
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ickyuk commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"karius is used in europe , and as we dont have a european fixture until february i imagine klopp will give him the odd game to keep him involved,"
2 hours ago
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"It was one of those games that on another night we would have snatched a 1-0 win but things didn't fall for us. Mane and Salah both had an off night, which is rare, although Firmino worked his socks off. The back line, I thought, did really well, Kl…"
5 hours ago
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"So much for a comfortable win."
6 hours ago
DBZ commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"Missing the game today but saw that we're drawing. Hopefully we break our duck in scoring late goals otherwise this is going to be another disappointing result. these freaking draws are so frustrating. We threw away points against Everton, Newcastle…"
8 hours ago
Simply Red commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"Migs out for Karius is a real surprise. Can't figure that one out"
10 hours ago
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"Arnold gets a start tonight, delighted for him, Migs dropped in favour of karius, that's a pleasant surprise, hopefully no clangers from karius, expect a comfortable win tonight."
11 hours ago
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"It looks depressing alright but fairplay to them, their having a great season so far but chances are they'll fall back of course."
20 hours ago
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"For sure, we need to jump straight back above Burnley, no messing about here. We don't play bournemouth til sunday so maybe give the players a day off tomorrow, either way, our best available 11 tonight should start."
20 hours ago
Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"Again the line-up is difficult to call. West Brom like the long ball and are good on set pieces so maybe Gomez should start ahead of Trent A-A. Wijnaldum and Can were rested on Sunday so will almost certainly start as will Coutinho and Firmino. Sala…"
20 hours ago
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"I don't care who plays or how we play as long as we win, seeing Burnley ahead of us in the Champions League places is making me feel decidedly unwell."
23 hours ago
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Everton, 10-12-17 (H) PL.
"If you're walking through a busy place, a shopping centre or stadium maybe, and someone falls into you the instinctive thing to do is put you hands up to stop yourself being pushed over and you apply a small degree of pressure on the person to cushi…"
Simply Red commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"Lovren is not my favourite player, will be interesting to see TAA at RB and Gomez at CB"
Warrior18 posted a blog post
Disappointing result against everton but a chance here to get back to winning ways. Think we'll see a more familiar lineup here albeit with the exception of Robertson keeping his place due to moreno's absence. Firmino and Coutinho to start along wit…
Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Everton, 10-12-17 (H) PL.
"Having watched it again several times from different angles You have a good point but there does seem to be a slight push in my opinion, not enough to cause Calvert-Lewin to fall, but enough to give the ref a decision to make. I think it's one where…"
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Everton, 10-12-17 (H) PL.
"Just a point about the penalty: Everyone's acting as if Lovren was in the wrong but take a look at the rules of the game and I think you'll find technically Calvert-Lewin should have been booked for diving. Did Lovren obstruct Calvert-Lewin? No. Did…"
DBZ commented on Warrior18's blog post Everton, 10-12-17 (H) PL.
"It was a disappointing result. In my opinion, there wasn't just one thing that caused us losing 2 points.
I think the most significant was Mane failing to pass or finish his chance before half time. Given the timing of that chance, being right befor…"