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Spartak, 06-12-17, (H) CL.

Biggest game of our season so far imo. A draw could see us in the knockout stage but we're at home so it's all out for the win for me. Not much news on the injury front except for matip who's out until the new year. It'll be our strongest 11 for this one so Mane comes back in after a rest against brighton, team pretty much pick it's self i feel but then again this is Klopp we're talking about so who knows. Anyway, the team i think Klopp will pick might be, 


                                                                                 Gomez   Klavan   Lovren   Moreno

                                                                                    Can       Hendo     Coutinho

                                                                                      Salah       Firmino    Mane

I would personally drop Hendo and put Can as our CDM and bring Wijnaldum in but will Klopp be so bold as to drop the captain for such a big game???? We know Karius plays the CL games and although Arnold played well against brighton i feel Klopp will put Gomez in at RB. Something along these lines should see us into the knockout stages, best of luck RedMen.

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  • Since we don't have European Football until next February and there are heaps of games coming in the PL and of course the FA Cup and let's focus on winning many of those games plus a good cup run.
  • I watched the highlights again today and what hits you is how few attempted tackles Spartak make, especially in the build-up to the goals. They're so afraid of committing to a particular player, probably because they know how quickly the ball could shift to another red shirt. It's almost as if our forward players had a force field around them, the Spartak players just continually stood off them which, of course, played right into our hands. That's not to take anything away from our players, our fluidity of movement clearly made the Spartak defence so cautious they were basically ineffective. The other side to this is that better teams will have learnt to mark us much tighter and try to restrict our passes in the final third so I'll be surprised if we reach such a lofty scoreline again in the CL this season, the teams we could face in the next round should be more difficult to play against. It'll be interesting to see how Big Sam sets up his Everton team against because for all his faults he knows how to organise a defence and he's just had a lesson in how not to play against us.
  • I'm delighted with the clean sheet, always helps instill confidence in our defenders and we all know how much they need it. Great result, great performance, i really don't care who we get in the next round, i feel playing like this we can beat anyone. Not getting carried away though, we've been here before, let's see how we do over the xmas period and see where we sit come january but right now thing's couldn't look much better for us.
  • This turned out to be a great game with attacking football. Mané's strike (4th goal) is definitely up there to win goal of the season in the CL with an inch perfect assist from Milly. I can't remember who last collected the match ball from a hat-trick but Suarez comes to mind and credit to the Count for claiming it. We deserved to win the group even thought we had a few set backs with mishaps from our 3 draws but that's not important as we are group winners and I look forward to the last 16 in February. Next stop is against Neverton and to me this is like a train (us) versus parked buses (them) this weekend and I am sure we'll breach the bus station with a few goals.
    • Mane's strike was certainly spectacular but Coutinho's second was just as pleasing if not more so as it was a brilliant team move. The great thing about our attack is that we are not a one man outfit unlike Spurs for example. Salah is our leading scorer but between his double at Stoke and his late goal last night we had scored 11 goals from other players.
    • Bring on the toffees, should be a cracker as they have had a mini revival but we should be too strong for them, playing like we are we'd be too strong for anyone, hahaha.
  • Spartak should be charged by UEFA for fielding a team made of paper.
    • Their away record is awful, thankfully and it showed why last night but as the saying goes, you can only beat whats in front of you.
  • Excellent first half, can't really ask for more than that, now to rub some salt into the wound and go for 4-5 and 6 in the 2nd half and i think a clean sheet is very important as well for confidence at the back.
  • A surprise that Klopp has dropped Henderson but otherwise no surprises with the team, strongest we have right now.
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