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Southampton, 11-02-18 (A) PL

A potential bannana skin this one and for varius reasons, 1) the obvious, they'd love to get one over on us because we continue to poach their best players, VVD is in for dogs abuse here so lets hope he can handle it. 2) the pressure is on us now seen that spurs beat arsenal, the race for the top 4 positions is really hotting up now, can we handle the run in???

Gomez is ruled out through injury but that seems to be the only new injury concern. My back four would be Arnold, Lovren, VVD and Robertson, my midfield would be Can, Chamberlain and Hendo, the front 3 picks itself of course. The team for this game might look like this, 


                                                 Arnold         Lovren       VVD        Robertson


                                                                    Ox            Hendo

                                                              Salah         Firmino     Mane

The players have had a full week since their last game so well rested, i expect to see a similar team for the porto game on wednesday night. I hope Klopp and the players don't have one eye on that game as we know what can happen in that case, the next game is always the most important so we need 100% concentration on this one, best of luck RedMen.



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  • Matip and Wijnaldum to start, would have felt more confident with Lovren and milner but hey, who am i to question Klopp.
    • Lovren to start? You feeling OK there Warrior?
      • Well Sage, i feel he's the better defender at the moment, Matip is awful in my opinion, Lovren has improved a lot this season while Matip is going backwards, right now i would start Lovren ahead of Matip all day long.
  • We can't afford to play a weakened team for this one. Southampton are in a false position in the league caused mainly by a poor goal scoring record in the first part of the season. They have improved recently (why do we always seem to be playing teams that have recently improved?). I suspect Wijnaldum will come in for Henderson though like Uncle I would prefer Milner. We can expect a hostile atmosphere but I don't see that as a problem, rather it should lift the players. With Spurs winning yesterday 3 points are vital and even though St Mary's is not our happiest hunting ground, if the real Liverpool turns up we should come out on top.
  • I reckon if we can get Lallana on the pitch as well there will be enough ex-Southampton players present to have their supporters booing at such a rate they'll pass out due to lack of oxygen. It's ridiculous really, it's not like they didn't get paid for them, in fact we paid over the odds for nearly all of them.

    Judging by comments in his press conference it looks likely Henderson could be rested for this match so that he's fully fit for the Porto match, I don't think Klopp wants to risk his hamstring (or it may just be an elaborate double bluff). That would mean either Wijnaldum or Milner coming in, I'd personally go with the latter. I wonder whether Klopp might also be tempted to start Firmino on the bench as he's played a lot of football lately and he's going to be important against Porto. Ings was seen training so I take it he's fit. He's getting close to scoring now so Klopp might give him a start. I know Klopp says he's only focused on the next game but the fact he's openly discussed not using Henderson because of the Porto match makes me wonder whether he'll make more changes. Southampton have had a poor season but they're having a mini-revival which makes it difficult to know how much leeway we have with squad rotation. It's going to be a raucous match on and off the pitch, they usually are there, so the players can't give half measures, not the kind of match you want before a CL game.
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"How comfortable was that, great start and what a bench. Wini was excellent, not sure whats happened with him but thankfully it has, Milner excellent as well. Arnold's crossing was way off today which is unlike him, hopefully a one off.
I can see a l…"
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