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Salzburg, 02-10-19, CL (H)

Disappointing opening result to this seasons CL but a chance here to put that right. Seen that we're playing again on Saturday i think we'll see a few changes as for me the PL is so much more important than the CL so i would make wholesale changes. I don't know much about Salzburg but from what iv'e read they like to play an open game which would suit us nicely, they've won 9 of their last 10 so they can't be taken lightly.

I would start the likes of  Milner, Gomez, Ox and Lovren to give some of our normal starters a rest, a tough game on Saturday against highflying leicester so we'll need fresh legs for that.


                                                Arnold      Gomez   Lovren   Robbo

                                                      Ox      Fabinho    Milner

                                                      Salah    Firminho  Mane

I was tempted to start Origi but the front 3 need to get up and running as they looked a bit rusty against sheff united, especially Salah. Best of luck RedMen.


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  • I only managed to watch the first half as the streaming service I was was watching on expired around the same time as our defence did likewise. To be honest this sort of result has been coming for a while. In most games this season our opponents have failed to take presentable chances which might have changed the game. It is just as well that when it did happen our forwards were on their game for once. I think we are missing Alisson more than it appears. Adrian has done well as a number two but Alisson has a presence that gives confidence to his defence and he is an organiser, I'm looking forward to his return after the international break when hopefully normal service will be resumed.
    • I agree that this result had been coming, I think the fact Van Dijk and Matip have been playing well individually has masked some of the systemic issues with the defence to a degree. A lot of the problems seem to involve incorrect positioning and I wonder whether playing such a high line is influencing this. Alisson's return will no doubt have a positive impact on the back line but when you consider the quality of the defensive players we have now, including Fabinho, and the fact we've struggled to keep clean sheets I can't help thinking there's some aspect to the way they're being asked to play that is leaving them slightly vulnerable.
      • In the last two games we have appeared to be more solid when moving to 4-2-3-1. I'm no tactical expert but I'm wondering if a change to this formation from the start might help defensively?
        • Lately Klopp has used three different formations - 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-4. He only seems to deviate from 4-3-3 when he either needs to see a game out or put an extra man up front when a goal is needed. Using a formation with two holding midfielders might well be wise for a while, just to shield the defence a bit more, but I think Klopp would view that as a bit of a failure to get the players working right in the system he wants to play, which is 4-3-3. If we start to drop points then that point of view may change but I can't see Klopp starting with any other system than 4-3-3 in the short-term. Whether that is wise or not is a different matter.
  • Not happy about shipping 3 goals, whats happened to our brick wall for a defence. We got the win and that's what matters but for me that's a slight concern, especially seeing VVD put on his ass for one goal, not good.
  • Well, that wasn't in the script. If there were two things we should've remembered going into this game it was that a) Salzburg score goals, and b) they're very tenacious and unlikely to give up. Klopp will no doubt be supportive of his side in the media but I bet behind closed doors he'll be seething because we made the schoolboy error of losing our positional discipline through complacency. When Salzburg got a goal back before going into halftime it should've acted as a wake up call, that we needed to tighten up but we didn't heed it and that should worry Klopp. I'll give Gomez the benefit of the doubt because he was not settled into the side but the more experienced players don't have that excuse. We had played some lovely football and scored some nice goals before the break and that makes nearly doing a Spurs all the more galling. The one positive was that with a bit of tactical adjustment we managed to find a winner but it really shouldn't have come to that. My hope is that this will give the players a bit of a shake because we can't afford to repeat that performance against a rejuvenated Leicester side at the weekend.
  • This is the team:

    Adrian, Trent, Gomez, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Salah, Firmino, Mane.

    I didn't think there'd be many changes but I thought there'd be one or two more than there is. That probably indicates how important Klopp views this match.
  • Seeing as they put six past Genk in their first CL game I think it's fair to say we'll have to be careful against them (admittedly Genk are no Barcelona). We'll have to make some changes but I don't think they'll be widespread. Matip has a slight injury so Gomez will play but I reckon the rest of the back line will be the same. Will Klopp go for his usual CL midfield of Henderson, Fabinho and Milner? He may well as Milner hasn't started much lately but he may stick with the familiarity of having Wijnaldum. I think Origi will definitely have a part to play in this game but I'm not sure whether he'll start or not. Salah and Mane have made it very clear in the media that they want goals after their poor finishing on the weekend so I wouldn't be surprised if Klopp starts them and brings on Origi off the bench. Klopp's got a tricky balancing act as I daresay he would've wanted to use more squad players in this game but given how good Salzburg are playing and the fact we lost against Napoli he really needs to get three points in this home game to establish the team in the group.
    • I've just been reading that Klopp has dropped some hints that Keita could start so we may see him in midfield, probably instead of Milner and Wijnaldum.
      • Having lost to Napoli, the 2 games against Salzberg could be the most important in the group stage for us, so I would like to see a strong team. It sounds like Keita may start but I would keep Fabinho and one of Henderson or Wijnaldum as the other midfielders. I would not be against giving Origi a start to remind Mane or Salah that they need to produce consistently if they are to remain starting fixtures. Not sure if I'll get to see this one as I'm in sunny Gibraltar but there are usually ways and means!
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