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Porto 9-4-19 CL (H)

It was a good win against the Saints last Friday night and now we return to the famous European Nights at Anfield. This is the Quarter-Final First Leg and our opponents are Porto. Last season’s Champions League we defeated them in the Round of 16 with an aggregated score line of 5-0. This time will be a different encounter with them and remember they had a 0-0 result from Anfield last time when they were here. We lose Robertson from the First Leg of the tie and I guess Milner will take the Left Back role instead and Matip will be rested. This may be the team that the Gaffer will put out on Tuesday Night.


        Trent      Lovern       VVD      Milner

        Henderson      Keita      Wijnaldum

               Mane     Firmino     Salah

Best of luck Red Men.

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  • We could or should have won by more than 2-0 but I am not complaining and there’s still work to do with the Second Leg. I felt Mane’s goal should have stood and the handball incident with VAR against Trent... It was close but the decision was correct in my opinion because it seems like he was in the air and just outside the line on the right side. Both goals were taken very well from build up to the finishing.

    There was sloppiness in some parts of the game, misplaced passes, panicky moments with the defense when they almost scored with their chances and other things but it was a decent performance by the team tonight, three players stood out for me were Alisson, VVD and Keita and my MOTM will go to VVD. I’d take the result with a clean sheet and I am happy with this.
    • Allow me to add this on... Salah should have been sent off for his reckless challenge with the studs coming in so we were lucky not to lose a player for the remaining rounds of the CL.
      • The referee was letting a lot of hard challenges go, which is unusual in a European match. Had the referee seen Salah's challenge though I think he probably would've sent him off. I think Salah's reputation may have saved him there because it appeared the referee didn't have a clear view of the challenge and yet he didn't feel the need to pursue the issue. I've looked at it again a couple of times and if you give Salah the benefit of the doubt you could say he was going for a loose ball, missed it and ended hitting the defender. But, to be honest, it was at least a clumsy challenge and so deserved a card of some description. Salah was a lucky boy there.
  • We didn't concede an away goal and we scored a couple so, all in all, job done. We had couple of tense moments (some of Milner's passes and Keita back-heeling in his own box, for example) but that's all part of the ride with this Liverpool team. Playing Henderson at number eight is like signing a new player, another attacking option now that Fabinho has settled in. Keita's looking more confident with each goal he scores and I thought all of our attacking players seemed to knit together well. Another goal would've probably sealed the the win overall so there's still work to be done in the second leg but a 2-0 win at this stage of the competition is a good result whichever way you look at it.
    • With a revitalised Henderson and Keita at last beginning to look a Liverpool player it is like having two new players. The second half was a bit of a disappointment but the main thing after going 2-0 up was not to concede an away goal. Now if we can score in Porto they will need 4. A word of praise too for the much maligned Lovren who had a very steady game after his long absence, though I look forward to Joe Gomez returning to partner VVD before too long.
  • The First 11 - Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, van Dijk, Milner, Henderson, Fabinho, Keita, Salah, Roberto Firmino, Mané
  • No worries for tonight, Lovren starts!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I agree with those suggesting Wijnaldum needs a rest and also Milner not Moreno for left back. The Matip v Lovren choice is more difficult. Lovren was playing well before his injury and Matip has been a little shaky recently but do you change a settled team especially when you are forced to make one change in the back 4. I think on balance I would stick with Matip.
  • I agree with Warrior and Uncle and that’s also the team I’m hoping starts the game. Fabinho is a must and Gini needs a rest. Pity about Robertson that yellow he got was unnecessary. I’m not a Hendo fan but had to eat my words in the last game
  • Is Robertson suspended? I would keep Matip in the starting 11, wouldn't have Lovren near any game never mind first leg of the CL quarter finals. Fabinho has to start all our remaining games imo, Wijnaldum has been off form for a while now so i would drop him and play a midfield of Hendo, Fabinho and Keita.
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"So how do you guys feel about facing Barca, Klopp seems to relish it. I think Ajax will make it"
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Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Porto, 17-04-19, CL Quarter final 2nd leg (A)
"Interesting team against Porto:

Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Salah, Mane, Milner, Origi

It looks like Klopp is locking down the midfield, which is understandable, but Origi's inclusion for his 'freshne…"
lanoisseforp commented on Warrior18's blog post Porto, 17-04-19, CL Quarter final 2nd leg (A)
"This would be the team I'd agree with for tonight's game. Unlucky for Lovern to miss out with illness. There's a possibility that Klopp may throw in Gomez for this game we'll wait see what the first 11 will be in a few hours."