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Porto, 17-04-19, CL Quarter final 2nd leg (A)

Great win against Chelsea, now back to finish off porto. I wonder will Klopp make many changes here, maybe wijnaldum to start, Shaqiri also and dare i say Lovren. I don't think we should make any changes but no doubt Klopp will.

We certainly want to keep Salah scoring so he starts along with Mane and Bobby, if Lovren comes in i can see that being the only change at the back. The midfield throws up the usual ?????s.

Maybe Wijnaldum, Fabinho and milner, give Keita and Hendo a rest even though their both playing outstanding right now, maybe start them, get the game won and sub them on the hour could work.


                                                   Arnold     Lovren  VVD   Robbo

                                                     Milner    Fabinho   Wijnaldum

                                                       Salah     Bobby    Mane

Maybe Klopp will go with the same team as against chelsea and play this one against cardiff at the weekend. Which ever way he goes i think we'll have enough to get past porto, i feel we'll definitely score which should put the tie to bed, best of luck RedMen.

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  • I can see why Klopp put out a strong midfield because Porto were going to give it a go against us and they really did with the most shots and possession etc. Interesting part of the game that both are left and right backs were replaced with Gomez taking Trent's place and Henderson for Robertson. Milner slotting into left back and Henderson into midfield so we do have flexibility within our squad. Barcelona will be a difficult one in the next round.
  • It was a tale of two halves. The first half proved that, despite his best efforts, Origi can't have the same effect on the team that Firmino has. When Firmino and Henderson came on in the second half it was so obvious we'd gone up a gear in our level of attack. Mane is still knocking in goals like clockwork and Salah has continued his run of form. We had a few nervy moments with regard to our defence but to be fair to Porto they did push hard at times. All in all, a convincing win and now to Barcelona in the semi-final. If we do beat them, and that's a big if, we'd get either Spurs or Ajax in the final and they're two teams I reckon we're capable of beating. The incentive to beat Barcelona coudn't be bigger.
    • That wasn't such an easy win as the scoreline suggests. Porto had a real go at the start and we struggled to cope though most of their efforts on goal were from distance. I thought it was the midfield that was the problem in the first half but Firmino coming on helped both the midfield and attack and once Henderson arrived we bossed the game. Origi failed to contribute and I feel we need an upgrade for next season.
  • Interesting team against Porto:

    Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Salah, Mane, Milner, Origi

    It looks like Klopp is locking down the midfield, which is understandable, but Origi's inclusion for his 'freshness' instead of Firmino is a slight gamble.
  • This would be the team I'd agree with for tonight's game. Unlucky for Lovern to miss out with illness. There's a possibility that Klopp may throw in Gomez for this game we'll wait see what the first 11 will be in a few hours.
  • To be honest, I'd be quite content with a 0-0 draw, Porto are a better side than the first leg suggested and I think they're capable of getting a goal or two back on their home patch with their own supporters behind them, if we allow them to. I wouldn't want Klopp to make too many changes but if he chose to stiffen up the midfield with the likes of Wijnaldum or Milner it'd be a sensible move.
  • I don't think Warrior will be too upset to hear that Lovren hasn't travelled because of illness! To be fair he had a decent game in the first leg. I think the midfield will depend on whether Henderson is fit. If not Milner should play. I agree that Wijnaldum should play ahead of Keita for this one as we don't need to chase this game. The first goal will be very important. If they get it we could have a nervous evening but if we get it they will need 4 which is highly unlikely. If all goes well we should be looking forward to Barca in the semis, which is a mouthwatering prospect.
    • Best news iv'e heard all week mate, hahaha, i don't wish illness on him of course but not upset he hasn't travelled.
      First goal is indeed vital, would be perfect if we got it and got it early, we would have a comfortable night after that, i don't want to think about them scoring first, be a horrible night then.
      I think a Pool v Barca semi final is on the cards, i'm drooling at that prospect, let's just hope you know who doesn't come back to haunt us and there's two of them.
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