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Napoli, 03-10-18, CL (A)

Hey Red, anyone can start a matchday blog mate, please feel free to do so at anytime.

I can only see one maybe two changes for this game, the one change i would make would be dropping Hendo and starting Keita, i just don't see what Hendo brings to this team but that's just my opinion. I'm also tempted to drop one of the usual front three but which one i'm unsure about, maybe Salah but he did look a bit better against chelsea so maybe he's on his way back to top form and we don't want to disrupt that progession. Firmino hasn't been at his best but then niether has Mane, might be best to start all three so lets just go with the one change so, my team for this game would be, 


                                      Arnold    Gomez   VVD    Robertson

                                         Milner      Wijnaldum    Keita

                                         Salah       Firmino     Mane

I'm really tempted to start with studge and drop Firmino, Studge's confidence must be skyhigh after that goal at the weekend but is that enough for Klopp to start him, not too sure but if he did i would be fine with that, anyway, best of luck to the RedMen.

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  • I didn't see the game but from what i'm reading we we're dreadful in the 1st half and not much better in the 2nd, hence why we lost. I think Klopp should be making more changes when we have 2-3 games in a week, can't expect the same 11 to play so often and not be tired. Our form, not results, has been poor so far this season and i for one now fear city on sunday even though we're at home, think the best we can hope for there is a draw.
    • We look tired and jaded but the big problem is Salah, its not loss of form its mentally he is scared, since the injury if you watch his play when a man comes into challenge his pace drops where before it would increase and he would sail past the defender. Because of this teams arent doubling up on him as they normally would and so the other front two and midfield do not have so many gaps.
  • Well, that wasn't supposed to happen. We had four shots, none on target. If I had to guess I'd say a couple of things happened: 1) Pretty much the whole team looked a bit jaded so I wonder whether the Chelsea game (and the games leading up to it) took more out of the players than we may have thought, 2) Ancelotti seemed to get the tactics spot on. His defence and midfield gave our midfield and attack little time on the ball. Salah had two or three players on him most of the time. Their constant pestering seemed to amplify the tired mistakes we kept on making. Gomez was by far the shining light in our side and if he'd not played I dread to think what the score would've been. We don't play until Sunday now so there's time to recover, although Keita looks a doubt.
    • Ancelotti certainly got his tactics right. Its a long time since Liverpool looked so ineffective. The Chelsea game may have had something to do with it but we should be able to cope with two tough games in 4 days. The only positive for me was the triumvirate of Alisson, Gomez and Van Dijk who almost kept Napoli at bay despite poor performances from the rest of the team. With regards to Keita he managed to give the ball away 5 times in the short time he was on the pitch and would surely have been hauled off if he hadn't been injured. The BBC is saying his injury is minor but the Liverpool site is not confirming that as yet.
      • I can't quite understand why so many of the team were off their game. The reason why I wonder whether it was fatigue is because the players that didn't do too badly were the ones that traditionally do the least running, ie the centrebacks and the keeper. Ancelotti deserves a lot of credit though, he played an extra centreback and basically swamped out front three giving them little time to get a shot off. Some photos from the match show Salah still has strapping on his shoulder so I wonder how much trouble it's giving him. Keita apparently had scans in a hospital and was given the all clear which is remarkable given the pain he seemed to be in.
  • Just the one change so, Keita in for Hendo, I reckon Klopp will play this team against city and then rest a few for Huddersfield.
  • Start Sturridge on CL day? No one is sure enough of his fitness to do that! But I would sub him as soon as feasible to further bolster his confidence.
  • The Man City game makes this an awkward fixture. I wouldn't be surprised if Klopp starts with the above team and takes off the players with a lot of games in their legs if we get a decent lead.
    • It's very awkward but we have some quality 2nd string players to call on now. There may be more changes tonight than we think, for me we should prioritize the Lge but that's my thinking.
  • I know Warrior but prefer to read what you more knowledgeable guys have to say. Klopp will select his best team that he reckons can win and then worry about Sunday afterwards. Just hope the players come through injury free.
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"They were definitely there for the taking today but you still have to go out and do the biz. My fear is that it might be the final nail in Maureen's coffin which we don't want, we need him at that club for another few years yet, hahaha."
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"I don't think ive ever been as confident of beating them as i was today. I haven't seen the game but according to reports we were by far the better team. Great result and keeps us top of the Lge for now, happy day's."
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Warrior18 commented on Jamie (admin)'s blog post Site Issues
"Back to normal now Jay, cheers mate."
Warrior18 posted a blog post
Biggest game in the PL in my opinion, could'nt believe the stat that we haven't beaten them at home in 4years so we're definitely due a win and i think we'll get it here. I'll get straight onto the team.Arnold has been added to our growing list of i…
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  • Jamie (admin) I'm being told there's nothing wrong so all a bit confusing, maybe try again now and I'll keep looking
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