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Manure, 24-02-19, PL (A)

Biggest game in the English calander in my opinion, i must admit, i'm a bit worried about this one guy's. I knew when we played them at Anfield we would win but i certainly don't feel like that this time. If you offered me a draw right now i would take it. We probably need to play like we did against bournemouth recently, and more, in order to beat them and we all know we've only played that well a handful of times this season, hopefully this will be another. 

We have VVD back for this game so that's a big plus so it looks likely Matip will partner him, as Lovren has been ruled out, with Klopp moving Fabinho back into midfield alongside Hendo and Wijnaldum, arguably our best midfield right now but then Keita is showing some good form as well, maybe he's finaly woken up but i think he will miss out on starting this one.


                                             Arnold     Matip    VVD   Robertson

                                              Hendo    Fabinho   Wijnaldum

                                                 Salah     Firmino    Mane

Right now i feel this is our best team and we'll need them all to be on their best form to beat this lot who have been on a revival since they got rid of that clown maureen, unfortunately. Anyway, best of luck RedMen.



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  • I think after his showing against United its fair to say Sturridge is finished as a liverpool player, he is not able or willing to put in the hard yards like Firmino who is the leader in the high press. Injuries or mental weakness have robbed Sturridge of his pace and committment, He is a like a over the top boxer who was a heavy puncher, the class has diminished but every now and again he can produce a knockout blow ie Chelsea. He doesnt fit in with the current Liverpool style, and its sad to see what was a great talent diminish so much.
    • He came on, had a fairly tame attempt and then pretty much disappeared. In preseason he had a few outings as a number ten and I thought he did well there, I'm surprised Klopp hasn't tried using him there at times, just to add something different. His days as the lead striker are gone so he's either got to reinvent himself or play at a level that's a lower standard.
    • Totally agree phil, such a waste of talent, he'd be better of heading to america or china to boost his pension fund. A brilliant player in his day but it's completely gone now, has to be on his last couple of months at LFC.
      • I think he was on his way out of the club anyway before the United match. Its a shame injuries prevented him reaching his full potential. He had a good pre-season and I thought there was a chance he could play an important role this season but he has disappointed when given the opportunity. I hope Klopp is seriously looking at a replacement for him and Origi and at competition for Mane and Salah. If we fall short this season it is the attack that will be the major cause plus a lack of inventiveness in the midfield. The latter may be improved by the return of Oxlade-Chamberlain and continued improvement by Keita but the other issue will need a dip into the transfer market.
  • The front three to my mind need some competition to jack up their performance. I strongly believe a new striker of top class is a must perhaps Timo Werner and another full back as back up. Playing Milner at RB was a surprise to me, why ?
    • Klopp said that because we've got a few important games in a short space of time he didn't want to push Trent too hard considering he's only just come back from injury. I think the fact Trent had a rather unpleasant time when he last played at Old Trafford probably added to the feeling Milner should probably play at full back for this game.
  • Awful performance from what i'm reading, not sure what's gone wrong with our front 3, can only think of it as a confidence thing, the pressure must be immense but they have to get their act together if they're to win this Lge, otherwise not a chance.
    • To be fair, it was a strange game. United had three players go off injured in the first half and it seemed to throw our plans a bit. The midfield we put out wasn't the most creative but the front three offered so little for them to work with I don't think a more creative midfield would've got massively different results. I was tearing my hair out at Mane because when he did get the ball he literally couldn't pass it five yards without it being intercepted. Half the time I forgot Salah was on the pitch, to be honest, and that was partly because when he got the ball he mostly ended up running into two United players. Firmino going off injured early didn't help and Sturridge did little to impress when he came on.

      I think it's important to acknowledge the clean sheet though - the defence, Fabinho and Henderson especially did a very good job of limiting the clear chances United had. Klopp changed to a 4-2-3-1 in the second half and took Henderson off to put Shaqiri on. A lot of people were surprised to see Henderson go off (as was he) because he'd done a good job of winning back possession throughout the game. It was a sign that Klopp was willing to risk some defensive solidity to gain more attacking power. However, surprisingly, it had little effect.

      It would be easy to say the team as a whole is out of form but I don't think that is the case. Alisson is playing well, the central defenders and central midfielders are doing their job with regard to defence, but the creative link between the fullbacks, attacking midfielders and forwards is just not there at the moment. Why that is I just don't know and how long it'll take to restore it is hard to tell but we had it, on and off, up until recently so it's not a lost cause. If we can regain it before we fall behind City in the table we could still take the title but if we fall behind in our current form I think it'll be hard to get back past City.
  • I'm not too disappointed with the result but the performance was a real worry particularly in attack. I've felt all season we have been a couple of attacking options short, a wide player and a central striker. Opponents seem to have worked out how to neutralise our front three. If one of them is having a bad game then we do not have high quality alternatives. Firmino will be a big miss if he is out for any length of time. Hopefully he was not badly injured as he seemed to trot off the field in no great distress. As for United I just hope they get their injured players back before they face City.
    • I was hoping to see a real barnstorming match but we all knew that performance was a possibility. We weren't too bad defensively but the play in the final third was shocking. How Mane finished that game on pitch I'll never know, he was truly awful. Salah at least had the excuse he was double marked most of the time but he wasn't much better. There was none of the quick passing in the buildup play that has been so productive for us, it was all slow, plodding passing and half the time the ball didn't find its recipient. I just can't understand why this aspect of our play has fallen apart so badly. Even Milner's passing was terrible and that's not said often. There was little movement from our front three either so the balls to them from defence and midfield were so predictable. The only plus is that we're still just ahead of City but unless we improve rapidly that won't be for long.
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Warrior18 commented on Huytonian's blog post WEST HAM UNITED 24-02-20 PL (H)
"I think that winter break definitely upset our rhythm but of course they needed a rest at some stage, catch 22 situation."
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"For a team that is just about to win the Lge title for the first time in 30 years the crowd were bloody awful, iv'e heard more noise in a graveyard, it was a bit embarrassing i have to say.
We miss hendo a hell of a lot more than some think, i say h…"
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"The next few games may be a lot more tougher. Playing bottom teams fighting to survive and complacency setting in with other 4 more wins needed. And they all want to be the first to beat Liverpool"
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lanoisseforp commented on Huytonian's blog post WEST HAM UNITED 24-02-20 PL (H)
"The first 11 as predicted: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, van Dijk, Robertson, Keita, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Salah, Firmino, Mané. VVD is tonight's Captain."
lanoisseforp commented on Huytonian's blog post WEST HAM UNITED 24-02-20 PL (H)
"That could be the actual line up for the first 11 unless the Gaffer puts Milner instead Keita or Wijnaldum. VVD will be wearing the armband tonight if Milner is not selected. The bottom line is the three points regardless what team is being put out."
Warrior18 commented on Huytonian's blog post WEST HAM UNITED 24-02-20 PL (H)
"I'd have Keita to start as well, like you say he needs time on the pitch, i hope he gets a good run now in the absence of Hendo, would also like to see Minamino get a good half hour here as well, another who needs more game time when possible.
Can o…"
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"How did you pick that up Warrior, I usually use the phone so maybe that has limitations"
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