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Man City 10-11-19 (H)

This is probably the biggest game of the season (Part 1) on Sunday between the top two teams fighting for the title and a must win game for us to increase the points score to 9. The team selection is going be a nightmare to find the right balance especially when it comes to midfield because they may use a 3-5-2 (due to defensive injuries) system against us. If Klopp goes for the 4-3-3 formation then they will have 2 extra midfielders more than us but their attack and defence will be short one in each area, so we can use this as an advantage in our favour.

Our recent victory over KRC Genk was very narrow and we had so many chances to make the score larger than 2-1 but they used a 3-5-2 system against us for which it almost worked for them but we held it out to win the game. So it’s possible Man City will use the same system.  Past week Pep has been playing mind games related to Mane’s diving and I hope our Gaffer isn’t going to fall for this one.

I do worry about our defence because of we’re leaking goals easily and I think the last clean sheet was against Sheffield United which was sometime in September  I won’t put Lovern in because he’s too slow when it comes to their pacey forwards and I’m not so sure about adding Henderson to the starting 11. We have to find the right balance between the defence and midfield. Here’s my line up for this game.


Arnold - Gomez - VVD - Robertson

Milner - Fabinho - Oxlade-Chamberlain

Mane - Firmino - Salah

This could be an open or cagey game between the two teams on Sunday and best of luck Redmen.

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  • Hello guys, just got my internet in after moving to Istanbul so back on board now.
    Just seeing the city game highlights, what a result, fantastic. Brilliant goals, i guess i missed a cracking game. 9 clear heading into the inter break, couldn't ask for more.
  • That was a brilliant game between two great teams. The difference was that we took our chances and they didn't. I thought a couple of our unsung players deserved praise, Henderson and Lovren. Also Wijnaldum who had a very steady game. The star on the day however was Fabinho. Had we played him from the start at City last season I'm wondering if we would now be champions?
    • If you go to this link on YouTube - - you can see the best bits of play from just Wijnaldum, Henderson and Fabinho in the City game. The two things that jump out at you is just how much Wijnaldum and Henderson get forward and how much ground the pair covered. I think it's a bit of a fallacy now that this is the 'functional' midfield, they may have been in previous seasons but since the addition of Fabinho these two midfielders are involved much more in the final third. And it's easy to forget watching this clip that they were up against arguably the best team in the world and they covered every inch of grass.
      • I've just seen a diagram that shows that Henderson's average position during the match was the second furthest forward of all the Liverpool players (presumably Salah was the furthest). Because Trent and Robertson are so brilliant at crosses we forget how good Henderson can be. That cross for the third goal reminded me of Ian Callaghan when he played on the wing in the 1960's.
        • It seems Klopp has tweaked Henderson's tactics of late. In recent games he's been making runs towards the right side of the opponent's half, ahead of Trent, and I assume that's so he can either make a cross if he's got the ball or he can draw players away from Trent if he hasn't. That would explain why his average position on the pitch is so high, I think. I noticed when Henderson was substituted he looked almost punch drunk with tiredness because of the amount of running he'd been doing, it's worlds away from that sitting role he had as a number six.
  • Great result for us today. I have read pundits and football fans from all corners in the media complaining about TAA’s handball in the box that lead to protests by Man City players which they weren’t concentrating on our counter-attack. The build-up was a hand ball by one of their players that ricochet of a Man City’s arm or fist that clashed in with TAA’s thigh to hand. It would have been a free kick for us in the first place and ref made the correct call by allowing the game to play on.

    I loved how VVD reacted so quickly with his pass to Robertson and latched onto Mane with his cross into their box. Man City was confused and was caught on the counter and desperately tried to clear their lines. Amazing strike by Fabinho with a pile-driver and I haven’t seen those type of goals in a long time and reminds me of Steven Gerrard’s goals like this one.

    I think Fabinho was clipped during the build-up of Man City’s goal and it should have never stood. Sterling was being a punk with an ass attitude during the game and tried to get a penalty from striking the ball to TAA’s hand which the penalty wasn’t awarded, plus he should had been carded for his challenge on VVD later on.

    VAR worked wonders for us today but sometimes I cannot understand the Letter of the Law with the handball incidents whether it’s intentional or unintentional and they need to make up their minds or be clear with that law. Salah’s goal was checked and awarded by VAR and it reminds me when Firmino’s goal was chalked off but then again there was no Atkinson at bay.

    We executed our goals very well, Goal 2 and 3 were inch perfect assists by Robertson/Henderson and Goal 1 was executed with Fabinho’s pile-driver from their defensive confusion sloppiness. I knew this was an open game and I am glad we have won. Now the dreaded International fixtures are taking in place this week and hopefully there will be zero injuries when our lads return.
    • The funny thing about the Trent handball controversy is that all the pundits I've seen have agreed that had City scored it would've been disallowed due to Bernardo Silva's contact of the ball. If Silva did indeed illegally handle the ball, as most seem to believe, then Trent's contact with the ball is irrelevant because an offense had already been committed - the Silva handball - and the ball would then have been dead before it reached Trent. I suppose Guardiola could argue a free kick should've been given to Liverpool in their area, rather than letting play continue, thus preventing the quick counter attack from which they scored but once managers start demanding free kicks against their own players we might as well all pack up and go home.
  • It was one of those games where it wouldn't have been a surprise if it had finished four all. However, for once, we finished our chances and City didn't. I thought it was a great team performance, no-one really struggled, everyone had an impact. It won't get much coverage but Lovren made some important interceptions and tackles. Fabinho's wonderstrike doesn't need much comment but he was solid throughout the game too. The front three worked well together and Mane and Salah's goals were deserved (a lovely cross from Henderson, by the way). The impetus went back and forth in the game (with Liverpool playing in a 4-5-1 by the end) but at no point did Liverpool look like they were really struggling. Yes, City could've had four or five goals on another day but these games are all about finishing when it counts. Liverpool did, City didn't.
  • Here are the line ups:
    Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, van Dijk, Robertson, Henderson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Salah, Firmino, Mané
    Man City: Bravo, Walker, Stones, Fernandinho, Angelino, De Bruyne, Rodri, Gündogan, Bernardo Silva, Agüero, Sterling
    • Well, Liverpool are as expected but City haven't got Ederson, which can't be bad.
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