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Judging by the lack of comments on the Tranmere game blog I thought I would post a general blog so Kopfans can comment on all the pre-season games which are coming thick and fast, starting with Bradford City tomorrow.  I don't know much about Bradford but surely they must give Liverpool a harder game than Tranmere did.  Although more players are back in training the new arrivals will not be considered for Bradford, though Lovren who has trained for a few days should get a game.  Otherwise the first and second half teams should be similar to Tranmere though Klpp may choose to swap the line-ups around a bit.  A similar performance to Tranmere would be welcome as would a good attendance since the match is raising money for sufferers of motor neurone disease, an awful condition that has sadly struck our former player and former Bradford skipper Stephen Darby.

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  • What a welcome turnabout. That’s more like it. Roll on the season have to see what the hype is all about regarding Hoever, Larouci, Elliot and the others. Van den Berg’s work permit slowed things down for him. Is the real Naby Keira finally showing his class. I feel a tad more positive now about Sunday’s game in the charity final, it’s actually going to be intriguing the first 20 mins or so seeing that it’s Man City
  • The loss against Napoli is the first pre-season result that's actually annoyed me. The games in the US were on rubbish pitches and in really hot conditions, neither of these were the case in Murrayfield on Sunday. We were so slow and lethargic we looked like a hungover pub team in comparison to Napoli. And it wasn't just one or two players, it was pretty much the whole starting outfield ten. I don't know whether it was tiredness or a slight anxiety of getting injured before the season but our closing down in defence was substandard, and that was with a first choice back four on the pitch. At least when the young players came on in the last ten minutes there was a bit of pace and movement and we actually looked like we could get a goal. This game demanded a step up in performance from the regulars, they had to move on from just focusing on fitness. It wasn't there and they're running out of excuses.
    • Don’t know what’s going on now, it’s worrying and we sure will not relish facing City at this moment
  • The one thing I would say about conceding goals in the friendlies is that our normal front three - Mane, Firmino and Salah - contribute a surprising amount to the team defensively, they often stop players further up the field or track back to help the defence. I think things will improve once they and Alisson return. However, I agree getting another industrious attacker and a fullback wouldn't go amiss.
  • Very disappointed so far with this transfer window, we need to build on what we have not rest on our laurels. We need strong competition for places and we don't have that right now, we've seen down the years what happens when players get too comfortable when their place is secured, really hoping we have a couple of transfers brewing away under the radar.
  • A draw against possibly the lowest ranked team. Seven goals conceded, does it mean without Virgil and Allison we have could have a major problems in defense should anything happen to the one or both.
  • I'm with Red on this one, i like a winning run in pre-season just to build up that winning mentality. We've played two decent teams and lost both games, not a happy camper here. Hoping for a better result against sporting.
  • Seems like after the insane tackle in a friendly Yarouci is not too seriously injured but it’s a bit disturbing to have 2 losses on the trot. I know the seniors are not all there yet especially the front 3 but still it’s a worry. Yeah yeah it’s all about fitness and minutes and tryouts but still. Let’s see what the next game brings and take it from there.
  • The Dortmund game was an odd one for a couple of reasons. The pitch had just been laid and they strangely didn't water it enough so it was slow and with little bounce, conditions that worked against how we play. The Dortmund team put out a strong starting eleven whereas we were missing our first choice front line. Dortmund, understandably, looked more fluid than us from the off. Had it not been for Mignolet being on his game the final score could've been a bit embarrassing. Again, I thought the high points included Kent and Wilson - they always look to create something and they work well together, Brewster had the courage to take the penalty off Hendo and put it in a top corner, and Larouci looks handy at full back.
  • Haven’t seen any of the pre-season games but what I gather in the media the youngsters Brewster and Wilson show promise and it also seems like left back has cover. Looking forward as to how Sep van den Berg will fare when he can play
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Uncle commented on Huytonian's blog post EVERTON 4-12-19 (H) PL
"Well, they do say a new hairstyle can be slimming..."
1 hour ago
Huytonian commented on Huytonian's blog post EVERTON 4-12-19 (H) PL
"I got to watch the full game eventually and I have to say that I never expected that level of performance when I heard the team that Klopp had selected. Only 5 of the starters could be described as first choice. Even City would struggle to match t…"
2 hours ago
Uncle commented on Huytonian's blog post EVERTON 4-12-19 (H) PL
"I don't know if I'm imagining it but has Shaqiri slimmed down? He almost used to look like a body builder in his legs and shoulders but in the derby he appeared less muscular. I wonder whether part of the reason he's been held back from playing was…"
6 hours ago
Warrior18 commented on Huytonian's blog post EVERTON 4-12-19 (H) PL
"I have to say when i saw the starting 11 i was a bit nervous but i'kk never doubt any of these players again. How good was Shaqiri, i always thought he was a cracking little player and he was last night. This squad is well up for winning the lge th…"
14 hours ago
Uncle commented on Huytonian's blog post EVERTON 4-12-19 (H) PL
"To say most of us didn't see that line-up coming is probably an understatement. You have to hand it to Klopp though, he has a knack of knowing when to use peripheral players and what combinations will work. The front three, who of course beat Barcel…"
21 hours ago
Simply Red commented on Huytonian's blog post EVERTON 4-12-19 (H) PL
"Well well seems like we got it all wrong with the line up. Klopp has surprised us all again"
Uncle commented on Huytonian's blog post EVERTON 4-12-19 (H) PL
"I think the only question marks will be over who starts in midfield. Henderson will probably stay at number six and Wijnaldum will probably be one of the centre-mids but I'm not sure about the other. I wouldn't be surprised to see Milner start and O…"
Simply Red commented on Huytonian's blog post EVERTON 4-12-19 (H) PL
"Can never say with this derby but I do think the Anfield atmosphere will help. Keita and Shaq need minutes desperately with the congested fixtures ahead so it would be ideal to put this game to bed and bring them on. Don’t know why Mo and Bobby are…"
Huytonian posted a blog post
I don't expect too many changes for the derby compared to the team that played Brighton last Saturday.  It wasn't a vintage performance against the Seagulls but the team that Klopp started was about as strong as is available given injuries and match…
Huytonian commented on lanoisseforp's blog post Brighton 30-11-19 PL (H)
"I think Mike Riley oversees VAR but individual refs are in charge of VAR for each game, thus Atkinson for the Derby. Incidentally I can't understand why VAR overruled the linesman yesterday for Leicester's winner when it did not overrule the offsid…"
Warrior18 commented on lanoisseforp's blog post Brighton 30-11-19 PL (H)
"Is it Mike Riley that's in charge of it right now, could be wrong. He recently said he was happy with the way it was working in England Hahaha."
Huytonian commented on lanoisseforp's blog post Brighton 30-11-19 PL (H)
"We were coping pretty well with their attacks until we failed to deal with that ball over the top when Alisson was red carded. After that and their goal it was a nervy ending but we defended ok. The problem was that every time we cleared they pick…"
Huytonian commented on lanoisseforp's blog post Brighton 30-11-19 PL (H)
"Atkinson won't be in charge of the Derby but I think someone said he will be in charge of VAR!!!"
Uncle commented on lanoisseforp's blog post Brighton 30-11-19 PL (H)
"Not often you see Alisson make a positional howler like that, thankfully it's just a one game suspension for a non-violent red (although he'll miss the derby against Everton). It's also not often that all of the front three have an off day, I don't…"
lanoisseforp commented on lanoisseforp's blog post Brighton 30-11-19 PL (H)
"The first half of the game we played good and scored twice from set pieces. The second half was strange and Brighton switched tactics and got into the game where we struggled at times. We could have buried the game but our shots were cleared and sav…"
Simply Red commented on lanoisseforp's blog post Brighton 30-11-19 PL (H)
"Nervy last 15 mins. Can’t blame Allison for his red. Would have gone in anyway"