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When I heard we were to compete in the World Club Championship I was concerned that it might cost us the League with the extra fatigue that two matches in Qatar would bring about.  Of course I did not know at that stage that we would have a 10 point lead (11 over City) with a game in hand.  While we have some leeway this is no time to start dropping points, though a draw at Leicester would not be a bad resul, especially if City were also to drop points at Wolves (never an easy ground to play at).  Leicester are having an amzing season under Rogers but there have been signs recently that their form has slipped a bit.  With no European games that have mostly played just one game a week and have stayed free of injuries.  They are now into a spell playing twice a week and I would suggest we are more used to coping with that than they are.  Having said that they will definitely be giving it a go tomorrow, and we will need to be at our best.  The injury to Ox is a blow but we have enough cover in midfield even without him and Fabinho.  My team would be:


Trent Gomez VVD Robertson

Milner Henderson Wijnaldum

Salah Firmino Mane

There is no point playing anything other than our strongest team.  I wondered about playing Keita instead of Milner but I think for this one Milner's experience will help.  Keita can always come on if we need to be more adventurous.  I would have played Gomez in this one even if Lovren or Matip had been fit as his extra pace will be useful up against Vardy.  I haven't opened my Chritmas presents yet but the biggest present in my opinion would be 3 points tomorrow evening.

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  • Watched the game lastnight, it was such a comfortable game for us but I'm sure we all expected a totally different game.
    We were outstanding at times but it looked to me they still had more in the locker room, I can really see us spanking someone before the end of the season and by that I mean 6-7 even 8 nil, would love it to be manure!!!!!!!!!
  • Before this game took place and it was all hyped up between first and second placed teams in the PL. Predictions were made that Liverpool would win 2-0 and 2-1 and Leicester would win 2-1. Wow, what a performance and what can you say about this? First half we were 1-0 up but we could have been at least 4 or 5 up. Leicester had zero shots taken in the first half and they had 6 shots taken in the second half and neither were on target.

    Total different performance and probably our best in the PL this season especially we had a short window to recover and prepare after the Club World Cup. Overall Leicester could had lost by a 8 or 9 goal margin. I hope Henderson isn't too bad after the knock he took and the Gaffer took him off as a precaution and Lallana replaced him with no choice because he was originally the contender to replace Wijnaldum instead. A big shout for Gomez and since he has been playing a lot lately we're getting clean sheets for which is nice.

    Other good news is that Wolves came back from a 2-0 down and won the game 3-2 which turned out to be a great game to watch. Yes we play them on this forthcoming Sunday but we should have the upper hand since we had more rest than them but I would never underestimate Wolves at our peril.

    One more thing and Henderson is my contender for club player of the year because he has been outstanding so far in this season.
    • We are only half way through the season but if we were choosing now Henderson would edge it in my opinion. Klopp has improved all the players but has anyone improved more than Henderson?
      • Personally, I think the big change in Henderson is psychological. I think in his mind, and many other people's minds, there's been a slight case of imposter syndrome, that he'll never live up to the task set by previous Liverpool captains. The moment he lifted the European Cup that feeling started to evaporate and he's been playing with more confidence and freedom since, his natural abilities are shining through and he's taking charge on the field. For me, he was our player of the tournament in the Club World Cup because he demonstrated his versatility when we really needed it and absolutely bossed the final like a proper captain. We've had a lot of standout players so far this this season but I agree that Henderson is right up there with them.
      • I think Keita would have been on the short list only for his injuries held him back. It took him a while to adjust but he's really showing his qualities now, I'd almost given up on him but I take it back, he's improving no end now.
    • Henderson had a cut to his leg and wanted to play on but Klopp wouldn't have it. There are many candidates for player of the season but Henderson is certainly in the mix for it, I'd put him in alongside Mane, VVD and Alisson so far.
  • Well that was certainly my best Christmas present by a mile - it comfortably beat the two Pink Floyd records and the garden shears! I've been watching Liverpool since 1957 so was that the best performance ever? I'd say it was probably the best away performance. Is this the best Liverpool team? It's looking that way and if we win the PL I'll say it definitely is. What impressed me was how we dominated from the first whistle having two chances in the first minute. Leicester defended pretty well up until the penalty and got plenty of men behind the ball making it hard to break them down. I was almost hoping for a spell when they attacked so we would have the chance to catch them on the break but apart from a five minute spell in the second half we totally dominated. Now for Wolves and with just a short recovery time. The positive is that they play tonight against City so they will find it even harder to recover.
    • Leicester didn't even have a shot on target in this game, that shows how dominant we really were.
  • I haven't seen the game yet but what a result and from what i'm reading, performance as well. Are we looking at the best team LFC has ever had, big question but i'm supporting LFC for 35 years and i can't recall anything like this.
    Seems you got the best Christmas gift Huytonian.
  • I can remember the incredible sides of the 80's (I'm sure Huytonian can recall the top sides of the 60's and 70's too and may agree with me) but I can honestly say I don't think I've seen such a complete Liverpool side - and I include the subs in that - as we saw at Leicester today. The team as a whole just destroyed the second best team in the league, it was phenomenal. Trent was literally ten out of ten, there wasn't a fault in his game. The nuanced control of the ball he has for a kid of 21 is verging on the supernatural. Although Firmino scored in the last two games his overall performance this time was much better, his passing and ball control had finally caught up with his shooting and movement. Milner came and scored with his first touch, an important goal at 1-0, and that took real nerve. I could go on and on but it's quicker to say the team were just fantastic. What surprised me a bit was how narrow Leicester played, they pretty much stayed within the width of the penalty box and that gave our fullbacks free licence up and down the pitch. At times Trent had so much time to compose passes it was unreal, I can't quite understand Rodgers' tactics. I've never understood why teams with quick players don't take more advantage of the high line of our fullbacks but there you go. This was a game I was worried about as I thought if any team could undo us I'd be Leicester but Liverpool just raised their game while Leicester seemed to fold after Milner's penalty. A long way to go but I will at least sleep well tonight.
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Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Shrewsbury, 26-01-20, FA Cup 4th round (A)
"You don't fancy Minamino to start?"
Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Shrewsbury, 26-01-20, FA Cup 4th round (A)
"I'll try to fill in the gaps Warrior. I suspect the team may be:

Williams Matip Lovren Larouci
Lallana Fabinho Chirivella
Eliott Origi Jones

I don't think both Minamino and Origi will start as one of them will be needed for West Ham on Wed…"
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"Sorry Red, i meant to put 2 ? beside Origi."
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Shrewsbury, 26-01-20, FA Cup 4th round (A)
"How could i forget Lallana, Shaqiri at the moment is seeing more of the physio"s bench than the subs bench, feel sorry for him as he's done very well when he's played."
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"That could well be the starting 11 but as far as I know Shaquiri is not fit enough to feature yet"
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Shrewsbury, 26-01-20, FA Cup 4th round (A)
"You could have Williams at right back, Larouci at left back, Jones in midfield and Elliott and Shaqiri as wide forwards. That would leave Hoever, Lallana, van den Berg, Chirivella and a selection of first teamers to come off the bench."
Simply Red commented on Warrior18's blog post Shrewsbury, 26-01-20, FA Cup 4th round (A)
"Hell thats a crazy team you got there but ok add Jones and Allison up front in Bobby’s place"
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"I thought this could be our most difficult fixture of the post-World Club period and so it proved. Losing Mane was a big blow, not just for what he offers in attack but also for his tracking back. Neither Minamino nor Ox was able to offer Robertso…"
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The games keep coming, thankfully. We wouldn't want to break our stride now would we, haha. I'm a bit more interested in us doing well in this comp than the Lge cup but still won't be too upset if we go out, as iv'e said before it's all about winnin…
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