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EVERTON 5-01-20 FAC(3) (H)

FA Cup Third Round day used to be one of the highlights of the football year.  A chance for the minnows to embarrass a big name.  Today it's not the same with the Premier League and the Champion's League the main competitions for the bigger clubs.  Thus I wouldn't be too bothered about the outcome of this game but for the fact that we are playing our "friends" from across Stanley Park.  Our hectic recent schedule will surely mean wholesale changes to the team both to give players a rest and to avoid further injuries.  The fact that we have 7 first teamers injured means that the team Klopp puts out is likely to be less experienced than is ideal but it does provide opportunities for more of our young players.  I suspect the team will be something like the following which I am putting in a 4-2-3-1 formation:


Williams  Phillips  VanDijk  Milner

Vijnaldum  Lallana

Elliott  Minamino  Jones


VVD and Phillips could swap positions so Phillips has experienced players either side and VVD protects Williams but I suspect Phillips is more comfortable on the right.  The three behind Origi lack experience but they have the potential to be very creative.  There's not a lot of goals in that team though and we will need to rely on Origi to cause Everton his usual problems.

This is a game when the worst result would not be a defeat (as long as we put up a strong performance) but a draw.  I don't know how I would feel if there was 10 minutes left and we were a goal down.  The head would say let Everton hang on but the heart would probably override that and hope for an equaliser.  If Everton put out their strongest team I would say they were favourites but any team Klopp puts out can be expected to give 100% and give a thoroughly professional performance.  Let's hope it is enough, as the last thing I want is for my Evertonin mate to have bragging rights, however temporary those rights might be.

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          • I certainly couldn't see Gerrard taking the number 2 role, he definitely has his eye on the managers job but i doubt he's thinking of it right now, maybe with another 10 years experience under his belt but like you say, thankfully we don't have to worry about it right now, at least not for 4 years anyway.
  • That was a magnificent performance from the small number of experienced players and the large group of youngsters. Every one of them can be proud of their performance. Even in the first half when Everton had some chances we still outplayed them. In the second half we played them off the pitch. Hopefully more of our injured players will be back soon but, if needed, players like Williams and Jones could step in now with little loss of quality. Maybe if we win the PL with a few games to go they will get opportunities. I said below that it would be wonderful if our kids beat Everton's first team and that's exactly what happened. Maybe next season, to give Everton a chance, we should put out our Legends Team.
    • When Milner went off I think we lost a degree of organisation in defence, we just weren't picking up the runners, and for a while I did fear for us but Everton, thankfully, didn't make us pay (also thanks to some top keeping from Adrian). I was hoping we could get to half time level so that Klopp could make some tweaks. We did and when we came out in the second half you could see the tactical fix Klopp had put in place - it was clear Klopp had told his team to press high and try and keep the play in Everton's half. The second half was such a disciplined display from our young team, they were all over Everton, not allowing them to progress, and they kept possession through very controlled passing. It really was the performance of a team of much more experience. What really amazed me was that when Everton did get the ball they were giving it away like it was a hot potato, they were just flustered. It would be easy to give the plaudits to the players involved in the goal, which was fantastic, but that would be unfair to the rest of the team, all of which put in a real shift and deserve their share of the praise. One last thing, I think we saw enough from Minamino to see how he could be used to deputise for Firmino so that's one less injury worry at least.
  • The first 11: Adrian, Milner, Gomez, Phillips, Williams, Lallana, Chirivella, Jones, Minamino, Elliott, Origi.
    • I think it's fair to say we don't know how this group of players will gel together - could be great, could be disjointed - we just don't really know. I'd have preferred a couple more first teamers myself.
  • Klopp has said he doesn’t really really want a replay so the team he puts out could be very interesting as he has to think of the welfare of the players first owing to congested schedule and bigger games to come and so leave emotion out of it. Pity its Everton we got and there’s the small matter of the unbeaten record at Anfield we don’t want to lose
  • Klopp will obviously make a lot of changes, the question will be to what extent. I'd prefer to see a 'half and half' team with half first teamers and half benchers because Ancelotti is the one manager that seems to really give Klopp problems and if we go too weak we could get embarrassed. I don't believe in putting out teams set up to lose, especially at Anfield, it doesn't help the players psychologically, especially the kids and those who rarely get a game. By all means rotate but the final team sheet should always show a team that can actually win the match, a hard balance Klopp needs to strike.
    • What we don't know is what sort of team Everton will put out. If they put out their best team and we put out the team I suggested above then chances are Everton would win but it wouldn't be a walkover like the Villa game. And wouldn't it be wonderful if they put out their best team and our mix-and-match team beat them! Apologies by the way for getting the date wrong on my post. Hope nobody tuned in yesterday afternoon expecting to see the game.
  • It think this game means a lot to you liverpudlians than the rest of us mate. So long as we don't draw i for one am easy with either a win or loss. We need to give as many first team players as possible a rest, some big games coming up and with all our injuries we need to have as many fit and healthy first teamers as possible until our injured are back fit enough to play.
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Uncle commented on lanoisseforp's blog post New Home Kits
"I think the green takes a little getting used to but I've seen the players wearing the shirt and it looks alright on them. The keeper shirt looks like a magic eye poster."
9 minutes ago
Uncle commented on Jamie (admin)'s blog post Trophies :-)
"The Super Cup is bigger than I thought. I almost feel guilty that we've got all those and Everton have an empty cabinet."
14 minutes ago
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"It's awful, won't be adding this to my collection."
10 hours ago
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"Ah so jealous Jay, fantastic opportunity. Hope all is well with you and Gemma mate."
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"Not thrilled on the green trim, plain white and it'd be pretty nice"
Jamie (admin) commented on Jamie (admin)'s blog post Trophies :-)
"Fingers crossed"
Jamie (admin) commented on Jamie (admin)'s blog post Trophies :-)
"Afraid not, absolutely killed me :("
lanoisseforp posted a blog post
 I don't know what to say about this new Home Kit and  the Goalkeeper Home Kit looks decent - ish.  
lanoisseforp commented on Jamie (admin)'s blog post Trophies :-)
"Very impressive! Did you get a chance to lift one of the trophies?"
Huytonian commented on Jamie (admin)'s blog post Trophies :-)
"You lucky man! They look very impressive. Let's hope there's an equally impressive display this time next year."
Jamie (admin) posted a blog post
I was lucky enough to spend some time with the trophies today, what a day!
Hope you guys are all well YNWA
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Jul 27
Uncle commented on Warrior19's blog post Newcastle, 26-07-2020, PL, (A)
"I've seen the highlights of the game and the goals are actually better than they first appear, the Origi and Mane goals are made pretty much out of nothing and Ox puts in a lovely ball for Van Dijk's header. The frustrating thing about the match was…"
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Warrior19 commented on Warrior19's blog post Newcastle, 26-07-2020, PL, (A)
"I didn't get to see the game today but very happy with the result. Delighted for Origi with his goal. Big shame we couldn't beat the record points tally but there's always next season, haha. We broke some more minor records today so that's good, all…"
Jul 26
Warrior19 commented on Warrior19's blog post Newcastle, 26-07-2020, PL, (A)
"Praying for Leicester and Chelsea to win for obvious reasons, hshaha!"
Jul 26
Huytonian commented on Warrior19's blog post Newcastle, 26-07-2020, PL, (A)
"I'm torn between playing our strongest team, which I reckon is the one Warrior has picked, or giving some of the players a start who are expected to play a more prominent part next season. They would include Williams, Jones and Minamino. Whatever…"
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