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Crystal Palace 19.01.2019 PL Home

Another chance to keep up the pressure on city by claiming all three points. Given Palaces win at the Etihad Palace will fancy their chances so I dont think we will see the bus Parked. Injuries have started to appear but given the forthcoming fixture list i think we should still be strong enough to on paper keep up the winning form, we have learnt to win ugly if needs be.

So to saturdays team ,


                                                                            MILNER        MATIP        VIRGIL        ROBBO

                                                                                 SHAQUIRI        HENDERSON   FABINHO

                                                                     SALAH                  FIRMINO              MANE

I think milner is more than capable of cover short term with gomez being fit in the next week or so. Winjaldum is supposed to be injured but may make the bench. We have a 4 point advantage and the only games that should cause concern are the derby and Man U. City still have a more crowded fixture list and although they have more options, trying to play on 4 frontd may cause the odd slip up, My prediction is 2-0 in a hard fought open game 

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  • That was a funny old game. Palace always seem to unsettle us somehow, it might be because they're so quick on the wings. Poor Milner, he was always going to be up against it with Zaha and he was diving in on tackles all afternoon. The red wasn't much of a surprise when came, although Henderson's pass to him wasn't the most helpful. Having said that, I thought it was Henderson's best game of the season. He was so on the front foot with important tackles and ranging passes (this wasn't really picked up on the MOTD highlights). Fabinho was good overall but Keita was how he's been all season - flashes of brilliance but otherwise anonymous. The team switched from a 4-3-3 to a 4-2-3-1 mid-game again and it's becoming noticable how well Henderson and Fabinho work together in that midfield pair behind the three. Well taken goals from Mane and Firmino and Salah was so persistent he deserved his but I wish he would cut out the dives, it's getting harder to give him the benefit of the doubt now. It was good to see we fought to the final whistle but we've got be more productive with the possession we have in games, we won't always be able to scrape together enough goals to win.
  • I would maybe start Fabinho at CB and ease Matip back in from the bench, Fabinho has been excellent partnering VVD and all these remaining games are cup finals now, i do trust Matip but let's give him a chance to get back up to speed.
    I agree with Huytonian, Keita badly needs more game time but i'm a bit worried about his relationship with Klopp, why isin't he getting more time on the pitch, is there an issue we don't know about and hench why he's not been playing much, maybe he's lazy in training or his behaviour is not the best, nearly sure i read something to this affect a while ago, whatever the case i would have him starting in Fabinho's place in midfield, he's a 50 odd mil player sitting on the bench week in week out, something is not right there i feel.
    City had an off day against palace and got beat but how many times this season have we had off day's and won, quite a few, big difference that. We're at home where we've been formidable this season, i see nothing else but 3 points here. I'm also hoping for a high score, we need to cut out the winning ugly games and beat a team up so to speak, i'll take winning ugly all day long but for the teams confidence and to beat a team up at this stage of the season would relay a lot of talk of us slightly bottling it now, we need a big, convincing win to show the rest (city in particular) that we're up for this fight.
  • I've been reading Palace are having an injury crisis much like our own so hopefully they'll turn up below par. I'll be interested to see whether Klopp goes with a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 for this fixture. It seems he starts with a 4-3-3 against the stronger teams, where he wants to be more compact. On many occasions this season the team has clicked better with a 4-2-3-1 and I don't think against Palace we need to be especially defensive so maybe we'll see this formation. Of course, we're versatile enough now to play either system but we're not as reliant on 4-3-3 as we once were so it'll be interesting to see what Klopp goes with. If it is a 4-2-3-1 I'd go with the above back four with Henderson and Fabinho in midfield, Mane, Firmino and Shaqiri in the attacking three, and Salah up front.
  • I would be happy with your team Warrior. My only possible change would be Keita for Shaqiri and that is only because Keita desperately needs game time to build up his confidence. However on balance Shaqiri should start with Keita on the bench. Palace had a great result for them and us at City so they cannot be dismissed lightly. However, apart from the City match they struggle to score goals despite Zaha and Townsend being useful players. If we can keep those two quiet we should pick up the points fairly comfortably.
  • the team sheet was centred when i typed but seems to have gone to the right when posting
    • Apologies to you ickyuk. I had assumed it was Warrior's team as usual. I haven't heard any rumours about Keita's attitude etc. I would assume its just a loss of confidence following some niggling injuries that have prevented him gaining any momentum this season. However, next season he will be competing with Oxlade-Chamberlain for a place so he had better find some form before too long or his future could be in doubt.
      • It was an article I read a few weeks back, can't remember in what paper but it said there was some sort of problem behind the scenes, maybe just a clickbate thing, it could have been the Echo as I read that everyday but not sure.
        • At the moment it seems Klopp is saying to Keita, 'I'll give you half an hour, show me what you can do.' Klopp has consistently shown if you come up with the goods he'll give you more game time. Just look at Andy Robertson - Moreno was actually playing very well when Robertson completely sidelined him with his performances. Klopp will no doubt keep giving Keita game time, even if it is off the bench, but the nature of elite football means you have to produce at some point. If Keita can't he won't be the first talented player moved on because he couldn't deliver in the window of opportunity he's been given. Arsenal have a similar dilemma with Ozil, another fantastic player but they can't get him producing on the pitch (or even get him onto the pitch), for whatever reason.
    • Did you post it from your phone mate? this normally happens when you do that, i always post from my laptop and it never happens.
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