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Crystal Palace 19.01.2019 PL Home

Another chance to keep up the pressure on city by claiming all three points. Given Palaces win at the Etihad Palace will fancy their chances so I dont think we will see the bus Parked. Injuries have started to appear but given the forthcoming fixture list i think we should still be strong enough to on paper keep up the winning form, we have learnt to win ugly if needs be.

So to saturdays team ,


                                                                            MILNER        MATIP        VIRGIL        ROBBO

                                                                                 SHAQUIRI        HENDERSON   FABINHO

                                                                     SALAH                  FIRMINO              MANE

I think milner is more than capable of cover short term with gomez being fit in the next week or so. Winjaldum is supposed to be injured but may make the bench. We have a 4 point advantage and the only games that should cause concern are the derby and Man U. City still have a more crowded fixture list and although they have more options, trying to play on 4 frontd may cause the odd slip up, My prediction is 2-0 in a hard fought open game 

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  • I've been having a look at City's results in the league since they last lost:

    3-1 win against Southampton
    2-1 win against Liverpool
    3-0 win against Wolves (Wolves down to 10 men)
    3-0 win against Huddersfield

    When you take away the thrashings against Rotherham (7-0) and Burton (9-0) in the cups, results you'd expect considering the gulf in class, have City really been exceptional? Yes, City scored three against Southampton, Huddersfield and Wolves but the first two teams are down at the bottom of the table and the last team was down to ten men for much of the game. City have also shown they can't always keep clean sheets, they couldn't against us and Southampton.

    While City have certainly recovered since their wobble I don't think it's impossible that they could still drop points against decent opposition, and what's important is that they haven't really faced decent opposition since getting over their aforementioned wobble. They still have to play Arsenal, Chelsea, United and Spurs in the league, not to mention the potential banana skins of Palace, Watford, Everton and West Ham. So, while on the surface it seems City are blowing everyone away and we're just about getting across the line in matches things may well change as fixtures progress, Liverpool just have to hold their nerve in the meantime.
    • The big advantage City have over us is squad depth. They have two top class players for every position whereas we have a squad of about 17 or 18 who can be relied on plus youngsters. We have navigated our central defensive injury problems pretty well but now we have a full-back problem. I think if we are going to win the league Alisson, VVD and Salah have to stay fit and we need to put out teams near to our strongest when playing Spurs, Chelsea, United and Everton.
      • I completely agree but what I'm trying to say is that it's easy to get a bit dispondent at the moment when we compare Liverpool's form with City's however closer inspection suggests City haven't really been pushed to their limit in a while and they've got tougher games to come so there is the possibility of dropped points. Our squad depth is certainly our achilles heel but at least we haven't had a first teamer sidelined with a longterm injury so far this season, it's been for no more than a couple of months and we're seeing players gradually returning to the squad. It's a tough call as to whether Klopp should bring in reinforcements during the transfer window, I suspect he won't, but given where we are in the league it could be a make or break decision.
        • The reason I'm not getting too excited just yet is that City have played all the top 6 except United away from home already. Of course they may drop points against some lesser clubs but they are capable of going on a long winning run which is why we just have to keep winning. At least we don't have to play City again and like them we only have United to play away of the top 6. I think we have the strongest squad we have had for many a year but unfortunately City's has more depth.
          • Quite honestly, my heart says Liverpool will do it but my head says City. However, I don't think City are quite as invincible as last season which means there is the slight possibility teams could steal the odd point off them. For Liverpool it really is a case of focusing on their own games as it's ours to throw away before it's City's to win. It's going to be so tough for us but then again I never thought Leicester would ever win the league so who knows.
            • I think your doubt could be founded on past experience but i feel this team and manager are different animals. We have a completely different mindset to Rodgers and his team, this team seems a lot more focused and determined which is shown by some late winning goals we've scored and wins we've got whilst playing poorly, these games we would have lost or at best drawn under Rodgers. I think we'll see it out, it'll be very tight and will probably go down to the last 2-3 games but i think we'll win it this season, please god.
              • Right now I'd probably put it 52/48 in City's favour purely because of the size and quality of their squad and because they've got experience of winning the title. But, as I've tried to explain, I think there could well be opportunities to even up the balance given both club's remaining fixtures and the fact City have shown they're not infallible. I certainly think Liverpool can take the title - if they hold their nerve and take advantage of any opportunities that come their way. It could well be very close.
  • I don’t recall Allison making a single save the whole game except for one corner which he caught late in the game so it’s almost like he had a bit of an off day. Every team seems to up their game when they play Liverpool and it’s going to get a lot tougher now. This is where City have the edge, they have been there and have the experience. Injuries are taking their toll as well so we better brace ourselves
  • I am still trying to come to terms with how we managed to concede three times against a side that does not score very often. If you look at it one way we only allowed Palace 4 chances in the game and they scored 3 of them. We have allowed other teams a similar amount of chances and come away with a clean sheet so much credit goes to Palace for taking their chances. In some ways it is not surprising that our defence was a bit nervous. Milner against Zaho was always going to be a mis-match. Milner was the third right back we have fielded in the last 4 games and VanDijk has had 4 different defensive partners in those 4 games. When we get back to Arnold, Gomez, VanDijk and Robertson on a regular basis we will start to look invincible again. I felt a bit sorry for Keita. He was trying things but they just were not coming off. He looked like a square peg in a round hole playing on the left. I'm not sure he fits in with our system at the moment. Fabinho on the other hand impresses every time I see him after a slow start to his Liverpool career. I was also impressed again with Henderson who has been immense these last two games. I guess the positives are the result of course but also the fact we scored 4 against a very well drilled team who were on top of their game yesterday.
  • I hate this feeling of nerves watching us play, haven't had it all season until the last few games, since city beat us as i was confident we would beat them. To ship 3 goals at Anfield is unheard of these day's which is a big worry for me, i know we scored 4 and that's fantastic but how often will we ship 3 and win.
    I don't think it's going to happen for Keita at LFC, he just can't get going at all and at this stage of the season we can't afford to have any passengers. Fabinho/Hendo seem to be building a good solid partnership in midfield, they seem to work well together, let's hope Fabinho's injury is just a knock and not a bad one.
    Another hard fought win, i think this team is feeling the pressure now, they know their close, let's hope and pray they can see it out until may. Like i said earlier, first half of the season i was super confident, 2nd half far from it, the nerves are creeping in during every game now, bloody awful feeling.
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We miss hendo a hell of a lot more than some think, i say h…"
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lanoisseforp commented on Huytonian's blog post WEST HAM UNITED 24-02-20 PL (H)
"The first 11 as predicted: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, van Dijk, Robertson, Keita, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Salah, Firmino, Mané. VVD is tonight's Captain."
lanoisseforp commented on Huytonian's blog post WEST HAM UNITED 24-02-20 PL (H)
"That could be the actual line up for the first 11 unless the Gaffer puts Milner instead Keita or Wijnaldum. VVD will be wearing the armband tonight if Milner is not selected. The bottom line is the three points regardless what team is being put out."
Warrior18 commented on Huytonian's blog post WEST HAM UNITED 24-02-20 PL (H)
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Can o…"
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