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City, 14-01-18 (H) PL

Oh how we owe city one big time and also a great chance to show there is life after Coutinho. All top 6 teams have tough games this weekend so a draw here may not be a bad result even though we are at home. I'm reading Salah is back training this week so i'll put him in my team up front with Firmino and Mane. Chamberlain has been playing well lately, really starting to show his quality, i'll put him in midfield alongside Can and Lallana. A back 4 of Arnold, Gomez, VVD and Robertson will most likely be our defence along with Migs in goal. My team for this game would be, 


                                                                                Arnold    Gomez  VVD  Robertson 

                                                                                  Chamberlain   Can   Lallana 

                                                                                     Salah    Firmino   Mane

I really want to see Klopp giving the CB partnership of Gomez/VVD a chance, i feel they could develope into a formidable pairing, a brick wall as such and with the improving Arnold and Robertson we may just end up with one of, if not the best defence in the PL. Best of luck RedMen.

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  • Mignolet has been dropped for Karius. Can't quite work that out given Karius' last outing and VvD's absence.
  • No VVD today, that's a big blow for me, Matip and Lovren, feeling uneasy about this game now.
  • I thought I'd mention, in case anyone's interested, I've picked up on a couple of murmurings that Keita's early move has been agreed and it could be announced as soon as Sunday. I'd treat this news with caution at this stage as I've not seen confirmation from the handful of reporters I deem as being particularly reliable. However, Klopp was especially coy on the subject of Keita in his press conference, not wanting to remark (maybe while negotiations were ongoing) so an agreement wouldn't be a total surprise.
    • Bad news. Leipzig have released a statement this morning saying Keita will NOT be leaving the club until July. I'd read a report, by a UEFA accredited reporter, that an agreement had been reached but obviously that was premature. A bit of a blow, Keita was the obvious solution for getting a decent midfielder in quickly.
      • It's a body blow, was really looking forward to seeing him this season, it's looking more than likely now that we'll have to finish this season with what we have, not a disaster of course but could be better.
  • I have never ever put our team down for a loss, when in doubt a draw but never a loss and have been proved wrong quite a few times when they do win. Have a good feeling about this game especially after the last transfer saga with another South American, not that I'm blaming him. I actually wish him well. Man City should be weary of this Liverpool team, on their day day they can take any side apart. just hope its on Sunday
  • Hahahaha, we owe City nothing as they haven't won at Anfield in 17 years. How about we essentially find that back bone again. I'm looking forward to this game just to see how Klopp uses his own resources to make home advantage a plus
    • 17 years huh, I'm going for a 4-2 win. They got to lose eventually and why not now.
  • They're having a fantastic season. I'd settle for a draw tbh. Hopefully we have a right go at them. They're defense, while still pretty good, is where can get at them. I think we should go 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 because midfield is where the battle will be won. If we can add another extra body to combat their midfield 3. It should be a cracking game and hopefully we win and send out a statement that there's life after Coutinho.
  • I'm thinking Matip and VvD is more likely. I don't like these kind of games because Liverpool will have to play more pragmatically rather than being as attacking as they usually are. I bet Klopp has been banging into the team that organisation will be crucial because this City team just passes straight through any side without positional discipline. City prosper a lot from wide positions so I'm more interested in how our fullbacks will defend rather than attack in this game. It's probable Klopp will try to snuff out City attacks high up the pitch before they have time to build up momentum so a midfield with that in mind could be Henderson (if fit), Can and Wijnaldum. I don't think pretty football will be Klopp's aim, nullifying City will be as important as scoring goals.
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I've got to be honest, I was somewhat taken aback when I read this paragraph taken from an interview with Emre Can in the German publication 'Suddeutsche Zeitung' this week."Sure, the Bundesliga would interest me, why not? Although I must say honest…
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"Lovren is bit like Mignolet in that he will have a run of decent games but will then have a game strewn with errors sending panic through the defence. Moreno is another like this and I don't think we can rely on them if we are to move up a level eve…"
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"Curtis' goal for number 6 was very similar to Salah's third, mesmerising defenders before finding just a little space to get a shot away. He's added workrate to his undoubted skills this season and though there is room for improvement with his tackl…"
Andy farmer commented on Warrior18's blog post Watford, 17-03-18 (H) PL
Fully agree with your comments, Curtis looks a cut above anyone I’ve seen so far, a very confident player. As for the 1st team I can see Klopp holding onto Danny Ings, the lad looks so sharp"
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Watford, 17-03-18 (H) PL
"Seems this Salah guy knows where the onion bag is, 28 now in the Lge, not bad. Great response after last weeks bitter disappointment, didn't see the game so can't comment on it but seen the highlights. Fingers crossed all our main players come back…"
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Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Watford, 17-03-18 (H) PL
"I was pleased when we signed Salah as I thought given his scoring record with Roma he could be a 15 goals a season man for us. How wrong can you be! His performance tonight was breathtaking - 4 goals and one assist. There were also good performances…"
Mar 17
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Watford, 17-03-18 (H) PL
"It's funny how our highest scoring players aren't even standard number 10's (Salah - winger, Firmino - false 9). It's a shame we're not playing Man City next, everyone's got to be on a high right now (apart from Can who got injured)."
Mar 17
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"There does seem to be some muttering among reporters online that Gomez will be brought in for TAA. It would make sense because TAA has had quite a run of consecutive games and as games are going to get more serious from now on Gomez could find his f…"
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Warrior18 posted a blog post
I think the only thing up for discussion here is the changes Klopp will make as surely 3 points are in the bag here. Lovren and Arnold had shockers last saturday so maybe he will bring in Gomez and Matip to play alongside VVD and Robertson. Hendo mi…
Mar 16
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