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City, 10-04-18, CL, QF, 2nd leg (A)

I guess both City and ourselves very much were thinking about this game given the weekends results, how City lost that game is a mystery and as for our result in the derby, well, at least we got a point despite it being a really bad performance, anyway, onto this massive game for both clubs.

From what i can gather we should be at full strenght with Salah and Robertson seemingly winning their fitness battles and should be available. Obviously no Hendo as he's banned, not sure on the fitness of Can but if available will most probably start but who with. Milner was excellent in the first leg as was Wijnaldum but then so was Chamberlain, not sure if Milner can play 3 games in a week so our midfield could be Can, Chamberlain and Wijnaldum, we know the front 3 of course, the team might look like this, 


                                             Arnold   Lovren  VVD   Robertson

                                              Chamberlain   Milner   Wijnaldum

                                                 Salah       Firmino    Mane 

Like i said, not sure about Can's fitness but i think the team will be pretty close to this. We've got one foot in the semi final, now for another top performance to get there, i feel we'll score and that could very well be that but we know how good city can be on their day, they have home advantage with the crowd behind them, an early goal from them will fire them up and make for a horribly nervous night for us, hopefully it's us with the early goal, very best of luck RedMen.

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  • Was so excited by our Fab win my BP shot up dramatically. I tried to calm myself and think good thoughts and not about the semis but have you ever tried to not think about something? Finally the BP receded to normal levels and I can add my resounding "YES" to the conversation! Here's hoping for a favorable draw Friday but I actually believe we are not afraid of anyone left in the competition! YNWA!
    • I reckon those other teams don't want us in the semi Sage and who could blame them the way we're playing. We certainly fear nobody, our confidence couldn't be higher but of course no matter who we get it'll be a tough two legs for sure.
  • Seeing that we still on the Man City blog, they have to go to Spurs this week end and am thinking about 4 losses on the trot. Spurs would not want to be 'Clowns at the party` either although the chamagne will be flat having being uncorked last week already
    • I think that game has a draw written all over it Red, City are on the floor now confidence wise but they still have top quality players so i expect them to bounce back but spurs may just get a draw here.
  • Really thought they were going to score 2-3 goals in that 1st half such was their dominance, was praying we got in at just 1-0, i knew Klopp would get a hold of them in the dressing room and so we were much better in the 2nd.
    5-1 over two legs against a brilliant city team, fantastic. Big shock with barca going out, we're in with a shout to win this.
    • The funny thing was that for the massive amount of possession they had in the first half they had relatively few shots on goal. I must admit though, I was praying we'd go in at half time only one goal down. Much will be made of the disallowed Sane goal but that can hardly be blamed on Liverpool. To be fair to the officials, it's not easy to pick up on that deflection in real time so if they didn't see the Milner touch they can hardly let the goal stand. I couldn't quite work out why Pep lost his head so badly at half time when nothing could be changed, his team were ahead and it was still possible, at that stage, to turn everything around. In the end the difference seems to have been that while City lost their composure at half time we rediscovered ours.
      • Did i read a stat correctly that over 180 minutes city only had 4 shots on target, amazing stat if it's true. We got a lot of luck over the two legs i feel but we've had very very little all season so we'll take it and run, haha. The referees off pitch feud with guardiola certainly helped as well but overall, without sounding biased, i think we were the better team, 5-1 over both legs kinda tells us that so they can moan about decissions going against them all day, they weren't good enough to beat the Liverbird.
      • Sane's goal should have stood but disallowing it evened out the ref missing two fouls on VanDijk in the build up to City's goal. Although the first half was very nervy and we were constantly on the back foot it has to be remembered that we were without a recognised defensive midfielder (if you can call Henderson and Can DMF). Milner deserves a lot of credit for his performances over the two legs. It's fair to say it has taken time for Reds fans to fully appreciate what he brings to the team but his performances not just against City but over recent months should be enough to persuade even the most sceptical fan that he was a brilliant acquisition on a free transfer.
        • What I find remarkable about Milner is that physically he doesn't seem to have deteriorated during his time at Liverpool, he doesn't seem to have slowed, and he rarely gets injured. True, he hasn't been used as much as some of the other players but it's still pretty impressive. He's got a great mentality for cup football and he brings something to the squad we don't really get from anyone else. He's been such a plus this season.
          • Very much a Dirk Kyut type of player, nothing spectacular but will give you 100% in every game. He's just proven he can play 3 games in a week, not bad for a player in his 30s, fairplay to him, he's proved me wrong for one.
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" Now I know what Klopp meant when he said Clynne is ready to play 90 minutes"
3 hours ago
Huytonian commented on lanoisseforp's blog post I'm Tired Just Looking At Robertson
"United's change of formation at half time meant Robertson was always available in the second half to make those runs.  We know he can do them all afternoon but what surprised and slightly alarmed me was that Clyne, playing his first PL game of the s…"
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"It's been a long time since I've seen such a one-sided Liverpool/United derby match. We were so positive and they just seemed flat in comparison. I feel a bit for Mane, his goal was so well taken but it's been a little overshadowed by Shaqiri's brac…"
Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Manure, 17-12-18, PL (H)
"Robertson has acknowledged the need for corner practice after all that wasteful delivery. Shaqiri delivers a good one but he only played the last 20 minutes. You would think professional players could deliver a corner pretty well where intended but…"
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"Fabinho seems to be getting better every game. For a DM he covers a lot of ground and seems a combination of an AM too. You right about Clynne for someone who has been out so long he didn’t look it. The crosses and corners though could have been bet…"
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lanoisseforp commented on Warrior18's blog post Manure, 17-12-18, PL (H)
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Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Manure, 17-12-18, PL (H)
"They were definitely there for the taking today but you still have to go out and do the biz. My fear is that it might be the final nail in Maureen's coffin which we don't want, we need him at that club for another few years yet, hahaha."
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Manure, 17-12-18, PL (H)
"I don't think ive ever been as confident of beating them as i was today. I haven't seen the game but according to reports we were by far the better team. Great result and keeps us top of the Lge for now, happy day's."
Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Manure, 17-12-18, PL (H)
"Superb performance this afternoon completely dominating an ordinary United side. Fabinho is really starting to impress. I thought he controlled midfield and it was a great assist for Mane's goal. Praise also for Clyne who has hardly played for over…"
Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Manure, 17-12-18, PL (H)
"It's just the midfield that is so hard to predict these days. I think Fabinho should start for his height and strength against what could be a tall and physical United midfield that could include 3 of Fellaini, Matic. Poghba and Herreira. Henderson…"
Warrior18 commented on Jamie (admin)'s blog post Site Issues
"Back to normal now Jay, cheers mate."
Warrior18 posted a blog post
Biggest game in the PL in my opinion, could'nt believe the stat that we haven't beaten them at home in 4years so we're definitely due a win and i think we'll get it here. I'll get straight onto the team.Arnold has been added to our growing list of i…
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  • Jamie (admin) I'm being told there's nothing wrong so all a bit confusing, maybe try again now and I'll keep looking
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