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City, 07-10-18, PL (H)

After a disappointing result and performance against napoli we now have the pleasure of hosting our title rivals. Will this game decide where the title goes, of course not, will it give the winners a massive confidence boost, yes it will but going on current form the winner won't be us, anyway, onto the team.

Think we pretty much know who the back 5 will be so it's just the midfield and up front that's up for debate. We all know that Salah, Mane and Firmino are not on their game right now, especially Salah, i would start him but if there's no change in form from him up to 60 minutes hook him then and get Sturridge on and i mean 1 hour if not even sooner, none of this BS making subs with 3-4 minutes left of the game. Either one of Hendo, Milner and Wijaldum needs to be benched and i'm hedging towards Milner simply because of his legs, he's the oldest in the team and must be feeling more tired than the rest, let him sit this one out and bring in Shaqiri who's been one of our best players when he plays. The important thing is for Klopp to make his changes a lot sooner than he does, it's a big talking point amoung the supporters and rightly so, he leaves his changes way too late, it's the only gripe i have of him, rant over. My team would be, 


                                          Arnold    Gomez   VVD   Robertson

                                            Keita     Hendo    Wijaldum

                                             Salah    Firmino    Mane

I would personally drop Hendo as well but who do you bring in, Fabinho, no chance so Hendo it is. Like i said, Klopp has to make his changes much earlier in the game if it's not going our way, hopefully we can get at least a draw here and then rest a lot of our first 11 for the Huddersfield game, i've already banked those 3 points. Best of luck RedMen.

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  • If you'd offered me a point before the game i would have taken it. We're still unbeaten in the Lge and joint top so we can't really complain but i will.
    I didn't see the game so i'm going on what i've read so far and it isin't pretty. We spent a lot of money on upgrading our midfield but these players hardly get a look in, especially Fabinho, why? He 's not mixing things up enough, teams have us sussed out, it's why Salah, Mane and Firmino are way off form right now, if he was to rotate more often teams wouldn't be able to do this, bench Salah, bench Firmino, bring in Sturridge, bring in Shaqiri, change the midfield for christsake, i'm sick of Milner, Hendo and Wijaldum now, zero creativity, lets try Fabinho, Keita, why did we buy these players, as mascots.
    I just feel things have gone a bit stale now and a lot of the players he's constantly started are looking tired now, he has to start using the great squad he has and start resting some of the usual 11, for once i'm very happy we now have an international break, i seriously hope to see Sturridge, Shaqiri, Keita and Fabinho all start against Huddersfield, rant over!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Although we're not quite clicking with regard to attack we've got a very good defensive record and that is partly due to the solid, if not massively creative, midfield of Milner, Henderson and Wijnaldum. From what he's said Klopp's aim was to still be in or around the top spot at the international break, especially after the nightmare run of fixtures we've had. He's managed to do that by making sure he hasn't lost matches rather than throwing everything into winning matches. He's been more conservative than in previous seasons and that's probably because he's learnt losing points at the beginning of the season can really cost you at the end. Besides, in recent matches Keita has been quite poor, Fabinho doesn't seem to be fully integrated yet and Klopp's not entirely happy with certain aspects of Shaqiri's defensive play, going by what he's said. However, Milner picked up a slight hamstring injury against City so one of these players may have to step up now (although Milner's got the international break to recover).
      • I've just read what Carra said over on the Echo about getting an attacking/creative midfielder in in january and i totally agree with him.
      • You reckon there's massive creativity in Milner, Hendo and Wijnaldum?? Maybe Wini has some, Hendo, come on, he's the sideways and backwards king and Milner, gets stuck into a tackle and runs a lot, Hendo does this as well. Where's the creativity here? Keita and Shaqiri have it in abundance, first thing they do when they get the ball is look up for a forward pass or run forward with it, attack, everytime, i just don't see that with the others, on occassion maybe but we need more than that in midfield. We need a box to box type and we don't have that with Milner, Hendo or Wini.
        • Read my post again, I said the trio of Milner, Henderson and Wijnaldum were NOT massively creative compared to other combinations but they are an incredibly secure midfield which is probably why Klopp uses them against the most difficult teams. As for the old 'sideways' rubbish about Henderson - his job, among others, is to recycle the ball and pick out long passes and that is exactly what he did against City. Given how long Henderson has been doing this job for Klopp you'd have thought he'd be dropped altogether by now if he'd been doing it wrong, wouldn't you?
          • Ok, i may have misread what you said about "creativity" but the way you worded it one could pick you up wrong there, apologies.
            I know your a big fan of Hendo, i was at one stage but why has every LFC supporter i speak too and most online have the same opinion of him as me, are we all wrong? I don't think so. It's not rubbish to suggest he's a sideways and backwards passer, watch him the next game we play, 70-80% of his play is like this, he constantly slows down play and breaks momentum by doing this, yes, he looks up for the forward pass but more often than not chooses the easy option of sideways or back, very inaffective imo.
            Hendo is our captain, wrongly imo as it should be VVD and most likely will be at some stage, and as so Klopp is keeping faith in him which is another traith i don't like in Klopp, he keeps faith with player who are so obviously not worth that faith, Moreno and Lovren being the perfect examples, Hendo is in this catagory now imo. We spent 100mill on a new midfield but Klopp is persevering with the old and that annoys the hell out of me.
            • The point is not whether I'm a Henderson fan or not (I did, believe it or not, bring it up on here a few games back that I thought Henderson had played too negatively during one match) the issue is whether the way he plays is of his own volition or whether it's part of the role he's been asked to play. I cannot believe, after three years of Klopp being at the club, Henderson would still be here, and playing the way he is, unless Klopp wanted it. To think Klopp is just putting up with Henderson - when we've seen many players come and go - just goes against logic. Klopp owes Henderson nothing and he could easily have sold him in the summer and there would've hardly been any backlash from the fans. But he didn't. That was no accident, it was by design. Why? Because Klopp doesn't work with perceptions, he works with facts. A recent article on the subject sums up why quite succinctly:

              'Despite what many choose to believe, Jordan Henderson had the most forward passes in the Premier League last season out of any of the main five central midfielders Klopp used (Henderson, Wijnaldum, Can, Milner, Oxlade Chamberlain).

              Henderson clocked in with 1115 forward passes, 313 more than next closest James Milner. Although this is in part down to him playing a deeper role, it still seems to contradict the belief that he only passes sideways and backwards.

              “Well those passes were only short ones to the nearest player, they don’t really count”? Think again. Henderson averaged the longest average pass length with 22 yards, compared to the rest who averaged 15-18 yards. This is indicative of his aforementioned improvement in not only range but consistency of passing.'

              If anyone wants to believe the boys down the pub over Klopp and statistics carry on but I won't. (By the way, the This Is Anfield website, who've never been Henderson's biggest fan, gave him the Man Of The Match against City)
              • I don't know any boys down the pub as i don't drink so therefor i don't frequent pubs.

                I stand by my opinion of Hendo, we have better sitting on the bench when he's on the pitch imo. We'll just have to beg to differ on this one.
                • Sorry, I was referring to the type of uninformed fans you get in pubs rather than any actual fans in particular, I should've been clearer. Henderson will always polarise opinion, he always has, and I accept not everyone will get on with his style of play, that's football, every generation has a player like him.
                  • No problem Sam, like you say, Hendo will always divide opinion. I think where a lot of fans go wrong is comparing him with Gerrard but as most of us know Gerrard was a one of a kind for us, chelsea had Lampard, united had Scholes and we had Gerrard, thankfully.
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