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Chelsea, 22/07/2020, PL, (H)

I know some will say the lge is won so who cares about our recent results, well i do for one. We should be ending this season playing like champions and not with a wimper. We've had one great performance since the restart, palace but that's it, moan over, onto the team.

As far as i can see Hendo is our only big loss injury wise so i expect to see the usual front 3 and back 4. Fabinho deffo starts with maybe Keita and Wijnaldum, it's probably our best team right now.


                                                      Arnold   Gomez   VVD    Robbo

                                                       Wijnaldum   Fabinho   Keita

                                                        Salah     Firmino    Mane

Minamino played well enough against Arsenal so he could be a surprise start here in place of Firmino. I'm hoping the guy's give us a palace repeat here as it's our last home game and of course the lifting of the trophy. Best of luck RedMen.

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  • It was a bit of a crazy game, every time it looked settled we let them back in. I think Gomez and Van Dijk running into each other and allowing a goal typified our defending at times but it was a schizophrenic performance all round - fantastic for much of the game, not so great in moments. Still, it made for a very watchable affair. The midfielders and the fullbacks were the stand-out players for me, they really took control of the game after an opening onslaught from Chelsea. Five different scorers and not one of them Salah or Mane, that shows how the other lads stood up. Glad Firmino got his first home goal of the season, he deserved it. It was great to see us finally lift that trophy, even if it was all rather surreal in front of an empty stadium.

    *If you haven't seen it look up Brewster's long goal for Swansea, that kid's got to come back to Liverpool.
    • I've just had a look at Brewster's goal. It was very similar to Naby's. That's 10 in 20 appearances for Swansea. I'm looking forward to watching him the playoffs. In many ways I would want him back at Anfield next season but his long term best interest (and ours) might be best served by him playing for another PL club and getting more experience at this level.
      • I'll tell what's really surprised me about Brewster and it's not the goals, it's how well he's held his own in the Championship. It's a very physical league and if you can't hack it you quickly get found out. Brewster has gone there after some serious injuries for a lad of his age and he's not only held his own, he's flourished. It's not just the number of goals he's scored either but the variety, I didn't think he had that in his locker.

        This is a pivotal point for him now - do we do what we did with Harry Wilson and send him of to a minor PL club or do we put him on the bench for Liverpool and ease him in as we've done with Curtis Jones? I'm not saying it's an easy choice either way but my own personal belief is that Brewster has proven himself to be an exceptional talent at a young age - he can handle the physicality at this level, he's got footballing intelligence and above all he's shown the desire to fight to get into this Liverpool side - and when a kid has reached the levels people have asked of him he needs to be continually challenged. I personally don't think Brewster's got the mentality to thrive at a mid to bottom PL club, he needs to strive for something. At Swansea he was battling to get into the playoffs and I think the need to get results and goals gave him the impetus to take chances. Too many kids go out on loan and play safe because they're afraid of making mistakes and their development falters. Brewster has shown that if there's a challenge he'll take a chance and he's got the skill to pull it off, and that's why even though he's young he belongs playing at the top of the table rather than the bottom. Of course, I'm not saying throw him in at the deep end and start him in games but he could reasonably come off the bench and play an Origi role in some games.
  • What a fantastic game, really thought it was going to end 4-4, Trent and Keita stood out for me, Robbo and Mane also. Devastated for the players that Anfield was empty, like Souness said they missed out on that special moment but that's the way it is right now. Simply cannot wait to see the parade around Liverpool, whenever that will be, enjoy guy's.
    P.S, Have you noticed how many points we have achieved on our last home game of the season, 96, was it destiny i wonder, written in the stars!
  • Team picked itself really, about the best we have right now. Hopefully we're in for a cracker with the right result for us, enjoy guys no matter the result, 30 long years waiting for this moment.
  • That's the team the Gaffer is putting out tonight and Milner is on the bench.
  • You guys have said it all not much left to add. Have a feeling Milner will start in place of Gini with Jones to come on later
  • As has been said Chelsea have something riding on this game and although they're a bit hit and miss if they hit their stride they could turn us over. Having said that, I'd be surprised if Klopp and the team didn't feel a little bruised by the criticism after the Arsenal loss and the loss of the points record. They will also want to lift the trophy after a victory so there's incentive enough there to play well. The thing is if you look at the mistakes against Arsenal, by Alisson and Van Dijk, they're two players who wouldn't knowingly give less than 100% and that's the problem - I don't think the drop in form is a conscious one, I think all season they've been pushing so hard to get ahead of the competition that the mere act of winning the title has taken the pressure off them but it's that pressure that's made them perform. I'm hoping that there's enough incentive in winning this game to make up for that loss of pressure.

    I think the team picks itself apart from that one midfield position. Milner looked fit in training with the other players so he might be in contention, Keita too could start and it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Curtis Jones could start because Klopp has been putting increasing amounts of responsibility on him. I'm doubtful Minamino will start because Klopp has been using him as a substitute for Firmino lately. Of course, there's also Ox but he hasn't really performed when he's started in recent outings.

    On a side note, what does De Gea have to do to get benched? I know he's rumoured to be the highest paid player in the Premier League but he's been misfiring for so long now, the United number two keeper must be pulling his hair out.
    • Personally i don't think De Gea wants to be there anymore, in my experience when a player goes through a sustained period of playing badly it usually means their head has been turned, i'm thinking Coutinho and Can. I think De Gea's mind is on Madrid and making that move happen, you don't go from world class to making mistakes like he has been over a long period of time and put it down to a dip in form, not in my book anyway.
  • Chelsea will be on a high after their win over United (albeit gift wrapped by DeGea). They also need points to qualify for the Champions League. We will therefore be facing a confident and motivated team. Warrior's team looks to be our strongest with Henderson injured. If Minamino is to get a start I would prefer it to be at Newcastle on Sunday. I also don't like the idea of our season petering out. The close season is short and we will need momentum going into next season. Also, we don't want to be lifting the trophy having come off the back of a defeat. A win would be a real boost here but I have a feeling we might just end up with a draw.
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 I don't know what to say about this new Home Kit and  the Goalkeeper Home Kit looks decent - ish.  
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I was lucky enough to spend some time with the trophies today, what a day!
Hope you guys are all well YNWA
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Jul 27
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"Praying for Leicester and Chelsea to win for obvious reasons, hshaha!"
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"I'll tell what's really surprised me about Brewster and it's not the goals, it's how well he's held his own in the Championship. It's a very physical league and if you can't hack it you quickly get found out. Brewster has gone there after some serio…"
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