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Not sure how much most supporters care about this one but having unluckily lost to City on penalties in the Communiity Shield I feel it would be a moral booster to get a win here and claim another trophy.  With Chelsea losing 4-0 to United on Sunday Liverpool will be strong favourites.  However, I watched the first hour of that game and Chelsea played quite well and were unlucky not to go into half time ahead.  Having said that Zouma had a nightmare and if he plays tomorrow I'm sure we will be looking to exploit his area of the pitch.  Lampard has his team playing out from the back and they are suseptable to being closed down by any well organised press, so if we get that part of our game right it should bring chances.  As far as the team is concerned I would like to see Matip get a game even though I see Gomez as a starter for league games.  I would also like to see Keita start to add a bit of attacking dynamism to midfield.  Mane should replace Origi though no doubt Divock will get time as a sub.

I am not expecting a walk over but I do expect Liverpool to win.

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  • Not a great way to win it but we'll take it all day long. Firmino coming on changed the game for us, we were bang average up til then and could have been a couple of goals behind. Our defence is a slight worry now although VVD was his usual beast self.
    Very happy to add another trophy to the cabinet, we definitely have that winning feeling back but we need to up the gears somewhat, tough game away to the saints on sunday.
    • Liverpool rarely do things the easy way. The defensive problems last night were more down to a lack of protection from the midfield than to failings by the back 4, though Matip was guilty of some poor passes out of defence. The balance was all wrong in the first half with Ox on the left. I feel he should be used exclusively as a midfielder in future. Firmino coming on made a huge difference to our threat up front. I couldn't understand why their penalty wasn't overturned by VAR. There was clearly little or no contact. The female referee did well overall and I can understand why from her angle she gave the penalty but I'm just wondering if the VAR people didn't overturn the decision because they did not want to undermine a female referee? In the end it didn't matter and it was appropriate that Adrian should save Abraham's spot kick in the shoot out. It's great to have another trophy but I'm a bit worried as to what sort of team Klopp will be able to field against Southampton on Saturday.
      • I was a bit surprised with how quick and cohesive Chelsea were, they played through us and got in behind us a number of times. Had it not been for some good goalkeeping and last ditch defending the outcome could've been different. The one good thing is that Adrian has been pressure tested now and he didn't fall apart so I think we can have a bit more faith in him in the league games. The case of the defence is a funny one because it's not like any of the back four are having horror shows, they all just seem to be slightly off their game a bit and that makes them slip out of sync with each other, I think even Van Dijk got caught playing Giroud onside for his goal. The worry to me is that at times our defence looked a bit leggy and I don't think there'll be time for them to rest any time soon. The one thing the game proved is how pivotal to our attack Firmino is. How we are going to rest him and still have the front line function at its best must be a real headache for Klopp. I agree Ox is a better midfielder than attacker but I also think that was too fast a game to be played in attack when you're just returning from a complicated ACL injury, he probably should've been eased back into the team before playing such a high calibre game. The Chelsea penalty should never have stood but I believe the referee and VAR didn't have access to the same footage the viewers had which showed clearly there was no contact. I'm giving the officials the benefit of the doubt on this one because from their perspective a penalty was reasonable. In the end everything evened itself out with Adrian making the winning save so I'm just happy we got another trophy to keep momentum going, even if we have to put out six reserves against Southampton...
  • Ok, Firmino on the bench, Ox up front with Mane and Salah, Milner, Hendo and Fabinho in midfield with Gomez, Matip, VVD and Robbo making up the team, interesting.
  • This post came in 10 minutes ahead of Warrior’s so I guess this is the one to respond. Keita walked out of training with an injury or something, if so that’s a bit of a blow. It can’t be serious perhaps a bit of a niggle or something. Hoping we can get the game won early then haul some players off and give the bench a go as Saints are next 3 days later
  • Seems you got in just ahead of me Huytonian, haha.
    • Sorry to steal your thunder Warrior. Looks like I just nipped in front of you Fabinho like! With Keita likely ruled out this could be an opportunity for Oxlade-Chamberlain to get a game. He looked some way off his best in pre-season but he will only improve if given game time.
      • No problem Huytonian, i'm always happy to share the match blogs with you guy's.
        Surely if Kieta is out then the Ox gets a start here, we also have Wijnaldum in the wings, really good options for midfield and of course lets not forget Millie.
  • Apologies for the multi-posing of this blog. I only clicked post once, honest!
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"Well well seems like we got it all wrong with the line up. Klopp has surprised us all again"
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