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Cardiff, 21-04-19, PL (A)

CL semi final secured so now back to the fight for the Lge title and a trip to wales. Always a possible bannana skin playing a team in a relagation battle but the way we're playing right now we will have too much for cardiff.

I think Klopp will start with a midfield of Keita, Hendo and Fabinho, a mix of Holding, defence and attack, our best midfield at this time imo. I wonder will he give Gomez a start??? maybe not, on the bench no doubt so Matip will keep his starting spot for now with Arnold, VVD and Robbo, front 3 we know.


                                                   Arnold    Matip   VVD   Robbo

                                                      Hendo   Fabinho  Keita

                                                       Salah    Firmino   Mane

I'm expecting a comfortable victory here, simply too strong for Cardiff. I'm more focussed on the City v Spurs game and praying too almighty God that Spurs can at least get a draw. Best of luck RedMen.

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  • That was a hard earned result but we got it in the end. I can understand why Klopp was pissed off from a dry pitch and is it against the PL or football laws not to water it? A dry pitch can be dangerous for both teams playing on it. If this is Cardiff’s part of cheating then I hope they will get relegated.

    The penalty which was a correct call 100% without a doubt and the referee made the right decision so I wouldn’t listen to Neville and Warnock complaining that it was a 9.9 dive etc. Everton really stuffed United and I was surprised by the result and maybe it will psych them up for the forthcoming Manchester derby but I don’t expect Manure to win as the wheel has fallen off?

    Matip makes me nervous with his defending but his passing has been amazing in the last few games like there were perfect inch passes and I think he will improve in years to come. Keita has been coming along in the last few games and maybe we soon have a box-to-box player in our hands in the near future. I hope Fabinho is feeling better and I wouldn’t play him in the next game against Huddersfield.
  • An away match against physical opponents fighting for their survival and coming into the match off a good win against close rivals. Playing on a dry surface a few days after an away Champions League quarter final. How often in past seasons would this have been a match when points were lost? The only thing that let us down today was our finishing but we still found a way to collect the points. Matip isn't my favourite defender but he deserved all the praise coming his way this afternoon. I also thought Keita continued to look more of a Liverpool player and seems to better understand his role. Someone ought to tell Gary Neville that grappling your opponent is a foul. I guess he was in a bad mood after United''s result but his denying that the assault on Salah was a penalty was pathetic.

    Talking of United it is to be hoped they react against City to their performance at Goodison Park - I didn't watch the whole game but from what I saw they were a shambles.
    • United are all over the place, 100% not expecting them to do us any favours on wednesday night, instead i'm hoping for Rogers at Leicester or burnley can help us out. Convinced we'll win our last 3 games to do our part, just a crime we have to rely on other teams yet again when we were 7 clear not so long ago. We don't win the Lge there's nobody to blame but ourselves.
    • I've only managed to listen to the game on the radio so far but it sounded like another one of those games where we felt things out in the first and then made some adjustments at half time which were successful, a bit of a pattern now. Klopp said he used a diamond formation, which is rare for him, and the team practiced on a dry pitch beforehand because he knew Warnock wouldn't water the pitch. Fabinho has said he's alright after his head injury, which is a relief. We're doing everything we need to in our search for that elusive league title, it's just a shame that so are City. United on the other hand have not just gone on holiday, they're living full-time in a hippy commune in Kashmir.
  • What the heck, Fabinho is on the bench and Gini starts. Thought we were all in consensus that Fabs is always to start
  • Well, that's the first chance gone of city dropping points, hoping for manure to help us out on Wednesday night, i won't be holding my breath.
    • I've got to be honest, the Spurs game always felt to me like the last chance salloon considering how the two Manchester teams are playing. The one hope I'm holding onto is that United have lost a number of games this season and really need the points for a top four finish. Maybe the threat of Europa League football will do us a favour.
      • I feel the same mate, I really thought Spurs would at least get a draw but it wasn't to be, still a slight chance city could slip up but highly unlikely now, i feel our chance went with that Spurs result.
    • City looked like their tank was empty but unfortunately so did Spurs. If City beat United on Wednesday then that may well be decisive. Hopefully local pride will mean United will put up a fighting performance, plus they still need points to get a top 4 finish. Whatever City do it is important we keep up the momentum and win all our games.
  • It's one of those games where all the logic says we can't lose it but this is football, so they say. I think we're in a bit of a groove now though, our mindset is not as fragile as it once was, so I think we'll get the job done. The above team is what I'd go for too, it's as well-balanced as we've looked all season.
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