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Burnley, 31-08-19, PL (A)

Could be a tricky little game this but i fully expect all 3 points, would love us to start keeping some clean sheets as well. Don't have much time so i'll get straight onto my team.

Adrian will of course be between the stick with VVD and Robbo assured at the back, the other two places are tough to call as is the midfield, Matip was excellent last time out but as iv'e said before i do prefer Gomez, i think Arnold will keep his place at RB.


                                                            Arnold   Gomez   VVD   Robbo

                                                                 Hendo   Fabinho 


                                                             Salah    Firminho   Mane

This keeper is starting to remind me of Migs which is not a good thing, sooner the better Alisson is back. We should be way too strong for Burnley but as iv'e said it could be a tough afternoon for the boys. Best of luck RedMen.

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  • So happy we've kept our first clean sheet of the season, really helps to build the confidence of the back 5 so that's a big plus for me. I haven't seen the game but a good solid performance going by reports. Two points clear at the top of the tree, couldn't ask for more heading into our favourite time of the season, the bloody international break!!!!!!!!.
  • Our first 2 away games were tough especially the 2-1 victory over Southampton after we returned from the Super Cup penalty shoot-out triumph in Istanbul and very little time to prepare for that game.

    Today’s result was excellent against a well drilled defensive team such as Burnley at their home ground. Why is it we suffer injuries at Turf Moor when we play against them? I hope Henderson’s injury isn’t that serious and perhaps the gaffer took him off as a precaution.

    Klopp needs to address the friction (?) between Salah and Mane and remind those players WE play as a team with no I. I can understand Mane’s frustration over Salah for being selfish and not providing the pass. Maybe it's a good sign when Mane reacted poorly with his frustration after being substituted and it’s good to know that he has the hunger and the desire to score to win games.

    The first goal was lucky from a deflected cross which lead to an own goal and the follow up 2 were awesome strikes from Mane and Firmino. We could have won at least 6-0 but at the end of the day its 3 points and finally a clean sheet at last.

    September will be an interesting month for us since we have 5 away games and 1 at home that is Newcastle after a dreaded International break and let’s hope all our players do return home with zero injuries.
  • The chances for Robertson and Trent to put in crosses were down compared to previous games, our midfield - particularly Henderson - had more of a role in supplying crosses which was as to be expected given how Burnley play. We actually got more space than I expected around their box, usually getting through their two lines of four is like running through tar. I haven't seen it mentioned much yet but I thought Adrian in goal had a good game. There were no heart-stopping moments, he made some important saves and he was good with the ball at his feet. I don't need to say much about the goals, it's already been said, but I thought Trent had an amazingly mature game. That's one of his best defensive performances and he got the balance between defence and attack spot on, he was my man of the match. Given Mane had actually got a goal I thought his reaction was a bit excessive. Yes, Salah can be a bit selfish at times but he's also got very good assist stats for a forward. If Mane thinks Salah isn't pitching in with the goal creation then a quiet word in the dressing room or in the manager's office accompanied by Klopp is preferable, not on the pitch in front of the cameras. I know Mane is a very emotional character but once healthy competition overflows into something less desirable it affects the team dynamic.
    • Yes Adrian deserves a mention. That was the first game he has started when he did nothing rash. He also made a couple of good saves even though he was a spectator for much of the game. So far he has proved a decent number two in the absence of Alisson. Mane had cause to be upset with Salah but in the past I feel Mane has been the more selfish of the two. I'm sure it will soon be forgotten, though if it happens again between them no doubt the pundits go to town over it.
      • I can recall watching Mane play for Senegal in a match last year which they lost and Mane was in tears for some reason, he was totally inconsolable although many of his teammates tried. I can remember thinking at the time his reaction was a bit strange, the rest of the Senegal team weren't similarly affected. We don't know what's happened in his past, in his private life or what's happening in his head so I wouldn't dare make assumptions about Mane but one thing we've seen with our own eyes is that, for whatever reason, he's not the most emotionally stable of characters. If I was Klopp I'd be keeping a little closer eye on him because as we've seen with other players, such as Gazza, being so emotionally charged can have negative effects as well as positive.
  • That was a good professional performance against a Burnley side that is horrible to play against. In the past they have bullied us but I thought we did that to them today. They were never allowed to have it their own way in the physical battles which allowed our skilful players to show their class. I thought that was Trent's best game of the season particularly defensively. Also Fabinho was excellent despite not getting the benefit of the ref's decisions on a number of occasions. The highlight of the game for me was Firmino's run and pass to Mane for the second goal. He could have released the ball earlier but he waited for the ideal moment and gave it just the right weight. The pass and Mane's finish were sublime.
  • A good 3 points in the bag. But it could have been a another goal or two but for Salah not passing when it was the right option. That bothers me as it means friction between the players
  • I hate games against Burnley, the way they play seems to unsettle the way we play. I actually think they'll be more trouble for our full backs than Arsenal were, I think we'll find a lot of the space being blocked. Concentration will be a big issue, Burnley have made us pay in the pass when we've switched off. Our defence is looking sturdier so I think we can keep any concessions to a minimum and, importantly against stubborn Burnley, our attackers are looking creative in how they're getting through back lines. I wouldn't be surprised to see Shaqiri make an appearance either, surely this is the kind of game that'd suit him.
    • It's games like this where you really earn your points but then again they said Arsenal would be a big test and we farely well put them to bed. I expect us to beat Burnley, just hoping for no injuries as Gomez knows only too well what they can do, this is really my main concern here.
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I was lucky enough to spend some time with the trophies today, what a day!
Hope you guys are all well YNWA
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