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Burnley 11-07-20 PL (H)

Its quite unusual for Liverpool to play a Saturday 3 pm kick-off in the PL but to play a televised game at that time must be unique.  After their drubbing by City, Burnley have been on a good run.  I read on one site that they have nothing to play for but in fact thay have a decent chance of qualifying for the Europa League.  So this will be the usual battle that Burnley always give us.  It's very hard to predict the team because of the need to rotate with games coming thick and fast.  Players who were rested for the last game are likely to start, so Mane and Fabinho will almost certainly start.  Milner and Lovren are now fit but I would sooner see the former start than the latter.  My suggested team is:


Trent  Gomez  VVD  Robertson

Milner  Fabinho  Keita

Salah  Minamino  Mane

I guess Salah could be rested but I wouldn't like to be the person telling him he's not starting when he's after the golden boot, so I expect him to play.  I've put in Minamino.  If he doesn't start this one I don't see him starting any of the remaining three games and I would like to see how he can play the Firmino role.  Burnley have done well against lower placed teams and those around them in mid-table but have not picked up many points against the top 6.  I'm expecting a tough game but I saw a big improvement in the Brighton game.  I think we are hitting our stride (some defensive lapses aside) and I would expect another three points.


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  • Making it very difficult for ourselves to beat the points record. We should be beating the likes of Burnley, very disappointed this result.
  • A game of two halves. Ultimately, with the title wrapped up this result only really affects the points total and I don't feel Klopp is that fussed about it. The first half was good, we moved the ball around well, kept possession and created chances. In the second half we lost intensity and Burnley gained confidence, their goal wasn't that surprising when it came. Now, I know this will sound cliche, but it's in these situations when we miss Henderson the most. Had the captain been on the pitch I don't think he allows the swing in momentum in the second half. I was a bit surprised Klopp didn't put Milner on at some point after half time because it needed someone with a bit of authority on the pitch just to keep the side pressing hard. It has to be said Pope is a real talent in the Burnley goal but that was two points lost, I'm afraid. In the long run it won't really mean much but it's a little bit annoying all the same.
    • The first half was excellent except for the finishing. Likewise the first 20 minutes or so of the second. What was really disappointing was our failure to respond to Burnley's equaliser, though Salah did squander a chance he would normally put away. I agree that Henderson or Milner would have been rallying the troops and wouldn't have allowed the intensity to drop. Milner wasn't in the squad because of a minor injury.

      There were some positives. Williams looked much more comfortable on his usual right side. I thought Jones fitted into the build-up play really well. It looked like he had been playing in the team for years rather than this being his first PL start.

      We can moan about the refereeing but we should have put the match to bed before those decisions went against us. Hopefully there will be a reaction against Arsenal.
      • If we're being honest, Liverpool should've had the game wrapped up even before Burnley scored, we had enough decent chances. This is when we could do with a reliable second-string striker because it was one of those days where no-one up front seemed to have that vital extra bit of sharpness to get the ball over the line. Sometimes it needs someone whose been watching the game from the sidelines to come on and add something different to the mix. Robertson added something different in how he attacked but we can't be expecting full backs to be scoring often.
        • I think Origi has had his chance at being the player who comes off the bench to change the game. He's done it in the past but not this season. Brewster could be that player. He is very sharp in the box and against tiring defenders would pose a bigger threat than Firmino or Origi. I guess his immediate future depends on how Klopp sees his development, whether that be as a bit part player at Liverpool or getting more match time out on loan again.
          • I honestly thought Shaqiri could be that player, he's very different to the other attackers, he's direct and strong and has a great long shot. I'd love to know why that hasn't worked out, it can't all be down to injury. He seems to have the right attitude, he's a team player, I find his exile from the team baffling. I wonder if he was ever really Klopp's purchase in the first place because Klopp's never really been massively enthusiastic about him. The fact Klopp hasn't been able to incorporate Shaqiri into the matchday squad in any way has been my only real disappointment this season.
  • Big blow for hendo, I'm sure he's devastated. The team above looks very likely, Minamino simply has to get a start, I'm sure Klopp rates him highly so start him here and give him the chance to prove himself. Keita is in great form and Fabinho was excellent against Brighton, they start for me as well.
    Fully expect all 3 points, we seem to be picking up some momentum now which is ideal given we have two big games coming up which will decide whether we break city's 100 points record.
  • Salah is all fired up at the moment and there is no way he can be rested. Was very lively in the last game. Minamino has to get a game now and yes it would be interesting to see how he fares in Firmino's role. I just hope Lovren stays out of it. The early kick off suits me being 4pm my time but cannot watch the game at my local pub as they are all still closed due to lockdown rules.
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Warrior19 commented on Warrior19's blog post Newcastle, 26-07-2020, PL, (A)
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Jul 26
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