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Brighton 30-11-19 PL (H)

Final game of November and we have a storm of a December to face with congested fixtures to get through. Fabinho won’t feature in this game due to suspension which would have been fine for me but he’s out for an 8 week layout with an ankle injury against Napoli during the midweek CL match.

We have to ride this storm with his absence and the team should be against Brighton is:


TAA - Lovern – VDD - Robertson

Wijnaldum - Henderson - Oxlade Chamberlain

Salah - Firmino - Mane

I am not sure if Salah is 100% and maybe the Gaffer will put in Origi instead. I would like to put Adrian in place of Alisson because we have derby coming up next Wednesday and would be wise to rest him. Anyway, Best of Luck Redmen.

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  • Not often you see Alisson make a positional howler like that, thankfully it's just a one game suspension for a non-violent red (although he'll miss the derby against Everton). It's also not often that all of the front three have an off day, I don't think any of them played as well as they could. Thankfully Trent and van Dijk turned up to get the goals and I thought Lovren, Robertson and Ox had decent games too. I also thought Henderson did pretty good in Fabinho's role, I can recall only one instance where he got caught out of position. What worries me a little is that we went from 2-0 up and commanding the game to 2-1 and biting our finger nails. We've got to start dominating more of the 90 minutes once we're ahead, we're not going to keep getting away with letting sides back into games.
    • We were coping pretty well with their attacks until we failed to deal with that ball over the top when Alisson was red carded. After that and their goal it was a nervy ending but we defended ok. The problem was that every time we cleared they picked up the ball so their attacks were constant. I thought Henderson put in a good shift in place of Fabinho but what we missed was Fabinho's ability to break up opposition attacks with his long legs and instigate counter attacks. His positional sense is also far ahead of any of our other midfielders. Adrian had a couple of shaky moments when he came on but also did some good things. Alisson will be missed against Everton, just his presence causes opponents to panic, but Adrian has shown himself to be a capable deputy and is not lacking in confidence.
  • The first half of the game we played good and scored twice from set pieces. The second half was strange and Brighton switched tactics and got into the game where we struggled at times. We could have buried the game but our shots were cleared and saved. The referee made the right decision to have Alisson sent off for handling the ball outside the box. Adrian was preparing the wall and the referee blew the whistle quickly and they scored.

    I got the line-up correct but when I saw who was this afternoon’s referee and I said to myself that we’re in for a long 90 minutes. Their goal should have never stood but what do you expect from the referee Martin Atkinson when he blew his whistle softly and quietly which was very sneaky and our wall wasn’t prepared. It got nervy and scary after they scored and at times were in sixes and sevens. I just glad we got the three points and that matters the most.

    The Merseyside derby this coming Wednesday and get this, Martin Atkinson will be in charge of this game.
    • Atkinson won't be in charge of the Derby but I think someone said he will be in charge of VAR!!!
      • Is it Mike Riley that's in charge of it right now, could be wrong. He recently said he was happy with the way it was working in England Hahaha.
        • I think Mike Riley oversees VAR but individual refs are in charge of VAR for each game, thus Atkinson for the Derby. Incidentally I can't understand why VAR overruled the linesman yesterday for Leicester's winner when it did not overrule the offside for Firmino's goal at Villa. They both looked exactly the same to me. Maybe Firmino has deeper armpits than the Leicester player!
  • Nervy last 15 mins. Can’t blame Allison for his red. Would have gone in anyway
  • Anyone see the game, I was traveling at the time. Seems 2-1 is our favourite scoreline, so long as the 2 is on our side of the scoreboard then so be it.
  • Fabinho out till the new year is a blow but we have sufficient backup I feel. Team above should be pretty close. Goal keepers don't have much work to do during a game so rest is not usually needed unless injured.
    I'm expecting all 3 points here with hopefully a a rare cleansheet.
  • That looks the strongest team we could put out. With Fabinho out for several weeks I would play Wijnaldum in his position. Lallana has played there a few times but I would not risk him against the better teams or today with us needing to bounce back from Wednesday evening.. Fabinho being out is a big blow but it should at least give Ox and Keita opportunities to get game time while Curtis Jones is also knocking on the door having reached a higher level this season.

    Brighton are well organised and will probably play three at the back like Napoli. However they don't score too many and they have a poor record against the top teams. I would expect us to return to winning ways - a clean sheet and no need for a late winner would be nice.
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