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Brighton, 13-05-18 (H) PL

Can't believe the Lge season is over, how quickly did that go. I also can't believe that we're in a possition whereby we need at least a point here to secure 4th but that's where we find ourselves.

As always i feel the team picks itself with the exception of the RB position, i'm twixed between Arnold and Clyne but i'm going to choose Clyne as i think Klopp will start him in the CL final, so the team i expect to see is,


                             Clyne     Lovren   VVD    Robertson

                                 Milner      Hendo    Wijnaldum

                                  Salah      Firmino   Mane

Hopefully we will have a far better squad to choose from after this summers transfer window, i would hope we don't see the likes of Lovren, Karius and Wijnaldum as starters next season, i love Milner and Hendo but i think we can do better but they, along with the others, are great options to have on our bench. These players have stood us well this season and fairplay to them, they have two cup finals coming up, lets hope their all on their A game in both, best of luck RedMen.

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  • Almost the perfect end to the PL season, 4 goals, Salah staying ahead of Kane, no chances for the opposition and, most important, no new injuries. Spurs winning late on robbed us of third which would have been more than deserved. Amazing that the last 3 goals came from a player who had never scored a PL goal for Liverpool at Anfield and two who had never scored at all for the club. I was really pleased for Solanke who has been very unlucky this season. Maybe his goal and assist today will kick start his Liverpool career. I have been impressed with Wijnaldum recently. He has upped his game in the last few months and seems physically stronger than previously. The deeper role seems to suit him. One final point, Liverpool Ladies want to sign Salah's little daughter quickly. She showed ball control almost as good as her dad!
    • I was glad when Solanke scored, he'd been doing a lot of good stuff for himself and Salah all game and he deserved to get a goal this season. It was a well taken goal too. Seeing our best front three all go off substituted uninjured was a big relief. There was only one moment where it looked like we had switched off and Klopp made his feelings clear. Shame we couldn't pip Spurs to third but apart from that everything else was very positive. Bring on Real!
  • Lallana is supposedly fit now so he should play at some point, I'd prefer to seem him get a decent amount of game time before the CL final. The same goes for Clyne although I'd still like to see Alexander-Arnold play some part otherwise he'll have gone something like three weeks without playing by the time of the CL final. The players have had a week to recover so fatigue, both mental and physical, shouldn't really be an issue, they know exactly what needs to be done. As for next season, I'm less interested in shipping players out and more interested in adding to the players we've got. Our big problem towards the end of this season has been not having the numbers to draw from to cover injuries. We could get rid of this and that player but then you have to replace them and then on top of that we'd have to add more players if we want to have a greater depth of squad to avoid our current situation. That would mean a large change in personnel next season and that would contradict the work Klopp has done this season to construct a tight unit. I don't think there'll be many departures from the first team over the summer, I think Klopp has different priorities.
  • Having heard Mane was injured I was surprised to see him in yesterday's training photos. Hopefully it is a minor niggle. If he doesn't play I would pick Lallana if he is deemed fit enough to start, otherwise Solanke. I wouldn't change to a back 3 as some are suggesting. We should stick to our tried and tested system. We can discuss who should be signed and who should leave once the season is over but this is the time to get behind the players. Although some have their limitations nobody can argue that the don't give 100% in every game and they deserve our full support.
  • Looks like Mane is a doubt, shouldn't be a problem for this game but we definitely need him fit and ready for the final.
  • All those wasted drawn games are biting us now. Milner is trying hard but there is not enough creativity in midfield to fire the front 3. The team picks itself because there is nothing else to chose from. I also go along with a better gk, better partner for Virgil, will have to see what Keita gives us and last but not least a more dynamic capain who is more forward than sideways and backwards.
    • I was going to let the 'sideways and backwards' thing go (God knows I've gone on about Henderson enough on here) but after watching him play against Brighton I feel I can't let it go unchallenged. I think there is a genuine misunderstanding among many as to what Henderson is being asked to do by Klopp. Henderson isn't being asked to pass the ball about for the sake of it, if he sees a forward pass (either a short pass to a midfielder or a long diagonal to a forward) he makes it. If those passes aren't on he passes out wide to a fullback. If those passes aren't on he passes to a centreback or the keeper. The key to his game is keeping the ball moving because that's how spaces develop for his team mates and that means if he can't make a forward pass he then makes a wide pass or ultimately a backwards pass. Henderson doesn't constantly pass or bomb forward because he's not being ASKED to. What he's being asked to do is keep the play ticking over and the ball rolling so that an opportunity will open up. This is something various journalists at various Liverpool websites and newspapers have finally worked out. Here's what they've said after the Brighton match:

      'Always showing for the ball and keeping things ticking quickly through the midfield, with a few well-timed interceptions and crunching tackles to put Liverpool back on the front foot. Henderson has come in for a hefty amount of stick at times this season- often unnecessarily so- but he has stepped up his game significantly over the past few months and ends the season in a rich vein of form heading to Kiev.' - This Is Anfield website

      'Dominated midfield and dictated play, particularly during the opening quarter as the Reds probed for the opener. Has really stepped it up during the business end of the season.' - Liverpool Echo

      'It is absolutely incredible to me that he gets any stick whatsoever. He is great. Marvellous. He will win the European Cup in two weeks and have people slagging him as not being good enough to captain the club. Have a think about that, boys.' The Anfield Wrap website

      Admittedly, The Anfield Wrap have been a bit overenthusiastic at this stage saying Henderson will lift the European Cup but you get the idea what they think of him. All I will say is this - if Henderson's distribution is so negative how have our main front three players all managed to score so many goals? Henderson is not a Gerrard-esque player so Klopp isn't asking him, he's asking him to be a more intelligent player and that's fooling people into thinking he's not as effective.
      • Hendo absolutely kills me, sometimes i think we're lucky to have him, great captain and so on, other times i just don't get him. I suppose i'm on the fence with him, he stays this summer, ok but i would hope to get better in and have Hendo as a good option from the bench and i would say the same about our entire midfield to be honest, we need upgrades,especially reading now that Chamberlain could be out til november, Kieta is a great start but we need at least another 1 top class midfielder, Milner is getting on now, Lallana too injury prone and Wijnaldum too inconsistent.
        • Unless Henderson is being rested because of injury Klopp always plays him - why? I can't think of a single instance of Klopp dropping him other than because he's injured. In the two and a half seasons Klopp's been in charge he's sold a whole array of players but kept hold of Henderson - why? None of this is an accident, Klopp sees Henderson play, just like we do, and yet he still keeps him as a central element in his team. Logic dictates three things: 1) Klopp is not an idiot, if Henderson was not living up to his expectations he'd be gone by now, like Sakho, 2) The goal return this season is fantastic - could that have happened if Henderson's distribution was anything but very good? I very much doubt it, 3) We finished equal fourth, just like our league position, in terms of goals conceded, a statistic that improved greatly with the signing of VvD. Even though defensive positioning is not Henderson's strongest skill this would suggest he hasn't been a defensive liability. My point is this - no matter what we, the fans, may think there is no evidence to suggest Klopp will replace Henderson with anyone other than a player who is markedly better at what Henderson is being asked to do. If there was a player like Alonso about Henderson might be in trouble but as it is I'd be surprised to see Henderson's position taken by anyone else.
      • That could well be the case but not moving forward quickly enough also allows the opposition ample time to regroup and get enough players in front of the ball. I am just a firm believer in going forward fast to put more pressure on the defence when they stretched
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Jan 14