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Brighton, 12-01-19, PL (A)

A tad disappointing being knocked out of the FA cup but now it's all about how we react. We know Lovren, Gomez and Matip are out so i'm going to put Fabinho back there to partner VVD, he done very well there recently so i've no worries about the rest being out. Keita clearly needs game time so i'll put him in as well alongside Shaqiri and either Hendo/Milner. The usual suspects up front for sure.


                                                 Arnold    Fabinho   VVD    Robertson

                                                       Shaqiri     Hendo   Keita

                                                        Salah    Firmino   Mane

Like i said earlier, it's all about how we bounce back after two defeats in a row. I think we'll be fine here and for sure we'll bring 3 points back home, anything else would be a bit of a disaster really, simply have to win. Best of luck RedMen.

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  • Klopp was criticised for his team selection at Wolves but he has been vindicated not just by the result on Saturday but by the performance of Jones and Camacho in last night's U23 match against Brighton's U23. The experience of paying first team football looked to have taken them to a new level. The same could be said of Hoever early on, before his 22nd minute red card which was one of the worst red card decisions I have ever seen (and I've seen a few). Jones found it difficult at Wolves but he is an exceptional talent with wonderful ball control, a turn of pace and good strength. The Brighton players just couldn't get the ball off him. He also showed maturity in ushering Hoever off the field when it looked like he could get into further trouble. Don't judge him on the Wolves performance. This boy could be a huge player for us in future.
  • Am I the only one who felt more at ease watching Fabinho in defence than watching Lovren? It's probably a bit unfair to say that, on his day Lovren is a top defender, but Fabinho is just so 'no nonsense' he doesn't have you gasping like Lovren does occasionally. I still can't get over the fact we lost two defenders with broken bones and managed to come up with someone as good as Fabinho, I find this kind of good fortune unsettling.
    • It's a great feeling having a player beside VVD that you have full confidence in and i'm sure VVD, Alisson, Arnold and Robertson feel the same which makes for a brick wall for a defence. I won't be as diplomatic as you mate about Lovren, i think we'll be far better off when he leaves, he just dosen't have what it takes to be a top defender at a top club, always a mistake waiting to happen, i've always said it, him and Moreno need to be sent packing ASAP along with Mignolet and spend the money on big upgrades in these positions, do this and we'll be formidable imo.
      Sometimes misfortune works in your favour and that seems to be the case here, we've been lucky so far that injuries haven't hampered our progress as such but i dread to think of an injury to one of either two of our most important players, Alisson and VVD as imo these are the glue that binds this team together.
      • I would add Salah to the list of players we cannot do without. When it comes to partners for Van Dijk I would list them in order Gomez, Matip, Fabinho, Lovren. Lovren has played some outstanding games for us but he has a tendency to panic and do something rash whereas the others are all calm (sometimes too calm in Matip's case). I am really looking forward to the return of Gomez who was starting to look like the best English central defender since Ferdinand (Rio not Anton) before his unfortunate injury.
        • I don't think we really appreciate how important the ever-present Mane has been in the current system. The way he attacks the box is not that different to how Salah does, in terms of pace and angle, so defences can't bias their attention towards the Egyptian as they'd be leaving the door open on the other side. It's this balanced attack across the front three that prevents Salah from being overloaded, something that often happens to strikers who've had a strong season previously. I doubt Salah would have as much room to play if it wasn't for Mane's presence on the pitch. Perhaps Shaqiri could have the same effect if Mane was missing but I don't think it would be such a natural fit.
  • It wasn't a fluent performance but Brighton were never going to allow us the space to get our attacking game together. They had eleven men in their own half for much of the game even after we scored. There were many positives however. I thought Henderson and Wijnaldum did a brilliant job of winning the ball back after we had lost possession and in protecting the back 4 even if they were not particularly creative going forward. The back 4 themselves were excellent. Apart from a couple of positional lapses Fabinho looked totally at home playing in central defence and he made a great block to nullify their most dangerous chance. It was a result we needed after our mini-blip and should set the stage for a return to our pre-new year form over the next few (winnable) games.
  • Well, that was a bit on the ugly side but 3 points was got and that's what matters. We we're clearly the better team but the front 3 had another one of those off days and that's a bit of a worry. I thought Brighton defended very well, hench the 1 goal and from a pen, we pretty much dominated the whole game and created some chances but we won't get away with scrapping wins like this all the time, have to be putting those chances away.
    It was the first time this season that i feared us conceding a late goal, a throw back to the bad days but thankfully we held out.
  • That wasn't how I expected the game to go. I thought we'd be quick off the mark but it seems we were over-concerned about being hit on the break. The midfield was too conservative and the attack was too static in the first half. After the break everything seemed looser and we started to play the football we usually do. A shame it took a penalty to win it but a win's a win. I don't think it'll be the only game between now and the end of the season that is a bit of a non-event, it seems the team is focused more on not giving away points than it is entertainment.
  • I think if Matip is fit and ready he should slot in beside VVD which free's up Fabinho for the midfield to the expense of Shaqiri whom Klopp rarely starts for whatever reason, beyond me why to be honest, i'm sure he doesn't relish the super sub tag. I feel we may see a lot of Keita over these next few games which will bring out the best in him, will do him no good whatsoever getting a few minutes here and there, much rather he starts games and he gets at least an hour, how else is he going to build his confidence up, i reckon we have a gem in Keita but it's that old chestnut of getting as much game time as possible and that's down to Klopp of course and he certainly hasn't been doing him any favours in that department.
  • Brighton are a mid-table team who are strong at home and can embarrass any team that doesn't go there with the right attitude. They came near to snatching a point at Anfield so they must be respected. I'm sure the Liverpool squad will be desperate to end the mini-blip and get back to winning ways. I hear Henderson and Matip are back in training but Klopp is uncertain if they will be fit enough to start. That makes it difficult to guess the line-up. I suspect Klopp will not want both Shaqiri and Keita to start and would expect Wijnaldum to take up one of the midfield positions. I would be tempted to pick Keita. He was poor against Wolves but leaving him out would be a further blow to his already low confidence. He has enough quality to get through this poor spell and we need him to be an important player over the remainder of the season.
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