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Brighton, 02-12-17, (A) PL

One of those teams that we don't really know too much about as we haven't played them in many years but their doing very well for their first season in the prem Lge so their not to be taken lightly. Klopp has said he will be rotating so i expect a few changes for this game, onto the team.

Migs is having a bit of a rough patch at the minute, should Klopp change his mindset about only playing Karius in the CL?, maybe or should ward be given a chance, definitely imo. I'm pi**ed off now mentioning Arnold and Robertson but i will put them in my team again alongside Lovren and Matip. I think Hendo will start alongside Milner and Coutinho. Lets give Mane a rest here and start either studge or Solanke, maybe both alongside Salah seen that Salah only played 25 minutes against Stoke and also give Firmino a rest, my team for this game would be, 


                                                                                            Arnold     Klavan    Lovren   Robertson

                                                                                                    Milner    Hendo    Coutinho

                                                                                                  Salah     Sturridge   Solanke

Very rare that Studge and solanke have started together so it's unlikely here but it would give Mane and Firmino a needed rest. Although i think all players should be able to play two games a week 3 is pushing it a bit. We need to keep beating these mid table to lower table teams if we're to stay in the hunt for a CL spot so i expect a win here, best of luck RedMen.


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  • When I saw the team sheet for this game, I have to admit, I gasped a little. Trent, Can, Lovren and Robertson - hardly what you'd call a settled line-up. Then when the game started I gasped a little more because Wijnaldum had dropped into the centre backs and we were basically playing a back three. Actually, it worked really well and although we had to make some last gasp saves it was not the disaster some might've expected. What was interesting was that it meant Henderson had to play further forward and while he fumbled a bit a first he looked better and better as the game went on and he got used to playing a mainly forward-thinking role again.

    The one thing I love about our attacking quartet - Salah, Mane, Firmino and Coutinho - is that they're getting that same dynamic Suarez, Messi and Neymar had at Barce where because they're so good at passing the ball around between themselves, and they all can score goals, oppositions just don't know where the final shot is going to come from. There's no point in double marking one player because the others will just become the outlet, it's fantastic. There's a lovely goal where the ball gets passed from Salah to Coutinho to Firmino and into the net in three touches, as good as anything you'd see at Barce.

    I have rewatched the penalty decision about a dozen times and I can't work out what it was given for. Some are saying Henderson was holding a shirt but in slow motion you can clearly see Henderson is having his shirt pulled. Perhaps the ref was feeling compassionate towards Brighton as he could see them getting a mauling. In the end it was a great match with quality goals and a reminder that we're more resilient than we think.
    • Well that was a great idea of mine to give Coutinho an extended rest yesterday! Let's hope Mane reacts to his rest in the same way Coutinho did come Wednesday. Going forward we are a joy to watch especially on the counter attack. Defensively I get nervous every time the opposition approach our box. Although the win was comfortable in the end it was a good job Glenn Murray is no Harry Kane. Like Uncle I didn't see any justification for the penalty. I thought the Brighton player collided with his own man. When you see some of the pulling and pushing that goes unpunished in these situations, to point to the spot when there was so little contact was farcical.
      • I didn't realise until after the game that Wijnaldum had never played in defence before. He said in the first half he was getting help from the others defenders on what he should be doing but by the second half he felt more comfortable(!) Given the injuries/sickness Klopp didn't really have much choice but to play a makeshift defence however it's strange that he went for three centre backs - one completely untried - instead of the normal two. In the end it worked out reasonably well but it could've backfired. Sometimes I can't decide whether Klopp is a genius or a lunatic.
        • He's most certainly a bit of both, haha.
    • Only saw the last 20 mins of this game but always looked like more goals was coming
  • It's almost impossible to predict Klopp's teams these days as rotation has started early for Christmas, presumably in an attempt to forestall the January blues that we suffered last season. We know Matip is probably out but Klavan is likely to have recovered from his illness. We don't seem to be able to play the same central defensive partnership for two consecutive matches at the moment. I suspect the players rested on Wednesday will start but with the Spartak and Everton games coming up I'm wondering if someone like Coutinho will be given a further rest as his creativity will be needed not just for the following two games but against a stubborn West Brom after that.
    • Just reading about Matip now, that's him out so, if Klavan has travel'd with the team then i reckon he'll start.
      I think when/if we get VVD or another top CB in we will see a more settled CB pairing in the Lge games, we could even do with two to be honest but a good start would be one top class CB and hopefully in january.
      • There's talk of Matip being out until next year (which isn't quite as long as it sounds considering we're in December). Lovren struggles for fitness with his long term injury so we're a cats whisker away from being in trouble at centre back. If Klavan isn't recovered we will be struggling. We should never have got ourselves into this situation, will we ever learn? I didn't realise until I read it today that Klopp isn't using Robertson because he doesn't feel he is completely adapted to our style of play yet. I thought he looked pretty sound when he last played, but what do I know. It'll be interesting to see the team Klopp puts out because theoretically, with all the players he's rested, he could put a really strong team out. I'm not sure whether he will given all our fixtures.
        • I think everybody thought Robertson done well when he played, besides, how the hell are we going to know if he doesn't play him, big difference between the training ground during the week and a pitch on a saturday afternoon and from what little we've seen of him on the latter he done as well as Moreno has, mystery really.
          • Robertson is a mystery to all of us but has to feature soon as Moreno can't play every game. I think we have Gomez as cover for CB should there be a major issue
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ickyuk commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"karius is used in europe , and as we dont have a european fixture until february i imagine klopp will give him the odd game to keep him involved,"
2 hours ago
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"It was one of those games that on another night we would have snatched a 1-0 win but things didn't fall for us. Mane and Salah both had an off night, which is rare, although Firmino worked his socks off. The back line, I thought, did really well, Kl…"
5 hours ago
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"So much for a comfortable win."
6 hours ago
DBZ commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"Missing the game today but saw that we're drawing. Hopefully we break our duck in scoring late goals otherwise this is going to be another disappointing result. these freaking draws are so frustrating. We threw away points against Everton, Newcastle…"
8 hours ago
Simply Red commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"Migs out for Karius is a real surprise. Can't figure that one out"
10 hours ago
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"Arnold gets a start tonight, delighted for him, Migs dropped in favour of karius, that's a pleasant surprise, hopefully no clangers from karius, expect a comfortable win tonight."
10 hours ago
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"It looks depressing alright but fairplay to them, their having a great season so far but chances are they'll fall back of course."
20 hours ago
Warrior18 commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"For sure, we need to jump straight back above Burnley, no messing about here. We don't play bournemouth til sunday so maybe give the players a day off tomorrow, either way, our best available 11 tonight should start."
20 hours ago
Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"Again the line-up is difficult to call. West Brom like the long ball and are good on set pieces so maybe Gomez should start ahead of Trent A-A. Wijnaldum and Can were rested on Sunday so will almost certainly start as will Coutinho and Firmino. Sala…"
20 hours ago
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"I don't care who plays or how we play as long as we win, seeing Burnley ahead of us in the Champions League places is making me feel decidedly unwell."
23 hours ago
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Everton, 10-12-17 (H) PL.
"If you're walking through a busy place, a shopping centre or stadium maybe, and someone falls into you the instinctive thing to do is put you hands up to stop yourself being pushed over and you apply a small degree of pressure on the person to cushi…"
Simply Red commented on Warrior18's blog post Westbrom, 13-12-17 (H) PL
"Lovren is not my favourite player, will be interesting to see TAA at RB and Gomez at CB"
Warrior18 posted a blog post
Disappointing result against everton but a chance here to get back to winning ways. Think we'll see a more familiar lineup here albeit with the exception of Robertson keeping his place due to moreno's absence. Firmino and Coutinho to start along wit…
Huytonian commented on Warrior18's blog post Everton, 10-12-17 (H) PL.
"Having watched it again several times from different angles You have a good point but there does seem to be a slight push in my opinion, not enough to cause Calvert-Lewin to fall, but enough to give the ref a decision to make. I think it's one where…"
Uncle commented on Warrior18's blog post Everton, 10-12-17 (H) PL.
"Just a point about the penalty: Everyone's acting as if Lovren was in the wrong but take a look at the rules of the game and I think you'll find technically Calvert-Lewin should have been booked for diving. Did Lovren obstruct Calvert-Lewin? No. Did…"
DBZ commented on Warrior18's blog post Everton, 10-12-17 (H) PL.
"It was a disappointing result. In my opinion, there wasn't just one thing that caused us losing 2 points.
I think the most significant was Mane failing to pass or finish his chance before half time. Given the timing of that chance, being right befor…"