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Bournemouth, 14-04-18 (H) PL

No rest for the wicked for me, as far as i can see we have no knew injuries from the city game so i'd like to see our strongest team start, have to keep the momentum going and we still need to nail down a top4 finish. same team as against city with maybe Hendo coming in for wijnaldum.


                             Arnold    Lovren   VVD   Robertson  

                               Chamberlain   Hendo   Milner

                                 Salah     Firmino    Mane

I think Klopp may make some changes but why, this team is doing fantastic right now, it's been 3-4 days since the city game so they've had plenty of rest, keep the momentum going, keep the winning mentality and nothing can stop us, best of luck RedMen.

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  • I think one thing that's causing problems for teams is that now quality passes are coming from all three of Robertson, Henderson and Alexander-Arnold. It's getting increasingly difficult for teams to predict where the likely passes to the front three are going to come from, it could be from anywhere across the pitch, from left to right. It must be an utter nightmare to mark our players at the moment, the danger can originate from anywhere and you don't know which of our players will put the ball into the net.
    • We're so consistent now we're unrecognizable from when Klopp took over, even right up to the first half of this season, consistency was our biggest problem but something has clicked with this team and long may it continue, fantastic to see.
      • When VanDijk signed everyone (including me) was saying we won't see the best of him until he has a pre-season under his belt and also Liverpool need more than VanDijk to sort out their defence. His own performances have been everything we could have hoped for and more but even more important has been the confidence his presence has given to the rest of the team. Lovren looks a different player also Henderson. The team's extra confidence is also resulting in better game management. I think Karius also deserves some praise. I'm beginning to understand why Klopp bought him. He's a much more positive keeper than Mignolet and that also rubs off on the defence.
        • He's made a massive difference to our defence for sure and the 3 up front have pulled the rest up to the next level also. I think Kieta will have as big an impact on our midfield as VVD has on our defence, been saying this for nearly 30 years but i cannot wait for next season, HaHaHa.
          • I don't know what to make of Keita. I've watched a few Leipsig games recently and sometimes he looks world class and at others he seems to drift through games. He's certainly not the finished article and Klopp and his coaches will have to work hard to make him a Liverpool player. I guess there's nobody better than Klopp for getting the best out of players and if he can do that Keita will offer something different to our current midfielders with his bursts forwards and his ability to find that final ball.
            • I think Kieta had his heart set on a move to us last summer and then january and when it didn't happen his form dipped. I've no doubt he's an upgrade on what we already have in midfield, from what little i've seen of him admitingly, he reminds me of a Mata type who i think is a cracking little player and if he became available would like to see us go in for. I just think Kieta is looking ahead and is itching to join us and therefor Leipsig is not getting 100% from him which is normal i suppose when a player has his heart set on another club.
          • The weird thing with Liverpool is that the times I've thought next season is going to be the one when we'll sign great players and it will all come together we've always had problems. The nice thing about this season is that with the exception of VvD we haven't really tried to spend big to gain success, it's all happened through the growth and cohesion of a very cleverly put together squad. I really like the fact some of our best performers, like TAA and Robertson, cost us little collectively, their progress is more satisfying compared to buying big across the board like City. I also like the fact we have players like Klavan who look like a strange fit in our team when seen in isolation but somehow when mixed in with the rest of the players they work. Perhaps I'm an idealist but if Klopp wins something doing things the way he's doing it he'll have earned it whereas teams like City and Chelsea buy their success to some extent and where's the fun in that?
            • It's like Klopp is putting together a jigsaw, piece by piece the picture is becoming clearer. Arnold and Robertson are having great seasons but like i always say let's see if they can do it again next season, that's when you see really great players, when their consistent year in year out.
              So you rate Klavan??? I think him, Mignolet and Moreno should be the first out the door this summer, maybe i'm missing something with Klavan, i can't recall a really good performance from him when he's played, my anxiety levels go through the roof everytime him and Matip are on the pitch but i used to say the same about Lovren and look at him now, maybe Klavan and Matip will come good also.
              • To continue your analogy about the jigsaw, Klavan fills the gaps to keep the picture recognisable, when needed. It's been shown time and again that it's very difficult to keep all three or four centrebacks content when only two get to play regularly but Klavan accepts his appearances will be sporadic. Stats show that, contrary to popular beliefs, our defensive performances don't dip dramatically when he is used and that's why Klopp values him - as a stand-by centreback he is exactly the type of player managers love.
            • We need to win trophies to keep our players otherwise the big spenders will haul out their cheque books.
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