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Arsenal, 03-11-18, PL (A)

Apologies for my absence guys, ive been away on holiday. A big thanks to Hutonian for posting the match blogs.

The games between us and the gunners are normaly crackers and this should be no exception. I have to admit i'm a little worried about this fixture as arsenal are in great form so far this season while we have been winning most of our games we are not really playing well but maybe with Salah back scoring it will give the team a boost and hopefully kick start our season performance wise.

Ive just got home yesterday so still trying to catch up on whats been happening so not really up to date with the team but from what i've been reading Fabinho seems to have kick started his LFC career which is fantastic, seems Klopp has another headache now as regards our midfield. i've always been of the opinion that you start your inform players so for me Fabinho starts here and as you know i love Shaqiri so he starts also along with Wijnaldum, as far as i know Kieta is out injured. Back 5 picks itself as does the front 3 so my team would be, 


                                             Arnold    Gomez   VVD  Robertson

                                               Shaqiri    Fabinho   Wijnaldum 

                                                   Salah     Firmino   Mane 

That for me is our best team right now and i feel we'll need our best to beat arsenal or at least get a point, very hopeful for either result. Please correct me if there are any injuries that i haven't picked up on, cheers guy's, great to be back on. Best of luck RedMen.

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  • It was a hard fought battle and overall I think the result was fair. Arsenal played well and had more possession but we had the better chances. I don't recall them coming close too often which was a credit to our defence in which VVD was superb. I feel we still have another gear to reach which will only happen when Firmino gets his mojo back. Fabinho has played a couple of decent games against lesser teams but against Arsenal he was found out - too slow on the ball. Perhaps we should not be too harsh on him as he is obviously adapting to the pace of the PL. However I can't help think that had Henderson been fit we would have had a lot more control over the midfield.
    • Fabinho was played pretty much out of necessity because of injuries. I think we may have seen why Klopp was so keen to keep him back until he was more adjusted to the Premier League. To be fair though, few PL games are faster than an Arsenal/Liverpool match and this particular game was especially open, if Fabinho was going to struggle this was probably the game for it. Henderson has his faults but one thing he will do is influence the tempo of the game and buy his teammates time so matches aren't so end-to-end. It's little things like this from players that you don't really miss until they're not there doing it.
    • I agree with you about Henderson, i'm not a big fan of his but we would have had a lot more stability/control in midfield had he been available and played, Fabinho was certainly found out yesterday, definitely needs more time to adjust to the PL but i hold out hope he will become more consistent.
      Also agree about Firmino, what's going on with him, he's half the player he was last season, we badly need him to get back to top form asap, he makes it all tick up front when he is, thankfully Salah looks to be heading back to his best as is Mane so if Bobby can as well it should be happy day's soon as regards those 3 scoring for fun again. We also need Keita to get up and running, top quality player we have there so the sooner he gets going the better, we seem a little bit confused in midfield right now so Klopp needs to sort that out asap.
  • I'll take the point gladly considering they were the better team, another average performance from us and if we don't start moving up the gears very soon we're not going to keep getting away with playing like this. Too many players underperforming, how we're getting away with it i don't know but thankfully we are, for now.
    • It was a bit of a strange game to watch, I found. Either team could've won it, to be honest - we had a perfectly good goal ruled out and hit the woodwork twice while they also had a host of close chances. I never felt we got the measure of Arsenal though - in the first half we played 4-3-3, which Klopp obviously wasn't happy with, then in the second half we changed to a formation I couldn't quite work out. We somehow ended up with the majority of our decent chances falling to van Dijk which was rather weird. It was like our plans were a bit off and we were having to adjust as we went along. Milner, van Dijk, Gomez, Robertson and Alisson had good games but Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Trent and the front three weren't great, admittedly. A draw was probably the fairest outcome and a handful of players did very well to pull the rest of the team through to that result.
      • I think we're blessed to have such a stable and formidable back 5 although Arnold was pretty poor yesterday and has been more recently than he has been good so that's a slight worry but the rest have definitely saved us a lot of points so far this season, no way would we be where we are in the Lge without them.
  • I give up on Shaqiri ever being a regular starter but happy enough with the line-up.
    • It looks like Klopp has gone back to 4-3-3, contrary to what many expected. I get the feeling that against the better clubs Klopp prefers to have a more solid midfield, thus the inclusion of Milner, and he likes to have Shaqiri as a sub due to the impact he has.
      • I think Klopp should have taken Firmino off earlier and put Sturridge on, might just have grabbed all 3 points even if it would have been undeserved. Sturridge, in the main, has done really well when he's got the chance but i suppose Klopp is managing him as best he can to avoid him breaking down.
  • From what I can gather Arsenal have injury issues in both defence and midfield, and the contract situation with Ramsey seems to be souring slightly what is otherwise a bright patch for them. I agree with Huytonian in that their defence is not quite as good as the rest of their team so getting a win against them is not an impossibility. There's been much discussion in the football press over whether Klopp will be dropping the 4-3-3 for the 4-2-3-1, the latter being his preferred formation back in Germany. With Henderson and Keita injured the remaining players suit the 4-2-3-1 as Firmino can play Number Ten behind Salah while Mane and Shaqiri have proved very effective in cutting in from out wide. That leaves either Fabinho, Wijnaldum or Milner to fill the two holding roles and they are all fully capable of that. Of course, the back five doesn't really need discussing but as long as they don't do anything stupid Liverpool can realistically get a draw out of this game and if the front four are on form a win isn't out of the question. Mind you, Arsenal have got enough talent to do something special so it won't be an easy game.
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