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Firmino cleared of making racist comment

The FA has said:

Following a detailed investigation into an allegation of discriminatory conduct against Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino by Everton’s Mason Holgate, The FA can confirm that it will not be taking any disciplinary action against Firmino.

The decision

Having considered all of the available evidence, we consider it is not sufficient to raise a charge against Firmino. However, we are completely satisfied that the allegation was made in absolute good faith by Holgate and that there is no su

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Lets call a spade a spade

I'm getting really hacked of with penalties being given for the slightest touch, you can wrestle someone in the box at a corner or free kick and nothings given yet the merest touch with a boot or goalkeepers little finger and the usual suspects go down as idf they have been poleaxed.Then on football shows after they are lauded by the pundits for being clever and fooling the referee. So lets call a spade a spade its not cleverness its CHEATING.

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FA Cup quarter-final draw rigged?

Leicester v Chelsea
Manchester United v Brighton
Sheffield Wednesday or Swansea v Rochdale or Tottenham
Wigan or Manchester City v Southampton

TV looking for a global audience from the Semi-Finals and the Final with the big teams? Do Spurs play at Wembley for their Semi-Final? I hope for a Rochdale v Wigan Final.

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Dele Alli hack by Reds fan

I came across this article in our local news this morning and thought after the Spurs debacle to post it here. (Haven't tried including link to original article yet so copied and pasted). Also mentions the linesman celebration as mentioned in the match blog. Dele Alli sex-tape leaks after iCloud hack by Reds fan
08:34 06/02/2018
Cape Town - Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli has been embroiled in fresh controversy after his iCloud was hacked by an apparent Liverpool supporter with a sex-tape

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Just watched the documentary Movie Kenny online . If anyones not seen it your missing  a great insight into the man and what Liverpool means to him and his Family. I watched it on this site

Putlockers . Just make sure you have an anti virus and quickly click off advertising if they open a new tab.

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This is an article by a very good Liverpudlian sports journalist called Gareth Roberts (original article here) in which he describes what is probably the most common point of view amongst the Liverpool fanbase right now. He writes as a supporter but without the hysterics, always a good thing, and I found myself in agreement with pretty much all of it:

Liverpool are just an injury or two away from regretting their January transfer business

by Gareth Roberts

Couldn’t Jurgen Klopp and the team around

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4th PLACE?

We can all agree that City have the title wrapped up bar a highly unlikely total implosion.  So who will fill the other 3 CL positions?  Even though Arsenal are 8 points behind 4th place at the moment I'm including them.  They generally finish the season strongly.  All 5 of the candidates have shown signs of weakness recently so it's very debatable which 3 will join City in the CL  next season.  Her's my assessment for what it is worth:

MAN UNITED - They have spent a lot of money recently and hav

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Sturridge to westbrom?

Strong rumours linking sturridge with a move to the baggies, if this happens without us bringing anyone in i'll be speechless. We haven't replaced Coutinho and if Sturridge leaves we'll be even shorter on backup. I do like Solanke and have high hopes for him but what else have we got striker wise, Ings and woodburn, are we really going to be left with this for the rest of the season, yes Salah is scoring but who else is, if he gets a longterm injury we're screwed, don't quite know what to make o

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Lemar has been left out of his past two games by Monaco, i'm wondering is there something about to happen here as normally when a player is dropped during a transfer window with rumours of a move surrounding him it usually means a move is imminent. We've been heavily linked with him, 90 million is the reported price but as i've not seen much of him i can't really comment on his quality but surely any help we can get right now will only benifit us.

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Just be glad you don't support Leeds United...


This is the new badge for the rebranding of Leeds United. Fair to say it hasn't gone down well. I'm not quite sure what it's supposed to represent, maybe someone trying to clear a chesty cough or someone trying to entice a trained kestrel to land.


Leeds United have listened to their supporters and re-opened consultation on the badge. Will wonders never cease.

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Still A Red

I realize I have been quiet this season, but RA makes sitting down for any period of time something other than a joy.  But today I decided to start my Spring/Summer rant early to make up for my absence. 

1.  First the loss of Coutinho.  I hated to see the Count go, but, isn't what Barca did to us, exactly what we did to RB Leipzig?  We need to make LFC more attractive to players and they will begin to stay for their entire Premier League careers.

2.  Summer Replacements.   I think we should purcha

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What's going on with our keepers?

The situation with our goalkeepers seemed fairly settled, with Mignolet between the sticks for our league games and Karius in goal for our cup games, then before our biggest domestic league game Mignolet is dropped and told Karius will take over his responsibilities in the league from now on, or as Klopp put it...

"With goalkeepers you have to do it like this. Usually I could say it's a decision for today but if Loris now is able to perform, he will stay in the goal."

Within this short quote Klopp

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Klopp explains why Coutinho left

This will probably be my last blog on Coutinho but I think it's worth highlighting what Klopp said in the Man City press conference (it's free on the This Is Anfield website if you want to view it) as it ties up some loose ends. Klopp was surprisingly honest and this is what he said:

"There was no other option. I knew there was a moment when it would come up again in this transfer window and it came up massively. It would have been very difficult if we say – and we could have done of course with

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Keita move 'in the balance'

This is a copy of an article by Melissa Reddy (click here for original article) in which she explains the current situation between Naby Keita and Liverpool. The reason why I am including it is because she got the Coutinho transfer spot on and there are many interesting details about an early Keita move in this explanation:

Leipzig consider letting Naby Keita join Liverpool in January

While the decision is still “in the balance", the Germans are open to bringing forward the midfielder's previously

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Tommy Lawrence RIP

Very sorry to hear former Liverpool goalkeeper Tommy Lawrence had died aged 77.  He was a key member of Shankly's great 1960's team and his claim to fame was that he was the first sweeper-keeper.  Shankly encouraged him to come out of his box to tidy up opposition attacks which made a lot of sense as that team played a very high defensive line and could sometimes be caught square.  Not all fans rated him highly and Shankly was rumoured to want to replace him with Gordon Banks at one stage but th

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Coutinho's Goodbye Message

I've been waiting for this because so far we've heard at length from pretty much everyone but the man himself:

Since the moment I arrived in Liverpool , me and my family have been made to feel so welcome and have made so many friends.

On the pitch and off the pitch, we have experienced the beauty of this club and its fans. In turn, I hope I have delivered memories and moments that have brought happiness to the Liverpool supporters.

Moving to Liverpool, I knew the club’s greatness and history but wh

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Coutinho Moves To Barcelona for £142m

It's official, Coutinho is moving to Barcelona for a reported £142m deal (once personal terms and a medical are completed, which shouldn't be a problem). I can remember seeing footage of a young Coutinho, accompanied by Neymar, in which he was asked about his dream club. The reply even back then, in his early teens, was unequivocal - 'Barcelona'. Once Barcelona had made their first approach to Coutinho I felt that there would be just one eventual outcome, for the Brazilian there was only ever on

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So he is gone

The Count is on his way Very sad news for us but he has his dream move happening. Who can resist Spain Barcelona and the great weather. Some clubs have too much money which doesn't level the playing fields
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Some surprising statistics...

Liverpool 2013/14 after 20 games:

- scored: 46

- conceded: 23

- points: 39

- position: 4th

- points off top: 6

Liverpool 2017/18 after 20 games:

- scored: 46

- conceded: 23

- points: 38

- position: 4th

- points off top: 20

Liverpool have had a virtually identical season, statistically, to the one where we still could've won the league on the final day (although it was unlikely, admittedly). The obvious difference, however, is how far the leader was ahead at this point. Manchester City have been exceptional

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