I thought I would add a World Cup thread to the site so we can comment on the action and in particular on the performance of those Liverpool players who are participating and those with whom we are linked.  So far it has been an enjoyable competition with some stunning goals and at least one brilliant game,Spain v Prtugal (or should that be Spain v Ronaldo)  I thought Lovren had a very solid first game for Croatia though Nigeria were poor and hardly tested him.  Henderson continued his good club form against Tunisia and has hopefully cemented his place in the England team,ahead of the more defensively mnded Dier. Stirling was very frustrating in that game as were Lingard and Alli.  There was lots of good build up play but you wonder if anyone other than Harry Kane is ever likely to score.

England's win should ensure they progress from the group but some of the fancied nations have a lot to do including surprisingly Germany.  I missed the first half of their game but I gather Mexico were brilliant for 45 minutes.  They certainly defended well in second half and could be the surprise package..  Brazil also struggled against Switzerland after Coutinho's trademark strike.  I was watching Shakheri with whom we have been linked.  I think he's too lazy to play for Liverpool even though he is talented.  He worked a bit harder than usual in that game but Klopp would not tolerte a player who ambles back after possession has been lost.

I'm totally confused about VAR.  I though it was working reasonably well until the England match.  In the previous game Sweden were correctly awarded a penalty through VAR but VAR failed to give England two penalties that were blatent and I am at a loss as to why.  

There is strong Liverpool interest today with Mane and Salah likely to feature for Senegal and Egypt.  Let's hope they perform well and stay free of injury.  There is a possibility of England meeting Sengal if both teams progress to the first knock out round.

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  • Loving all the footie, spain v portugal was a cracker, thought japan were excellent in beating colombia, especially in the 2nd half, great performance.

    Salahs injury is a worry although it has only been a few weeks and it clearly showed, kinda glad egypt are out, unofficialy, we need to get him 100% fit and ready for the new season, so while i'm disappointed for him on a more selfish note i'm happy.

    England should qualify comfortably, whether that's top spot or 2nd time will tell but i feel they'd struggle without kane, who else would score the goals, for there sake he'd better stay fit.

    VAR has been a bit hit and miss so far but i am in favour of it, it does need to be quicker though, it does break the momentum in some games but overall i think it's working well so far.

  • The second round of matches have been a bit boring with few goals until tonight's game when Croatia beat Argentina 3-0.  I read Lovren was looking forward to comng up against Messi having recently played against Ronaldo and Naymar but Messi rarely went near him.  I thought Lovren had another strong game but as so often he had a couple of shaky moments - not as shaky as Willi Cabellero though whose error for Croatia's opener was on a par with Karius's first howler.  I've been looking out for Fekir with the possibility that he may yet come to Anfield but he has been brought on too late in France's games to make an impact.

    Salah coming home early is a shame for him but given his injury he needs time to recover and hopefully play a part in our pre-season.  We cannot rely on him getting 40+ goals again next season so a capable back up is essential for him and Mane in my view.


  • I've never been a fan of Shaqiri but have to admit he played a good game and scored a great winner against Serbia.  Although he's been linked with Liverpool I can't see Klopp being interested as he doesn't have the work ethic required.  We seem to be entering the silly season for transfer rumours with a reported £148 million bid for Acencio of Real Madrid and links with half the keepers at home and in Europe.  My one hope is that we don't buy someone on the strength of their World Cup performances which can be a flash in the pan.  I don't think this will happen with Klopp and our recruitment team who really do their homework before signing a player.

    • Really can't see Klopp going for Shaqiri, i watched him closely so far and his work rate is zero, when he loses the ball he simply stops, never tracks back and just wanders around until the ball is passed to him again. He has talent, no doubt but his lack of work rate could see him miss ouit on a chance to join us, i will be very very surprised if this transfer happens.

      FSG spend 148 on a player, i've a better chance of winning the lottery, most ridicoulous transfer story so far this season.

      No way will Klopp go for a player on just his world cup showing, he'll already have his targets long before the world cup started, he's a wise fella is our Klopp, i'm sure he'll get things right this summer.

  • I think it's been a really interesting World Cup so far with many of the old superpowers either being slow starters or in a state of transition. Argentina and Germany have been shockingly poor at times but I've a feeling they'll hang on in there. Brazil look like they're picking up momentum after a mediocre start and are looking more convincing. Spain and Portugal seem to have hit the ground running.

    A number of teams have impressed me with how they've progressed since previous tournaments - Mexico, Senegal, Nigeria, Croatia - so the knockout stages look to be very competitive.

    England have been refreshing, although having only played Tunisia and Panama it's hard to gauge how well we're really doing. The passing play has been very positive but I have my doubts the defence can stay switched on for ninety minutes. I fear what will happen when we're up against strong opposition in a close tie, letting a single goal slip could be fatal.

    Henderson has been comfortingly commanding in midfield. I don't think he realises he's not captain, he's constantly shouting and pointing to his teammates, he and Kane teaming up like Carragher and Gerrard. I've been surprised by the level of support for Henderson from England fans, I thought he'd be a bit of a whipping boy, attracting criticism for the team's failings, but their seems to be a gradual appreciation for what he brings to the team. I only hope is he doesn't make a howler now.

    Lovren has been very strong, on the whole, and it's been interesting watching Mane play in a deeper number ten role, he's demonstrated how versatile he is. Firmino has become more influential as the tournament has gone on and it's been encouraging seeing how central to their teams the Liverpool players have become.

  • Sad to see Salah playing in such a poor Egyptian team.  They deserved to lose to Saudi.  He scored a nice goal though and we must hope he regains full fitness before the start of next season.  Mane also scored, rather fortuitously, for Senegal, but at least he was in the right place at the right time.  I can't understand why he is playing so deep for Senegal.  It gives him little chance to use his pace.  Henderson had another good game for England against Panama but I was disappointed Trent A-A wasn't given a chance when Trippiar went off.  If ever there was an ideal opportunity to give the lad game time that was it.  

  • Two brilliant games yesterday.  Mbappe is getting all the headlines and rightly so but I thought Cavani was just as good.  Suarez is still outstanding.  You cannot keep your eyes off him.  You never know when he will do something brilliant or something bad.  The rumour is that Fekir may still come to Anfield.  I was looking forward to seeing him in this tournament but its hard to get an opinion of him when he only comes on as a late sub.  Henderson should return for England on Tuesday in place of the dire Dier.  I thought Trent did well against Belgium but Trippier excelled in the first two games and will surely return.  Overall the tournament has been great to watch so far.  Definitely one of the best for many years.

    • Cracking games yesterday, whilst being delighted for ronaldo i was disappointed for Messi, he really didn't look himself since the start of the tourament, sad end to his world cup career.

      Hard to believe Mbappe is only 19, he looks a seasoned campagner already, going to be a big star if he can keep improving.Suarez looks overweight to me, has definitely slowed down and what about the play acting yesterday, he stayed on the ground holding his head for a long time and he wasn't touched as the replay showed, hated that side of his game when he was with us but still love the guy.

      I've read also about the Fekir transfer being back on, not so sure about it now to be honest, too much BS surrounding it and the fact he was only used as a sub so far at the world cup suggests he's either not fully fit or not good enough for a starting spot, if it's the former should that ring alarm bells as regards his knee injury? if the latter then i don't think he'd be an upgrade on what we have already, time will tell i suppose.

      Agree it's been a great tourament so far, just watching the pen shootout with spain and russia, love a pen shootout me, haha.

  • First Germany then Argentina then Portugal and now Spain, who is next

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