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Two blogs in three days - going for a record.  If or when Can leaves for a more pleasant clime, LFC  will be in need of a defensive midfielder.  Someone who can break up enemy forays into our final third,  excellent passer to the front three to initiate attacks, and has a cannon of a right foot.  I realize half (if not all) of you will think I'm going crazy, but why not Jonjo Shelvy?  He seems to have found his mojo at Newcastle and already knows what is expected of him at Liverpool.  Talk about bossing the midfield, I would love to see him take on Pogba for LFC.  I know, I'm a Jonjo admirer, have been since BR's days.  But if Klopp can examine the player he is now, and not find him wanting, I would love to see Shelvy in red next season!  I realize that this might not be the most popular suggestion, but if we really think about this, he could be a great addition to the team, with the ability to improve. And cheap too!  Mull it over (over a pint or two)....   YNWA!

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  • Not a bad shout tbh. He's got vision with his passing but his consistency would be a concern.  To bring him in as a player for the squad would be great but not sure he'd be happy with a squad role.

    • I did mention Klopp running the rule over him but he still might be inconsistent and a bit flaky.  Just a wish.

  • Not for me thanks, don't think he will fit in at all anyway. Wasn't he one of Klopp`s early discards ?

  • Not an upgrade Sage, far from it, we'd be going backwards. Shelvy is a fruitcake and will never grow up, best left in our history book mate.

    • Just believe Jonjo has not found he right manager to reach his full potential.  However, he might require more time to fix than Klopp can afford. God but I'd love to watch a match between MU and LFC with him as DM up against Pogba. I'd tape it and watch it every day!

  • Shelvey's got a great eye for a pass and a tackle but his mentality has always let him down, it's probably why he isn't at Liverpool now.

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