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The current transfer season has been a weird one because of the World Cup.  However, I do have somethings to say (surprise) on was has occrued so far.  Like many LFC supporters, I do nt like the idea of XS being given a red shirt and is now a member of our beloved team.  I do not understand the thinking behind signing this 'bargain' in this transfer market.  Have watched, and analyzed Xherdan Shagiri's play over the last few seasons and I just do not believe he has the quality or temperment to be a Liverpool FC player.  As for the Fekir circle jerk, just finalize the deal and proceed on with the acquisitions.  Going head to head with the Lyon Pres. and proving we can be as big a jerk as he can, is counter productive in the long run.  Scary last few months for me.  Missed you all a lot and wondered if I  would ever blog again.  Well, I'm back  and I do not walk alone.

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  • Hello Sage, hope your doing well my friend.

    Have to say, i'm surprised your against the signing of Shaqiri, i think he's an excellent addition to our bench and at 13mill a no-brainer really. He's got a cracking left foot, can split defences with a pass, which he does regarlarly, is very quick and skillful. Although not as good as Hazard he reminds me of him so i think he's a great addition and if he takes his chances and does well he has the potential to become a first teamer in my opinion.

    I'm a bit wary about Fekir to be honest, i can smell another sturridge situation as regards injuries. His knee problem "could" be a bigger issue than we think and if we don't sign him maybe we could dodge a bullett there, time will tell but if there's no issue there i agree with you, lets cut the bull and get him signed up.

  • I posted earlier in the summer that I'd be amazed if Liverpool went for Shaqiri as he didn't look like a Klopp player - too lazy.  However, I had no idea at the time that he was available for £13 million.  He certainly has the  potential if Klop can get his workrate (particularly his tracking back) improved.  We desperately needed cover for our wide forwards and if he works hard he can fulfil that function.  I for one am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.  With regards to Fekir I suspect another bid will be made.  If Liverpool had dropped all interest surely we would have been linked with alternatives which hasn't happened.

    • I said the very same about Shaqiri, too lazy and not suited to Klopps style of play but is a cracking little player nonetheless, for 13mill he has to be worth the gamble, PL and CL  experience, it's a no-brainer really, like you i'm very willing to give him a chance, i honestly don't think he'll disappoint.

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