Sturridge to westbrom?

Strong rumours linking sturridge with a move to the baggies, if this happens without us bringing anyone in i'll be speechless. We haven't replaced Coutinho and if Sturridge leaves we'll be even shorter on backup. I do like Solanke and have high hopes for him but what else have we got striker wise, Ings and woodburn, are we really going to be left with this for the rest of the season, yes Salah is scoring but who else is, if he gets a longterm injury we're screwed, don't quite know what to make of whats going on at the club right now, both on and off the pitch.

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  • It's one thing for Sturridge to leave for Inter, it's another for him to leave for West Brom. It seems he just wants playing time anywhere so that he'll be in contention for what will probably be his last World Cup.

    We knew Sturridge leaving could be a possibility but to not bring in any seasoned attacking replacement, on the back of Coutinho leaving as well, just seems a massive risk. What I find bemusing is that it can't have come as a shock to Klopp that these players would look to leave at this point for various reasons. Is it the case that LFC is not willing to pay for replacements, is not able to attract and secure replacements or simply doesn't believe it needs replacements? Either way, should Sturridge's transfer go through, we suddenly look short going into the business end of the season.

  • The first half of the season was challenging but come January, we signed VvD, were 5 points clear of Arsenal and 2 or 3 ahead of Spurs with Utd and Chelsea in our sights to fight for a 2nd place finish.  We beat Burnley, Everton and City and there was hope.  Sanchez and Mkhitaryan swapped clubs, we lost to Swansea then out of the FA Cup, Aubamayeng is going to Arsenal, Spurs are signing Lucas Moura but we're losing players.  How it all changes in 2 weeks....

  • skysportswestbromdanielsturridgewba_4217705.jpg?width=721Well, that's that then.

    • Wish him all the best. Can't fault him for wanting to leave when he wasn't getting gametime when he was fit for a while. He's thigh injury came at the wrong time when I'm sure he would've got gametime.  Hopefully helps us by he firing WBA to a win against Chelsea, Utd and Spurs when they face off later in the season.  On our side, it looks like we are going to rely on Firmino, Ings and Solanke. All I can say is that I'm going to wait till end of the season and see if Klopp's decision was correct or not. At the moment it's unfathomable how we're going to improve on the results first half of the season and go for a strong finish.

    • Don't be surprised if he starts scoring for fun for the baggies, he'll have a renewed zest for football now and what a game for him to start than against city tommorow night at the ethiad, you just know he's going to score.

  • So, now our front line is Salah, Firmino and Mane with Ings, Solanke and Woodburn as backup. We know Klopp's style of playing is quite attritional, as is English football in general, so injuries are not unlikely. A couple of things worry me: 1) Do we realistically have the number of attackers needed until the end of the season, and 2) The backup attackers are all reasonably young, should we expect them to be starters game after game if needs be or to come on as an impact sub in a pressured situation? Let's say, for argument's sake, we got to the CL final and those six players were our options - how would we compare against one of our likely opponents? Instead of winding up to fight for honours in the final stage of the season it feels like we're winding down, hoping to make it to the end without major damage. There seems to be a little too much hope over logic for my liking.

    • I wonder whether Klopp's thinking Ox could act as cover for the wide attackers (as perhaps Lallana could at a push) and Henderson can play in one of the attacking midfield positions if needed. It's not ideal but could work in the shortterm.

    • Milner could also fill a gap anywhere in midfield or the wing as well.

  • No signings is hardly a surprise.  If Klopp cannot get the players he wants (Lemar, Keita) then he will rely on those already at the club.  I'm a bit surprised at him letting Sturridge go but perhaps his patience with his injury problems has simply run out.  I share everyone's anxieties about possible injuries up front.  I was a bit surprised he allowed both Ojo and Kent to go on loan as one of them would have been useful cover for our wide men and incidentally Woodburn is being used as a midfielder in the U23's and this is most likely his future position not as an attacker.

    • Lucas Moura and Mitchi Batshauyi/Olivier Giroud would be helpful to our squad and could be signed at reasonable prices.  I know Naby Keita is coming in the summer but we need a top defensive midfielder. What hurts for me the most is that the club knew back in Sept/Oct that Coutinho would be sold and no other players were scouted or identified to come in.

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