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Latest outbursts from Stokes and Arsenal camps suggest both dressing room and fans' discontent with big names not pulling their weight in their club's relegation and downward spiral battles. Names like Shaqiri, Ozil and Sanchez come to mind; "disappear from games", "goes missing" are all too often heard in post-game comments. Let's hope we see a very different and motivated Shaqiri in the LFC red jersey!!

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  • For sure Ozil and Sanchez form definitely dipped as they clearly wanted out but Shaqiri was stokes best player last season, imo, he was at a club that was beneath his talent. He's at a big club now so let's see just how talented he is, i don't think he'll disappoint.

  • I watched several of Stoke's games towards the end of last season and Shaqiri was the one hope they had of avoiding relegation.  Certainly you could see he was very frustrated with his team-mates at times but no way was he not trying.  My criticism of him has been his lack of tracking back, but he was better in this respect in the World Cup and he won't get away with laziness under Klopp.

  • I have faith in Klopp`s judgement when it comes to new signings. I think Ox surprised most of us his performances compared to his Arsenal days so the Shaqiri acquisition could be another bold move for the price. At least we have a world class keeper now so that's another tick off the list

  • Don't be fooled by Klopp's reputation on transfers.  I supervised over 500 troops and took orders from a bunch of different people in my career.  Some human traits are permanent no matter what the group ethic seems to be!  Lazy is lazy, a brat is s brat, a bully is a bully,, me first is always me first and a criminal is a criminal.  Those traits come to the fore no matter what the group credo is.  It's just a matter of time before his true flaws emerge.  Aways!

  • Shaqiri had a helluva debut and got Man of the match too It looks promising

    • Looks impactful to start with; let's hope we see a different power-packed Shaq than what Stokes struggled with last season!

    • I don't think Shaqiri gave a 100% to stoke to be honest due to the lack of quality around him. He was clearly stokes best player and whether rightly or wrongly he probably felt deflated at times due to that lack of quality around him. He's now surrounded by quality and i feel we'll definitly see a far better player next season, i know he can be a bit lazy as in his defensive work but Klopp will sort that out no doubt. I don't think Shaqiri will dissapoint us.

  • Shaqiri has almost won me over.  If he can perform in competitive games the way he did against United he will fully win me over.  I got the impression he was far more suited to Liverpool's passing game than Stoke's more direct approach.  The way he knit the play after only 4 days training with the team was very impressive, and these were not our first choice forwards.  With the likes of Mane, Salah, Firmino and Keita alongside him he has the opportunity to rise to another level.

    • Shaqiri has a similar quality to Ronaldo (hear me out) as in he wants to finish the game as the best player on the pitch, the one everyone is talking about. That means it's almost as if he's in competition with his team mates (not in a bad way, of course) as well as the other team. At Stoke he was probably the most naturally gifted player and there wasn't much of a challenge coming from his team mates for positive attention. At Liverpool, however, it's a completely different story. He'll be battling with the majority of the team for plaudits. He can't do a bicycle kick every week to catch attention so he'll have to stand out in more conventional ways. If Shaqiri raises his game it could well push up the standard throughout the side as although the likes of Mane, Firmino and Salah are all nice guys their professional pride will still be pricked.

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