So, how do we feel about the quarterfinal draw?

The two teams I wanted to avoid at the quarterfinal stage were Juventus and Barcelona, basically because Ronaldo and Messi were in top form during the previous round and while it's possible to outplay great teams it's much harder to outplay great teams with genius players. Thankfully, we've dodged those two particular bullets and have been drawn against our old rivals, Porto. Klopp's reaction was rather luke warm and I don't think that was just politeness. Liverpool convincingly beat Porto the last time we met and it will be pretty much the same squad that plays them again this time, Klopp will be all too aware of the risk of subconscious complacency, especially in the home leg. Porto won't need any extra motivation to get Liverpool back, they'll be dying to knock us out so we have to treat this game like it's against Juventus or Barcelona. Speaking of which, if we get to the semifinal we could be up against Barcelona should they knock out United, which is by no means certain. When down to the last eight teams none are going to be easy opponents but we've at least dodged the biggest names. A semifinal appearance for Liverpool is a distinct possibility.

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  • I wanted to avoid a team with great wingers with Robertson suspended for the first leg.  I understand that Porto play 4-4-2 and there's no out and out winger in that system.  Klopp is right to sound cautious.  Porto cannot be as bad a team as we made them look last season.  They've just beaten Roma and will surely be out for revenge.  However they couldn't score against us last season even with Karius in goal so they are going to have an uphill task this season with Alisson in goal and VanDijk now fully settled in.  Its probably the best draw we could have hoped for and barring complacency and a huge dose of bad luck we should make the semis.

    • Since we last played Porto we've adopted a more pragmatic style, not so free-flowing, so it's not like they'll know exactly what to expect. On paper, we should have enough to beat them but knock-out competitions can always throw up freak results so I'm not counting any chickens. I'm still a bit nervous of Moreno making an appearance (not just that he might have one of his moments but also that he's been out of the team for so long). Klopp is usually pretty fair with his backup players, playing them if there's an injury to a first teamer, but can he really throw Moreno in for such an important match? I hope not.

  • My attitude is at this stage of the comp all teams are there on merit so there won't be any easy games from now on. Porto was definitly the easier draw, on paper at least so we done well in that sense but they have a big insentive to up their game against us so it won't be easy, having said that i fully expect us to go through and i also expect us to meet Barca in the semi, how's that for a mouth watering tie. I expect City and Juve to go through as well and that makes for a similar mouth watering tie, can't wait for the quarter and semi games.

    • That would be my guess for the semifinals too, but like you say anyone who reaches this stage of the competition has a chance.

    • Spurs form in the CL has been excellent so they could overturn City but if i was to put money on it i would still opt for City. The other 3 ties i think ourselves, Barca and Juve will just about have too much for our opponets but of course anything can happen at this stage.

  • Yes it's the last 8 and I wouldn't take advantage of Porto either and it's up to us to get it right to qualify for the semi-finals. I am glad corrupted Real Madrid were hammered in the second leg in the hands of Ajax. 

  • I don’t usually watch other teams play but this time round will try and watch all the games especially with 4 English teams involved. Seems like the draw has favoured Liverpool and if we get past Porto would rather play Barca than foes manure.  

  • So how do you guys feel about facing Barca, Klopp seems to relish it. I think Ajax will make it

    • We've got a better chance against this Barcelona team than those of previous seasons. Suarez and Coutinho aren't exactly in top form so that's a major part of their attack that can at least be considered beatable. With the exception of Messi there aren't really any Barcelona players that strike the fear of God into me, they're all very good, don't get me wrong, but at one time you'd look at their team sheet and start praying for divine intervention. The problem when you're up against a genius like Messi, though, is that they make up for the shortcomings of many of the players around them. I believe if we can shut Messi out of the game we've got a fighting chance of beating them given how good we're playing at the moment, it's a tough ask but it's possible. As for the other semi-final, I'm a bit nervous about Ajax because they've got a 2005 Liverpool feel about them - young, energetic underdogs. I wouldn't be surprised if they were in the final and if we managed to join them I think it'd be a very hard game.

    • Semi final line-up is a big surprise with juve and city going out. This Ajax team looks fantastic right now and have a great chance of winning it imo, much like ourselves. Spurs have done remakable to make the semi's and could be a dark horse but i do expect Ajax to beat them. I feel it's slightly in our favour to beat Barca albeit it'll be very close, they've got Messi on fire right now so like you say, we nullifi him and we have a great chance, Ajax v pool in the final and what a game that would be.

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