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Looks as if we are stuck with Lovren at CB for at least 6 weeks.  Who would have thought that we would need more support at that position a few weeks ago?  If appears that VVD might be the only senior CB available if one more goes down to injury.  Gomez is going to have to have his appearences monitored for a while, Matip is physically unreliable, and Lovern is just unreliable perood.  I'm not a manager, but that sounds like a CB crisis to me.  We need another CB body in ASAP!  Any ideas for a January addition to our back line?  I can't think of anyone who is available (and adequate) that we can get to come on board.  Other than that,we are in a great position entering the Christmas madness.  Oh by the way, I'm back and healthy (relative to other old freaks).  YNWA!

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  • It's not ideal but we do have Milner and Fabinho who can play at the back. Matip, to my pleasant surprise, was excellent in the last 2 games and Lovren has been above his usual poor standard also so maybe playing alongside VVD has brought their game onto the next level, also having a keeper as good as Alisson behind you inspires confidence so i don't think it looks as bad as it might at first.

    Great to hear you're doing well Sage, long may it continue.

  • If, as is being predicted, Gomez and Matip are back by mid-January there would be no need to bring anyone in in the transfer window.  It would only be necessary if there was a long-term injury to one of our central defenders.  As Warrior says Fabinho and Milner can cover for Trent but there is also Clyne who is back in training.  I know he's not spectacular but he has always been reliable which is the first requirement.  Like Warrior I was pleasantly surprised by how well Matip has played these last 3 games and it is a shame he is now out as I rate him above Lovren.  Maybe playing alongside VVD and with Alisson behind makes any defender a better player.

    • I'm just reading the news about Matip, holy cow, injuries are starting to pile up and the timing couldn't be worse, not that there's ever a good time. it's a blow as he was really coming into some good form at a crucial time of the season but even with him and Gomez out for the xmas period i think we'll be ok, there seems to be a great fighting spirit in the team now so i expect them to pull together and get through this period as best they can and hopefully that means little to no dropped points.

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