• It's facinating stuff but i'll never be a fan of zonal marking, call me old school but i'd much rather man marking, i just feel it's far more effective.

  • Fascinating and educational video. Thanks Uncle. The old 'sneak behind goal' is always a danger. Defenders should always look everywhere especially behind them! We also need to get more physical in defending corners especially with a Fellaini or Andy Carroll in the fold! One other thing I noticed is our clearance. I'd rather balls are cleared way back to the opponent's know give it a good kick or head the ball all the way back!  More often than not the ball is cleared a short distance to the opponent who comes back attacking. Just watched the Chelsea vs Manure game, after watching us beat West Ham 4-1, which finished 1-0 and Chelsea's commitment is admirable. Players not allowing the ball to go out of play for throw-ins preferring to continue play. Non-stop running and busting up Manure's defense. Rushing to get the ball back into play as soon as it gets out of field. Morata running all the way back defending and then all the way to final third. Its not easy breaking the Mourinho bus! Conte is way up there with Klopp in getting players to play at their best, but of course both have different styles. Would love to see a good old Liverpool vs Chelsea match!

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