With Liverpool kicking off their pre-season yesterday with a 7-0 win over 6th tier Chester I thought I would post a pre-season thread, though at some stage when we come up against more serious opposition someone (Warrior?) may wish to start a blog around a particular game.  The first half team had a bit of a struggle to find any rhythm.  Harry Wilson's two goals were well taken and his movement was good.  Curtis Jones was impressive and payed a lovely pass for Wilson's second.  Fabinho hit the post but was a bit hit and miss.  Clyne and Gomez looked to be back to full fitness which was good news.

The second half team played a lot better though Chester were tiring by then and used several second string substitutes.  Sturridge looked sharp but there again he often starts pre-season like that before picking up another injury.  I was impressed by Naby Keita who looks a player who will fit well into Klopp's systems.  

These games are little more than glorified training sessions for the experienced players but for the youngsters and the new players they are a chance to catch the manager's eye.  I think Wilson. Jones and Keita will have impressed him.

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  • Looking around some other sites i cannot believe some people are asking has Sturridge turned a corner just because he scored two against Chester, some people never learn, i'll say no more on that.

    Great to hear Gomez and Clyne are back to full fitness, Arnold needs competition and so does Lovren. I'm praying Gomez has a cracking pre-season at CB which may lead to him displacing the mistake in waiting Lovren. Very happy with Arnold at RB but clyne back fully fit is great news as Klopp can rotate there and the quality won't be affected.

    A lot of talk about Wilson and will Klopp give him a proper chance this season, he's 21 now so he needs to start getting more 1st team game time in order to progress, needs to continue this early pre-season form to stand a chance.

    I can see Kieta having the same impact as Mane, Firmino and Salah have had last season, i feel it's a hand in glove situation and he'll be perfect in Klopps system.

    Really looking forward to the bigger games, especially against the two manc teams, they most certainly will not be friendlies.

  • Gomez had little to do at Chester so its too early to judge him.  Wilson took his chances well and his movement was good but his general play was a bit sloppy so he needs to improve in that area if he wants to play a part in the coming season.  Keita looked a class act even allowing for the poor opposition and he will surely be a big player for us.  Not so sure about Fabinho but he will have plenty of opportunities to settle in over the coming games.  One minute he too looked a class act but the next he was careless.

  • That was a mixed bag of a performance against Tranmere, with the first half team excellent and the second half team pretty awful.  Lallana and Fabinho ran the show in the first half.  There were good performances from Ojo and Camacho who both scored, while Keita had a quieter game than on Saturday and was the subject of some poor challenges.  There were no real standout performances for the second half team but Sturridge looked sharp playing as a number 10 behind Origi who looked anything but sharp.  Klopp has a big decision to make on Karius who fumbled a free-kick for Tranmere's first goal.  Ward on the other hand made one outstanding save from a miss-hit shot and looked the more confident of the two.

  • Nice to read your comments on the pre-season guys as am not picking up anything this side as yet with the world cup. Keep it coming thanks

  • That was a limp performance against Bury yesterday.  The first half team was the more experienced of the two Klopp put out but the outstanding player was 17 year old Curtis Jones.  The second half team was a young one in the main.  I know it is all about conditioning at the moment but the four strikers we have used to date have not impressed.  Sturridge has looked the liveliest and seems sharper than for some time but even he couldn't threaten the Bury goal.  I'm just a little worried that a long term injury to Firmino could bring a premature end to our hopes for the coming season.

    • I know it's pre-season and these games are all about building up fitness levels but i'm all for building a winning mentality as well. We've got some big games coming up in america and it would be great to go there after winning and scoring for fun in england but that's not to be now, bit disappointed i must say but of course we'll see what will most likely be our starting 11 in america next season.

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