LFC plan 85M Dembele bid?!

The dailies are rife with rumours that Reds are planning an audacious GBP85 million bid for Ousmane Dembele from Barca. While the need for a creative, offensive midfielder is an obvious gap to close for LFC since the parting of Gerrard and Coutinho, this club record bid is clearly raising eye-brows. Is Dembele worth 85M or will Fekir on a pay for play basis represent better value? Reds obviously don't need a repeat of dud panic buys of the likes of Andy Carroll and Balotelli.

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  • I'm not sure a creative midfielder should be our priority.  Shaqiri is doing a pretty good job there and we have Oxlade-Chamberlain to come back next season.  Also Keita can play as the link betweeen attack and midfield.  For me the priority is another goalscoring wide player to cover any injury to Mane and Salah.  I haven't seen much of Dembele who I gather can play wide but is he better than Pulasic who may have the better temprement?  I think the Fekir deal is dead and very unlikely to be resurrected.  Whoever we go for I wouldn't expect any moves until next summer as I get the impression Klopp is pretty happy with his current squad.

  • I think the midfield is one area where we're really covered, Dembele would be a big signing and so would Pulasic but we're still trying to bed in the likes of Fabinho and Keita and lets not forget we have the Ox to come back as well so for me we've no need to be blowing the best part of 100mil on a midfielder. I'd rather see us get some quality backup for Robertson and Alisson, i reckon Moreno could be gone in january or definitely next summer and we need a better quality number 2 keeper than Migs so let's spend that money on those two positions, far more important than a midfielder imo.

    • I hear Ox is back training and so should be eligible for some games before/by X'mas?!

    • Will be great to see him back but i don't think he'll be coming straight back into this team, he will most likely be a bit part player for the remainder of this season and then maybe fight for a starting place like most of the other's, only a handful of guaranteed starters now.

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