Letting Talent Go Permanently

Liverpool has been a great about letting talented youngsters go permamently to another team if they have no real chance at first team futbol.  Yet in the cases of Grujic, Wilson and maybe Woodburn, we may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater!  Our midfield seems crowded at the moment, with little chance for the youngsters to get playing time.  But that same midfield will begin to look a little old in a few years (and I know about OLD) and the team will begin to look for replacements.  Why discard today, what you will need in a few years.   Our transfer policy is supposed to be forward looking so we shouild be thinking of ways to develop one or more of the three midfielders rather than selling then for 10M now, and needing to buy a semi-finished product in a few years that sets us back 60M.  Marko Grujic is wanted by two or more Bundesliga teams plus a few others in other leagues.  I can name at least two players that might be up for a replacement in the near future.  If we are constantly attempting to upgrade our overall quality, why are we letting these youngsters leave?

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  • I think Grujic will be given a chance in pre-season to show if his improvement last season has brough him up to Liverpool level.  Wilson is now 22 and my worry for him is that he is a bit lightweight.  I prefer Kent though he doesn't score as many goals as Wilson.  Probably both are just below the standard required.  Woodburn has regressed over the last 18 months or so but he is still young so we should persevere with him a little longer.  Another loan but to a club that will give him regular football would be the best option.  I can't think of any youngsters we have let go in recent years who should be in our current squad especially as the bar has been raised over the last few seasons in terms of the quality required.  There are some very promising youngsters at U18/19 level at the moment, Jones, Jaros, Hoever, Larucci, Lewis, Glatzel for example, and I am hopeful at least some will progress to the first team - Hoever seems the most likely.

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