Lets call a spade a spade

I'm getting really hacked of with penalties being given for the slightest touch, you can wrestle someone in the box at a corner or free kick and nothings given yet the merest touch with a boot or goalkeepers little finger and the usual suspects go down as idf they have been poleaxed.Then on football shows after they are lauded by the pundits for being clever and fooling the referee. So lets call a spade a spade its not cleverness its CHEATING.

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  • I don't like the idea that 'contact' in the box is automatically a foul. It basically means that within the confines of the box football is now a non-contact sport. Where in the rules has it ever said that is the case? We all know what a foul looks like, tripping someone up or grappling with someone etc, but to give a foul for simply placing a hand on someone is just plain daft. In Dele Alli's case you just have to touch the air beside him and it's a foul these days.

  • This area is a minefield and I don't envy referees.  You have players who blatently dive which is not too difficult to spot but then there are players who leave a leg dangling inviting contact, (Kane v Liverpool), those who go down when there is little contact and they could easily stay on their feet (players from both sides in this seasons Merseyside derbies) and players who are off balance when challenged and go down but are not trying to win a penalty.  How does the ref spot the difference?  When watching a match on TV I often shout "penalty" when it isn't and "get up" when it should be.  Even the slow motion replays are not always clear.  Players who regularly try to cheat are not doing themselves a favour in the long run as they gain a reputation and refs are then less willing to give a pen when they are genuinly brought down in the box.

    • I think where the referee is not 100% sure he has to turn to VAR, i know there have been some problems with VAR right now but like everything new there's always teething problems so in time i'm sure VAR will be an excellent addition as soon as it's perfected.

  • Kane and Ali are the most prolific at diving right now, every game one or both does it and it's tarnishing their reputations and rightly so. We've had our divers and i hate it, it's cheating, end of and it's wrong, should be a straight red imo, would soon stop.

  • Football is supposed to be a contact sport but at the moment any contact in the box results in a player flopping to the ground and a penalty given.  Even a tackle from behind, regardless if the player gets the ball or not is a foul and these are just a few things which is encouraging players to dive.  It's true that referrees have a horrible job of getting these decisions right in tough circumstances where all players and the crowd is trying to push the decision one way or another. To me VAR is needed but it's not going to eradicate all incorrect decisions which people need to accept.  I will say that the game is played at a faster pace and if someone is running at full pace, a small amount of contact can bring you down and slow motion replays don't reflect these situations.  Situations like Lamela diving towards the player and initiating contact, Kane leaving his foot in, should not be ruled as penalties but the VAR can't really help with this because of the judgement involved in the rules for giving fouls and penalties.

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