Lemar has been left out of his past two games by Monaco, i'm wondering is there something about to happen here as normally when a player is dropped during a transfer window with rumours of a move surrounding him it usually means a move is imminent. We've been heavily linked with him, 90 million is the reported price but as i've not seen much of him i can't really comment on his quality but surely any help we can get right now will only benifit us.

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  • I've not heard any specific rumours as of yet but I do know if Lemar is available we wouldn't be the only club going for him, he's been linked with a few clubs. There's also been a trend of clubs really digging their heels in to retain players this window so don't be surprised if Lemar was dropped to remove an unsettled player from the Monaco squad until the window shuts. He sounds like a useful player so I wouldn't say no to signing him although £90m could be a bit steep for FSG.

    • Apparently he's an LFC fan and so his favoured destination is us. Highly unlikely to happen now at this late stage in this window but if we could secure him for a summer move it would be of some consolation. VVD was unsettled and his favoured move was to us and we eventually got him so i'm hopeful for some of the same with Lemar.

  • I'd like to get excited but the boss said we're unlikely to sign anyone unfortunately.

    • He did say that but he also said if a player that he wanted became available he would go for it, very unlikely in this window with only two days left but we live in hope.

  • Well, that's the end of any chance we had of getting him in now as Monaco have put paid to any chance of him leaving in this window, pity.

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