Last 16 Champions League Opponents Confirmed


Liverpool will be drawn against one of the following teams in the Last 16 round of the Champions League:

Real Madrid


Atletico Madrid

Borussia Dortmund


So, a simple question - who do you want Liverpool to play?

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  • Atalanta would be the most straightforward but I wouldn't mind the opportunity for revenge against Real Madrid.  I imagine Sergio Ramos would get an interesting reception at Anfield1

    • I'm struggling to decide who I'd prefer. If I'm honest I'd like to see us play Dortmund because we've got history with them so it should be competitive but the atmosphere shouldn't be too negative.

  • After reading Zidane saying if they get us they'll knock us out, i'd love the chance to ram that down his throat, and like Huytonian some revenge, especially on that dirtbag ramos.

    • If this was last season I'd completely agree with you but we're so close to winning the league I'm not sure I want the agro that comes along with playing Real. Like when Ramos put Salah out for a number of games, if something like that happened now it could affect our title hopes. I'd rather have a straightforward match against a team that doesn't contain headcases.


  • I’m more inclined to avoid the bigger teams and would prefer Atalanta or Lyon. Let the big boys knock each other out. Every advantage we can get st this stage will help in the long run

    • Yeah, that's true.


  • Athletico is the team I fear the most. Have to get a good result at their stadium and finish it off at Anfield. On the other hand they may see it as the worst possible draw for them but it’s only in February which is a long way to start speculating at this stage

  • Looking at their stats Atletico don't concede many goals but they also don't score many either. On paper the two legs don't appear destined to be full of goals, but if we could waste fewer chances and leak a few less goals it would certainly help our chances.

  • The draw could have been far kinder but you have to beat some of the top teams if your to win the competition. Im sure no team wanted to face us, we have a fear factor about us now so Atletico will most deffinitely be upset at drawing us. Hopefully we have our strongest 11 available at the time but even we don't we've seen how our fringe players step up when called upon, i fancy us to go through over two tight legs.

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