Kopfans is Back!

Ok guys we're back, but not as we know it.

First of all except my apologies for the loss of the site, unfortunately the site broke so badly I was unable to even restore the accounts and posts. So once again we are starting over, I really never wanted to do this again! I know the site has been remade in the past but that was through my choice, this wasn't at all. I seriously considered just giving up but after a few messages of support from you guys I decided the show must go on.

Please Join Again! 

You'll need to create a new account and profile here, it only takes a minute though. Just hit "Sign Up" in the top right corner.


Currently leads you here, the site will return to within the next day or so, will then auto re-direct to


Unlike the previous site this one has been created using a ready made social platform, that means it can't break or go wrong, it's costing me a bit but it'll keep things simple and make sure the site will survive the test of time. If only we could do that with our back four :-)

More Social Features

This new site has live chat (bottom right corner, you can only chat with friends), photo and video sharing, and a page for creating and discussing polls. There's a bug viewing shared videos but it should be resolved pretty quickly.

Blog Away!

Kopfans has always been about blogs and it's no different here. As dedicated match posts have become the norm I decided to give them a separate blog page in addition to a general blog.

Look About

Take a look through the main menu, I've made things as simple as possible to navigate and use, if you get stuck then click "report an issue" (bottom right of any page) and I'll reply to your message asap.

How to Post

Whether it's a blog, picture or video you can post by hitting the button shown below (on mobiles this will display only the + icon).

Thank You!

I really hope you guys stick around, please invite your friends and any former Kopfans you're still in touch with. Over the last few years I've embarked on other web projects and Kopfans kinda changed from a hobby to a job and I struggled to manage the workload. Due to some health problems I've decided to quit everything else. Kopfans is a hobby again and I'm hoping to have more free time to enjoy here :-)



PS: Please Join Again! 

Just hit "Sign Up" in the top right corner.

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  • Jamie, I can't post a General Blog. There's no Add A Blog button. That button is only found for Match Blogs...

    • Make sure you sign in every time Ezzo, seems i have to do that if i want to reply to somebody's comment.

    • I see what you mean ezzo, i couldn't start a blog either, there's no "start a blog button" like you say, hey Jay, HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • Well spotted, was a permissions setting I missed, check back now. Thanks for the heads up
    • Sound Jay, can see it there now, cheers mate :)

  • Nice to be back.  Now I can go about irritating everyone (unintentionally) again.  Missed all of you terribly.

This reply was deleted.

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