Klopp explains why Coutinho left

This will probably be my last blog on Coutinho but I think it's worth highlighting what Klopp said in the Man City press conference (it's free on the This Is Anfield website if you want to view it) as it ties up some loose ends. Klopp was surprisingly honest and this is what he said:

"There was no other option. I knew there was a moment when it would come up again in this transfer window and it came up massively. It would have been very difficult if we say – and we could have done of course with his contract – ‘You have to stay here’. (I asked myself) ‘To use him as a player in the second part of the season did it make sense? Do I think I can use him and can he help us?’ It became 100 per cent clear, no chance. He was not ready to do that any more. I know the club tried everything to convince Phil to stay here and was fighting until the last second and tried everything. It was his dream (to move to Barcelona) and there was a moment when we had to accept that."

So, to all those who've said Klopp should've held firm and told Coutinho he was going nowhere the brutal truth is that Coutinho had basically downed tools. If Coutinho was no longer willing to play then his services wouldn't be available and, more importantly, the ostracising of a popular player within the squad would've been a very divisive action. Given this information, I don't think there is any realistic argument against the fact that Klopp did the right thing by letting Coutinho go for such a substantial fee. The big question now is whether Klopp will make the right decisions regarding the squad from this point forward.

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  • I've been arguing with people on the this is anfield site about this and my point has always been about players who want out, sell for as much as you can get. When it becomes obvious the player doesn't want to play for you anymore and their heart and mind are elsewhere then its best to sell, always, for me, the reasons are obvious.

    • As soon as I heard Klopp say that line - 'He was not ready to do that anymore' - it made all other discussion null and void, in my opinion. You just can't progress with a player that downs tools, your only option is to move him on for as much as you can get. Even now Carra's writing articles saying he can't understand why Klopp sold Coutinho in January but what other choice did Klopp have? Had Klopp continued on regardless he wouldn't have been able to use Coutinho and the squad would've eventually divided into those who backed Coutinho and those who backed Klopp - the complete antithesis to the unity in Klopp's managerial methodology. Case closed now, as far as I'm concerned.

  • I think in the summer, Klopp would have sold Coutinho but FSG basically denied the sale especially because we didn't get Van Djik or any other player.  The decision to sell now was more Klopp than FSG.  That's my take of it.  He did say they tried everything to keep him but his head was turned.  As you said, it's all done and dusted. We had a great morale boosting win against City and hopefully we get some good news on players coming in.

    • Lots of rumours but doesn't look like anything happening. The Keita issue sounded plausible but perhaps Leibzig saw dollar and pound signs and LFC weren't prepared to be blackmailed.
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