Is Can bigger than Liverpool?

I've got to be honest, I was somewhat taken aback when I read this paragraph taken from an interview with Emre Can in the German publication 'Suddeutsche Zeitung' this week.

"Sure, the Bundesliga would interest me, why not? Although I must say honestly that the level has waned in recent years. The Premier League has the power to spend more money on players than the Bundesliga. This is very, very important for players. I have the self-confidence to say that my qualities are sufficient to play in a very big club next season. I’m doing great in England. The Spanish league is also attractive. The same applies to Germany, where tactics are concerned, and the Italian club football, which has recently caught up. Incidentally, the same applies to France, this league has now established itself as one of the best in Europe."

He seems to be hawking himself to every major league in Europe which doesn't bode well for him staying at Liverpool. He also seems to think he's the best thing since sliced bread which is not quite how I remember his season. He's had some very good games but he's also had some decidedly average games. On the whole he's a decent player but I wouldn't say he's set the world alight yet. It would appear he thinks he's bigger than Liverpool right now and that's an attitude I don't think will be appreciated around Melwood.

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  • Unsurprisingly he seems to have upset many fans though he did also say some positive things about Liverpool that have been less reported.  I've been resigned to him leaving for some time and in my opinion if we can cope with the loss of Coutinho we can certainly cope with the loss of Can.  At his best he is very impressive but it's hard to see where he should play in future in our midfield.  He seems to favour being a box to box player but Keita will be better in that role.  He's probably the best we currently have as a defensive midfielder but he's not as effective in that position as some of the specialist dmf's.  To me Can, Henderson, Milner and Wijnaldum are all general purpose midfielders when we could do with players who specialise more.  A DMF, Keita running box to box and a genuine creative midfielder would give us a better balance.

    • Spot on, while i do like Hendo, Milner, Wijnaldum on his day, their roles are not specific. I think a top class DMF is a must this summer as well as a top class CB to partner VVD, fill these two positions properly and we'll have ourselves a team that will most definitely challenge for the title next season, providing we keep all our best players this summer of course.

  • I am puzzled by the Club`s handling of Can. He doesn't want to sign a new contract and is probaby going to leave on a free transfer which is to the detriment of the Club. Why is he getting some form of preferential treatment when Sakho was firmly put in his place. It also seems that Can is very mercenary and if so then he is not the type of player to be in a club like LFC.

  • We all know the comments of a player can be taken out of context but in the case of Can we're seeing a continuing trend. For quite a while now he's shown no particular commitment to Liverpool past the end of his contract and he's been openly touting for interest from other leagues. I'm a little shocked by how blatant he's been about it and I'm not sure what he expects from the fans and his teammates. Fans will usually show support to a player who commits to the club, Can is stretching that bond to its limit. I can't help feeling he's believing the hype being fed to him by his agent and it'll be interesting to see where he ends up next season.

  • Totally agree with you here. It's a classic case of a player believing the hype surrounding him without fully deserving it. I personally don't rate Can at all and if he were to leave, which looks very likely, we won't miss him in the slightest. The fact he's leaving on a free should only bother our owners, some fans speak as if there the ones losing money on this deal. We don't need players at the club who clearly aren't 100% committed and focused so like i said, Can leaving won't be a loss, it won't be too difficult to get a much better replacement.

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