• It certainly looks a lot worse than when it actually happened, which is always the case with incidents on a football pitch. Amazing how they get such a still picture as it happened so quickly. As i said in my PSG match blog that eye has to be sore for a few days so he may miss the game on tuesday night, complete accident i might add.

  • When Firmino went off and the commentator said it was an eye injury I thought it'd have to be something substantial because he's not a player who messes about. When I saw the pictures I was amazed more damage hadn't been done to his eye and even though he says he's ok I wouldn't be surprised if he missed the PSG game.

  • Those are nasty pictures to look at. Was it intended or just accidental?

    • I think it was genuinely accidental but after seeing these pictures it makes it seem more remarkable that Firmino went on to score the winning goal against PSG just days later.


  • I’m not so sure it was accidental seeing that he swung his left arm across his body to make contact as his right arm already had a go to block Firmino and he couldn’t do much more with it at that moment. Why the face anyway?

    • It's not always easy to tell who or what is moving in a specific direction, or with how much force, in a static image so I wouldn't rule out the possibility he was trying to push/hit/hold back Firmino but on the specific accusation that he meant to poke him in the eye I think it's unlikely because he's not actually looking at his face and eyes are relatively small targets to hit without looking.


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