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Just a quick one boys, heading to work right now. Just reading a report that Zidane is considering selling Courtois, doesn't have a price but i would imagine it to be high as i think he's in the top 5 best keepers in the world, should LFC keep an eye on this? We definitely need competition for Alisson, he's starting to look a bit too comfortable now, Courtois would definitely push him for that number 1 position and hence would bring out the best in both of them. I think we should definitely monitor this and if he becomes available we should make an offer, thoughts anyone?

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  • Don’t think it would be right to have 2 world class keepers on the books. They wouldn’t get along anyway.

  • I agree with Red.  We will need a keeper though.  I would go for someone with experience who could tide us over until one of our young keepers comes through.  We have a few promising ones of whom I think Jaros is the most promising.  

  • Courtois is a panicky type of GK plus it will cost us too much money... Allisson is ice cool but at times he does stupid things andI guess from moments of from all the brain farts. A young up coming GK should be waiting to take over in the future. We need to focus on the spending for a CB, RB, LB and a creative MF... we could do better buying 4 players rather than buying Courtois at whatever price he is up for sale.

  • I think Courtois is a bit too high profile to have as a second keeper, you'd have two keepers on astronomical wages and that's just not sustainable. Ideally, a keeper with a bit of experience and who is on the up but not quite there yet is the kind of thing, someone of Pickford's ability (I'm not saying buy him, by the way) who could grow into a better keeper at Liverpool, fill in if necessary but wouldn't cost massive amounts to keep on the books.

  • A big nah from you guy's so, i was more thinking along the lines that if Alisson got injured we would need another keeper of similar quality to him to stand in and not a drop in quality but i do see your points, thanks for the feedback guy's.

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